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Thread: >>>The Sekigahara Campaign - V0.95a Download and Version Information<<<

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    Icon2 >>>The Sekigahara Campaign - V0.95a Download and Version Information<<<

    "The Sekigahara Campaign" is a total conversion mod that seeks to represent the late Azuchi-Momoyama in a stylized representation of the descent into conflict between the Toyotomi and The Tokugawa.

    Download V0.95a Here

    Sekigahara Battles - An Official Submod Beta

    V0.95a Updates:
    -Sounds have been fixed.
    -A few oddities emanating from the last patch have been patched up.

    Please read everything in the first post of the Bugs and Technical Help thread before posting a problem!

    Installation Please read the enclosed text file "Version Information and Installation.txt". It will give you all the instructions necessary to set up the campaign. In addition, f you did not tell Steam to install into a specific location, the file path should be:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2\data
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2\data

    Notes! We have already had one unfortunate case of a destroyed avatar; if you value yours, don't use MP avatar with The Sekigahara Campaign. Multiplayer Campaigns are fine, though!

    Check the Information and Guides Index on information regarding the campaign.

    Using a save game generated by an older version with a more updated version of The Sekigahara Campaign is not recommended. Consider starting a new campaign or finishing the campaign with the older version of The Sekigahara Campaign.

    There are only two supported localisations: English and Spanish. The Unit Pack Compatibility project adds Spanish language support to The Sekigahara Campaign. Post there if you have any issues.

    Properly removing The Sekigahara Campaign If you have any unit selected in an army setup (no matter how small) in custom battles, removing the mod and opening the custom battles menu will crash the game. Do the following if you want to use the vanilla game:
    -Delete all files in these two folders below:
    C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\army_setups
    C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\battle_preferences

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    V0.95a Features:
    -Sounds fixed.
    -Quick clean up after the last patch.

    V0.95 Features:
    -The 'Heroes of Sekigahara' unit expansion, featuring 49 special units for each clan.
    -A third clan pack featuring an extra eleven playable clans (read 'info.txt' for more info).
    -All clans are playable in multiplayer.
    -Six new units based on the 'Heroes of Sekigahara' cavalry units.
    -The Oda can recruit Black Guard, as well as an aesthetically personalised version of the Red Guard.

    V0.9b Features
    -New Features include:
    -A new daimyo model for Ukita Hideie.
    -New units:
    ---"Hankyu Samurai". Waiting for the oportune moment, these samurai will sacrifice range for
    a deadly and decisive close-range assault!
    ---"Ogoban Cavalry". These elite cavalrymen, recruitable only by the Tokugawa, rival the powerful
    guard units of the Toyotomi loyalists.
    ---"Bow Taisho". Currently available in custom battles.
    ---A Shinano-Sanada general Sanada Yukimura, playable in custom battles, teases the future "Heroes"
    unit pack for the campaign.
    -The Hori clan makes their way into the game with a unique model for Hori Hideharu.

    Destroyed bugs include:
    -Incorrect models for the named general units in custom battles
    -Removed unique technology tree for factions tied to the "ikko_ikki" Faction ID
    -Old and inappropriate unit spawns when establishing a vassal
    -A few inappropriate faction names
    -Model for Shimazu Yoshihiro not observable in faction pack 1

    Other changes:
    -Unit stat revisions
    -Naginata Hero are now known as Nagamaki Samurai and are slightly less powerful than heroes
    -Additional unit cap increase effects for Tetsubo Samurai, Nagamaki Samurai and Tanegashima Samurai
    -Appropriate armour for Sanada Masayuki, Masayuki's old model given to Nobuyuki
    -Appropriate shroud data for every minor clan*
    -Chosokabe Motochika's model now observable in the campaign
    -'Kyoto province' renamed to Yamashiro
    -Kato and Kuroda cannot declare war in pack 1

