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Thread: Become a TWC University Professor

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    Default Become a TWC University Professor

    The TWC University is constantly seeking out qualified professors to teach a variety of courses. What courses you can teach are really up to any aspiring professors out there, if you have an aptitude for anything you might be able to teach a course for it here.

    Now, while there are no extreme limitations on what can and cannot be taught here, we do have to be realistic. For one, most people on this site are going to be looking for any course that would help them in the field of modding Total War games (as well as general modding experience). Mapping, modeling, scripting, coding, and 2D art are among some of the more popular wishes for courses. If you have good experience in any of those, chances are you could find a good amount of people here willing to learn it.

    We won't restrict courses to just anything modding related though. If you think there is something else you can teach that would be useful to the TWC populace, feel free to ask about it, and it will at least be considered. Not to discourage anyone wanting to teach something out of the ordinary, but anything that isn't too related to modding on this site may not get a whole lot of attention. On top of that, it may not be a subject that is ideally taught in an online classroom setting. It could also just be a crap idea, but either way some things just won't work well here. If in doubt though, always ask. Course ideas are taken on a case by case basis and given plenty of thought.

    So, if you want to be a professor here in the TWC University, you must meet a few requirements first:

    • Clean (or mostly clean/expired) moderation record
    • Must demonstrate qualifications and aptitude in course subject you wish to teach
    • Must have the time to dedicate to preparing the course and teaching it fully (if you start a course and do not finish teaching it without good reason, I likely will not allow you to return as a professor)
    • As a professor you should have a good and outgoing attitude towards everyone, especially your students. Remember you are teaching something to people who might not know anything about it.

    If you passed all of the above without any doubts, you might be ready to become a professor here. To start the process, send a PM to Hader with the following application filled out.

    TWC University - Professor Application
    Course Subject you wish to teach:

    How you plan to carry out this course (i.e. lesson plans):

    Your personal qualifications:

    References (anyone I can contact to vouch for you if I feel it is necessary):

    You may post any relevant questions in this thread, or PM them to me if you so wish.
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