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    Default Welcome to the Motion Picture Course

    Motion Pictures!

    Hello all, I am Saga, or better known as Narf, and i will be your Professor, and try to teach you a little about Motion Pictures.. Well or Rather.. Pictures..- In Motion... Or.. More true but also a little more technical:
    GIF Animation!
    ( GIF = Graphics Interchange Format )

    Finally, we are here and can start our course.

    Now you have all Joined the course, now it is your last chance to jump off the wagon. For this is the serious, "I am here and my attention is full ON" Thread. Come here Say hello to each other and the 15 January, the course will... BEGIN!

    Course Professor:

    Lesson One:
    Course One - Lesson One - Course one - Lesson One -
    This will help you in making a simple signature, some Threads will be dedicated to this.

    1. Thread One is where i post the lesson.
    2. Thread Two is where you people will be able to help each-other post progress and ask me questions. Lesson one is about making a signature, with a simple animation, so questions about how to save it to fit the Forums size limits and so on is to be expected.
    3. Thread Three This will be where you people can post your final product and criticize each-others work and rep and compliment each-other. A Kind of Showcase.

    I will be making a Big GIF in the end with all your work in one big picture.

    I wish for all that wish to sign up to simply post in this Thread. Say hello and so forth.

    Student List:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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