    V0.9a Features:
    -Support for the Saints and Heroes DLC units
    -Unique hatamoto for the Iyo-no-Kato and Kawachi-no-Maeda clans
    -Expanded unit roster for the Wako pirates
    -Military permissions for various units
    -Incorrect banner background colour for Etchu-no-Maeda
    -Otani Ashigaru unit cards bearing the Ukita crest
    -Incorrect sizes and stats for rebel units
    -Missing localisation for Honda Tadamasa and custom battle map selection
    -Onna Bushi event frequency
    -Incorrect victory conditions and clan icons for MP campaigns
    -Geisha are now available in the Kyogen Theatre (tier 3 of the Theatre chain)
    -Ninja chain yields more koku
    -Kasuya main banner crest replaced with Kasuya Takanori's personal crest

    V0.9 Updates:
    A second faction pack has been added, providing 11 new playable factions to the campaign
    -Additional clan specific ashigaru armours
    -BullGod's amazing general/daimyo models
    -Additional unique building icons for the market and shinobi chains
    -Expanded road chain and redistributed units to such roads and province specialty buildings
    -Video fix that works with text updates to remove christianity references, as well as references to nanban traders and the vanilla faction videos
    -Melee centered unit balancing
    -And a variety of other fixes.

    V0.85e updates:

    -unit balancing changes
    -mech_donald's smoke mod is integrated
    -added a few maps (one of which is the sekigahara battle map) for custom battles with versionlangley's kendo maps deployment zones for six of those maps

    V0.85d trial updates:

    -Improved the power of bow units in the campaign, reduced the ranged power of Bow Warrior Monks
    -Added a unit cap per building setup (more information here)
    -Fixed the Date-specific matchlock units being unavailable in the gunpowder chain

    V0.85c updates:
    -bug where port and farm chains would revert to their vanilla counterparts should be fixed
    -AUMs "Naginata Ashigaru" and "Naginata Ronin" have been implemented; they're pretty much nothing like how they were in AUM, though
    -Repurposed AUM unit card for the Samurai Snipers
    -scripting update
    -fixed the dairinin having ineffective zeal
    -lots of smaller tweaks

    V0.85b updates:

    -fixed a CTD starting the Ii campaign
    -the Shinano-Sanada and Ukita AI will be more powerful
    -two unique fortress chains to Settsu and Sagami; their big campaign fortresses are back!
    -a set of 12 ancillaries for dairinin agents
    -a few outdated text entries have been fixed
    -better and more accurate definitions for clan difficulty and number of regions owned in the clan selection menu
    -Unique sashimono's for the Tokugawa and Toyotomi Yari Taisho

    V0.85a updates:
    -The campaign has been completely re-developed to adapt to the latest mega-patch and to attain a greater standard of quality
    -The total data that makes up the campaign has been condensed to 188mb (43mb when compressed in the .7z file)
    -the main pack has been split up to allow for quick database updates without having re-downloading the entire campaign
    -Hundreds of bug-fixes, tweaks and optimizations

    V0.85 Updates
    -An expanded technology tree
    -A unique empire-building system; a bigger empire means more buildings, and more buildings mean hastened understanding of technology
    -Redistribution of buildings on the technology tree for better coherency
    -Three new units and six new building chains
    -Several campaign-wide fixes

    Note: I have launched this before completing all the things I wanted to do for it. For example, I have started inserting political diplomacy factors. This is due to CA's noting that they will apply a feature to the original Shogun 2, that may very well be using the startpos.esf. For me, this means completely re-creating it to have the campaign fully up to date, which is a terribly daunting task. At the very least, I don't want to complete the diplomacy factors, only to have to do them again in a fresh startpos.esf. At the very least, I give you an updated version of the campaign that will, along with FOTS, distract you while I sit in a corner, drink vodka, bludgeon myself to death, reemerge messiah-style and continue work.

