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    In DarthMod Shogun II you will enjoy a redesigned melee system
    which makes battles look like real, "really real"!

    When 2 armies clash, you will notice violent pushes, formation penetrations,
    heroic 1vs1 melees, as it would look in a real battle of the era.

    Arrows spread realistically and are powerful according to the skill of the bowmen,
    but still no match against the matchlocks.

    Sieges are really challenging
    because the new morale, melee and projectile system create a chaotic and difficult to handle environment.

    Even the naval battles are much improved and are a joy to watch,
    fun to play and, most importantly, difficult to master!

    All Total War: Shogun 2 DLC and Campaigns are supported
    and the realistic battle atmosphere becomes complete
    with super effects that do not decrease FPS but increase it!

    Do not get lost in Feudal Japan's war turmoil!
    DarthMod Shogun is the mod you were, are and will look for!

    Medieval Japanese Warfare is re-enacted
    with DarthMod: Shogun II

    DarthMod : Shogun II is continuing the saga of the well known mod series for Total War games
    and offers the best gameplay experience for the demanding strategy player.
    According to the majority of the players, the very good original game has a more "arcade",
    a more fast paced action while this mod is focusing on the realism, the tension,
    the violence of the battles, as they were supposed to be, hundreds of years ago.

    New physics and gameplay mechanics together with the increased size of the units offer now battles
    which you will remember and you will lose against the improved AI.
    The Battle AI is enhanced with various techniques
    and also the Campaign AI that evaluates more effectively the internal algorithms
    and is not so evidently cheating as in the official game.
    There are hundreds of things changed in this mod to make the player enjoy Total War: Shogun II
    from another, more realistic perspective

    Lastly, the intuitive launcher of DarthMod: Shogun II offers many options of gameplay customizations
    and the ability to enable the best graphics & sounds mods of the community with one click,
    so that you enjoy the game without much fuss and trouble.
    In addition you can organise multiplayer games powered by DarthMod
    using easily an one-click setting or you can completely disable the mod to play the "vanilla" game.

    Mod Features in Greek Language HERE!
    Thanks to
    More Information

    This is the full interface of the current DMS launcher
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DMS_1.jpg 
Views:	428 
Size:	287.0 KB 
ID:	272685Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DMS_2.jpg 
Views:	371 
Size:	175.5 KB 
ID:	272684Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DMS_3.jpg 
Views:	270 
Size:	263.8 KB 
ID:	272683Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DMS_4.jpg 
Views:	238 
Size:	261.7 KB 
ID:	272682

    Read the Full Changelog
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Which mods are in
    Read here: DarthMod: Shogun II Honoured Contributors

    Special Thanks
    Thoal for gifting me the game through Steam, for his Rise of the Samurai DLC, for his Fall of the Samurai and his Saints & Heroes DLC gifts.
    "Total War Greece" for gifting me the retail version of Fall of the Samurai.
    PlacidDragon for too kindly gifting the game to... the wookie hip63 who abandoned the project.
    Syntax for our old and valuable forum cooperation.
    Mr Kami for his special donation, his Sengoku Jidai DLC gift, his Rise of the Samurai DLC gift, his very helpful feedback and the moderation of the forum.
    KERA_AK for gifting me the Otomo DLC and for his general support.
    Edward Reynolds for his very kind donation.
    Fracchione for gifting me the Ikko Ikki DLC.
    BayonetFodder-San for his always helpful feedback and his moderation of the forum.
    Le_Fred for his really fantastic battle stories with DarthMod images.
    Diadok, wrcromartie, VENNONETES, for their epic screenshots.
    aion2006 for his super screenshots.
    taw for his valuable mod tools.
    Lord Maximus, Porphyr, davidallen, daniu, DaFranker for the upgrade of the PFM Tool to work with Shogun 2.
    Crux3D for his genious Symphony Tool with which I repaired the dreaded mixed sounds bug that was caused by the official patch.
    Mech_Donald for making his special Battlefield Smoke Mod (BSM) for DarthMod.
    Swiss Halberdier for his all around assistance.
    =Vastator= for his so much needed unit variety mod "Vastator Unit Style" (VUS).
    Demokritos for his superb quality work "Alternative Clan Colours Mod" (ACC).
    ♔Noif de Bodemloze♔ for his splendid "Boshin War Mod HISTORICAL FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS Mod, "Modern Japan Army Mod", "Optional Faction Recolors [FOTS] and New Bows Textures.
    BullGod for his magnificent "Daimyos and Generals mod" and "Portuguese terços Unit Variety Mod".
    IGdood & kungfuserge for their relieving bayonet mod.
    Thorn for his Oda Boost mod (available only in the launcher version of DMS).
    ToonTotalWar for the usual perfect cooperation, his lite graphics mod and his special horo removal mod version.
    Voice of Treason for the beautiful artwork.
    JFC for the beautiful artwork and his excellent unit cards.
    The Hedge Knight for the Horo removal mod, the excellent Unit Variety Mod and his general support to all modders.
    Jane for the Clan Color Mod (no longer used because it is not updated).
    Wind for the Japanese Speech Fix.
    Ftmch for his fantastic and massive unit retexture mod.
    Superghostboy for his handy texture mod that increases perfomance and FPS.
    La De Da Brigadier Graham
    for his music mod and his all around assistance (Generic all around good music which can be found here
    Twosocks for his traditional music + sound mod (Based on atmospheric Japanese drums which can be found here
    Ying, Duke of Qin for his great portrait mod named Furinkazan.
    Gallus Domesticus for his Oda-Tokugawa alliance mod.
    Elvasat for his beautiful portrait and event mods.
    ordinary for his better encyclopaedia map (No longer used).
    CoconutFred for his unit icon mod adapted for clan retexture mod.
    Radius for his Sashimono removal mod and his other contributions to the TWCenter community.
    akp for his ambush deployment zone mod.
    freelancerX for his extra ambush & deployment zone mod.
    No Leaf Clover for providing his temporary sound fix for the DarthMod community.
    hip63 for his help at the early stages of the mod (The current DMS Launcher uses some of his ideas).

    Special thanks to diadok and aion2006 for offering the beautiful pictures

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