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Thread: Rendering in 3DS Max

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    Default Rendering in 3DS Max

    Rendering in 3DS Max

    Programs/tools: 3DS Max/IDX Extractor and possibly CA's Rendering Scene .

    1: Extracting the animations

    Ok, first thing to do is extracting all the animations with the IDX extractor. A clear readme is included in the .zip, but if you have any problems, just post here.

    2: Importing an animation

    I’m using a Roman hastatus, but you can obviously use any other model. Go to the utilities tab ( picture ) and press ‘Import Animation’. Then browse to the folder where you extracted the animations ( thus Rome - Total War\Data\animations ) and click further to Rome - Total War \Data\animations\data\animations. You now get every RTW animation. It’ll require some experimenting to find out which code stands for which unit, but I can give you a couple of them.

    2HS : obviously for soldiers who carry their weapon with two hands.
    LID : not exactly sure on this one, there are LID animations for the assassin, the general but also for archers…
    SG : I think this one is used by the standard bearers, haven’t tested him thoroughly yet.
    All the animation located in the horse folder are obviously for the horse, all the animations in the horse_cav for cavalry units. The folder names are pretty clear, so they shouldn’t give you any problems.

    Those are only a few, as I said you’ll need to experiment a bit too get to know them.

    3: Rendering

    Lastly, you need to render your unit. If you’re just rendering to show your work to the community, you can render with a resolution of 800x600 ( highest in 3DS Max 7 ). Press F10 and choose 800x600 in the ‘Output Size’ tab. You can also use a background when you render, press 8 ( ! ) and then browse for a map.

    If you’re making unit cards, it’s easiest to just use CA’s rendering scene. Just merge your unit ( already in the correct pose ) with the scene, scale it up until it’s big enough, and then press F9. Et viola, one perfect unit card.

    This tutorial was a result of Nero's Alpha Channels Tutorial
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    Default Re: Tutorial - Rendering in 3DS Max

    Another great tutorial, thanks for doing this, you should drop a pm to Nero, so he dosn't do one the same.

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    Default Re: Tutorial - Rendering in 3DS Max

    And that's what you get when trying to import a skeleton instead... ^^
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    Default Re: Tutorial - Rendering in 3DS Max

    And Goscinio has forget to add this into tutorial.When you select this your image is way better (sharper image...)...

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