    V0.8 Updates:
    Updated Honjo heraldry (mon change, same colour scheme)
    Fixed Hyakunin Teppo Corps models not showing up
    Added models for Sakakibara Yasumasa, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Shimazu Yoshihiro to campaign; first two added as generals
    Removed Sanuki from Ukita's victory condition regions as it conflicts with the Toyotomi
    Removed Kozuka from Shinano-Sanada's victory condition regions to afford the player the choice of war
    Remove Sugihara-Kikkawa alliance, added Ukita-Kikkawa war, added Ukita-Sugihara alliance
    Fixed Matchlock Ashigaru not being recruitable by Kuroda
    Appropriate stats and unit sizes given to rebellion and garrison units
    Fixed the incorrect recruitment requirements for the Komo Morutaru and Mobile Cannons
    Added 'Silk Farm' test chain to Settsu (text residue still refers to region specialty slot as "Philosophical Tradition"; plz ignore)
    Fixed the CTD issue arising during the Iyo-no-Kato's turn (This is theoretical; make a post in the bugs thread if you have any CTD's during an AI clan's turn)
    Since Yoshiaki's general model is no longer used in the campaign, I added it to the officer slot of the Tachi Guard unit
    Updated names of generals and family members present at the start of the game

    The 0.75 beta features:
    -Two new playable clans: The Kuroda and the Go-Bugyo (The Go-Bugyo campaign is freeplay; same scenario, no time limits of expectations).
    -Further implementation of the 'Sekigahara' scenario
    -Historical daimyo models for Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Kato Kiyomasa as well as new daimyo models for Kuroda Nagamasa, Kato Yoshiaki, Otani Yoshitsugu, Ikeda Terumasa, Hosokawa Tadaoki and Kobayakawa Hideaki.
    -'Dairinin' (agents) make their debut.
    -16 unique unit concepts on top of dozens of standard units and unit variants.
    -Extensive polishing and bug-fixing (one major point being daimyo names).
    ...and much, much more that would take a fair bit of time to properly document.

    V0.6 Updates:
    -Crippled Katana Ashigaru spam
    -Fixed the indestructible buildings bug
    -Siege battles are more balanced
    -Autoresolve is more appropriate
    -Added custom daimyo portraits for the Date, Honda and Sanada clans
    -Replaced the Ashigaru Gashira unit cards to be more consistent with game artwork
    -Fixed Teppo Ashigaru uniforms and unit cards for the Ii and Tokugawa
    -Wako units are more visually distinct
    -Bow units are now slightly more powerful
    -Added Kungfuserge's Kojiro and Musashi; both are found in the Grand Kenjutsu Dojo, but you will need to be the Ukita to recruit Musashi and Higo-no-Kato for Kojiro.
    -Significantly increased building costs
    -Better distribution of units to each military chain
    -Heraldry of the Historical Battle of Sekigahara has been fixed and changed
    -The map at the top-right of the screen uses appropriate colours to represent the territory/territories a specific clan controls

    There are also many other less notable changes in v0.6.


    Updates between v0.5 and v0.55 (to enhance the playing pleasure of the preview):
    -A detailed rebalancing of the units, doing well to remove the decisive paper-scissors-rock setup.
    -Buildings now have appropriate turn/koku costs.
    -All major clans use their yari ashigaru variants and matchlock ashigaru as their core starting armies (some also use more elite units).
    -A range of fixes for the Toyotomi monk and his skill tree.
    -Fixed the Mogami perceiving the Date as an enemy rather than an ally
    -Katakura Kojuro is a Date general, classed as his brother
    -New general type: teppo taisho; in the campaign, Masamune and Kojuro have this taisho as their unit base.
    -Fixed Omi's -2 food supply issue, upgraded the farm to a "consolidated millet field" and the castle to a 2-tier.
    -Fixes from the two mini-patches merged in the main pack.


    The current v0.5 preview shows off the work put into the campaign to date (8th/9th of January, 2012):
    -46 new (or in some cases revised) clans, three new rebel types and a new take on the Wako Pirates.
    -a new set of playable factions, chosen with the factors of character popularity and a desire to have as few of the old playable clans as possible. (examples can be found below.)
    -an overhaul of the campaign map, providing stunningly diverse and hyperbolic textures (examples can be found below.)
    -a political alignment system: this introduces a new layer in campaign tactics as each province has their own preferred clan.
    -new building chains: vanilla-influenced building chains have been rebuilt from scratch alongside brand new building concepts.
    -a re-visioning of vanilla units, a custom unit pack and visual unit variety!
    ...and much, much more!
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    I can't seem to be able to bring up the page for editing, and I don't want to kill the current format I have up there. For now, here is the temporary GameFront link:

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