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Thread: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 "Epic Edition" (24/3/2013)

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    Default >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 "Epic Edition" (24/3/2013)

    DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 "Epic Edition"

    The popular mod series now for Napoleon: Total War!
    Play realistic napoleonic battles against a challenging AI.
    The gameplay is vastly improved, the arcade feeling of the official game is removed and not only that...
    You will witness the full power of the new DarthMod Formations, which make the Battle AI to attack you without hesitations and weak plans.
    Join the Dark Side and you will be crushed! Satisfaction -> Guaranteed!

    DarthMod Napoleon v2.6 "Epic Edition"
    Demonstration Video




    Installation & Troubleshooting:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    How to install?

    It is important to use your PC as administrator. Then, you just follow the instructions of the installer and install the mod in a few seconds. It is also recommended to UNINSTALL the previous version before installing the new one.

    Watch the video offered by Lionheartx10

    How to play DarthMod Napoleon?
    First open the Steam Client! Now, when you want to play DarthMod Napoleon you can use the launcher to enable some features and then press the button PLAY. These changes will stay so next time you can use the official game shortcut to play DarthMod Napoleon without the launcher.

    Why there is a CTD?
    The CTD can be noticed before start, before a custom battle or before a campaign start but this has to do with Steam not liking other files in its folder. So before you open the DMN LAUNCHER you must have logged in to your Steam Client or restart your Steam Client and try again. When you press the PLAY button the Launcher sets all the files properly and the game starts. After a successful launch of the game, the mod files stay at their place so you may start the game from the official game shortcut and not use the launcher again (unless you want to change settings again).

    How to revert to Vanilla?
    You restore to Vanilla from the Utilities of the launcher.

    How to change unit size for DarthMod Napoleon?
    You press either 1X or 2X buttons and you start the game. Nothing else is needed. Additionally you can make your own custom script and set the size as you like.

    How to play Multiplayer with DarthMod Napoleon?
    Both players must use exactly the same settings. Concerning you do not use other mods, both players must use the "MP Default" setting.

    How to play my other mods?
    You restore to vanilla and enable your other mods.

    Can I use other mods with DarthMod Napoleon?
    You use the custom script edit of the launcher to load your own mods to DarthMod (not recommended though). For various reasons, other mods can conflict with DarthMod Napoleon settings and produce a bad gameplay experience. Use only at your own risk. In the future more submods will be added to DarthMod Napoleon to ensure compatibility with a collection of the best graphics and sounds mods of the community.

    How to use the Launcher:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    All the information is found here: DMN Launcher - Instructions and Issues

    DarthMod Napoleon Screenshots:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    DarthMod Napoleon Signatures:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Find them HERE!

    Read more about the mod:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It is compatible with all DLC and with many visual and sound mods, although you cannot add other gameplay mods or unit packs because they will conflict with DarthMod settings. They may not CTD but they will not work well.
    Use other mods at your own risk.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v1.8

    Version 1.8

    • Much improved melees with cinematic chaos very close to reality.
    • Musket lethality balanced slightly so as not to be so powerful from large distance.
    • The CAI should now develop more and also to behave generally better.
    • Cannon Ball Shots should now be much more powerful according to caliber.
    • Certain changes in morale and Battle mechanics now make the AI more challenging as the AI muskets more and the flanking attacks have much more impact.
    • Building hitpoints increased 10X more. Now they will not be death traps for the AI.
    • Fixed some additional units not having fire by rank capability.
    • Fixed some camel and mameluk units to be recruitable only to the correct areas.
    • Fixed some bugs of the Launcher ("Disable" and "Uninstallation" commands were not working, An Austria 40unit save was not working correctly).

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v1.9

    Version 1.9

    • Reduced the accuracy of the units, including artillery to more proper levels. This affects very much the targeting realism and also the challenge in every battle because no longer you can win by being static.
    • Fine tuned movement rates to be even more human like (affects positively the AI maneuvering)
    • Slightly re-balanced almost all units to have more diversity (in vanilla there are many clone units). Now for example the British have low attack+high defense+good musketing, the Austrians are better at melee than in musketry, the Prussians also... cavalry and light foot units also diversified. Many changes made to fine tune the historic ability of the troops per country.
    • Improved the Darth Effects (Now muskets have fire flash, Blood shows more realistic)
    • Added some bug fixes for the All Faction Campaigns:
      * Fixed a problem with Rhineland handover scripting.
      * Fix for black campaign map at the start of some campaigns (this disables advisor from showing up in first turn).
      * Custom game menu minimaps added.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v2.0

    Version 2.0

    • Tweaked morale so that units can also shutter and not re-group all the time.
    • Made CAI to evaluate better its economics so to understand whether it should disband units or save money than to go suicidally for war. (Needs testing).
    • Artillery and projectile damage made even more realistic according to range.
    • Firing arcs of infantry have been increased even more so that AI makes straighter Lines and muskets more to broader directions. This affects the human player who can now hold the line without having to "microturn" in order to target an enemy.
    • Turn rates of troops have been reduced slightly to look more realistic and make rank fire to initiate less synchronous.
    • Improved the Darth Effects (Intensified the musket smoke, Leaves and other wandering stuff in the air removed to save FPS).
    • Improved the Sound Effects (New thicker more realistic Musket Sounds edited and mastered by me by using as a base the musket sounds of "BattleField Smoke Mod of MechDonald and the Ultimate Sound Mod of LochKopf).
    • Fixed a bug that would result sometimes to play wrong sounds for a unit (Not sure, needs testing).
    • Added 18 french units, a quality work of Pdguru. These units give to France the necessary Master Touch to be more interesting for the human player and more challenging as a CPU player. Among these units there is the "French Column", a special large unit exclusive for Napoleon that is ideal for braking enemy formations. All units are adapted to DarthMod stats. Info about these units can be found in this thread Pdguru's Mods (Temporarily unavailable).
    • Added the Napoleon Total Flags Mod, an exceptional work by JFC.
    • Added the Drum Roll Change (cadences) all factions v5!, a usual master piece work by La♔De♔Da♔Brigadier Graham.
    • Extra Campaigns and UI changes:
      • Fixed CAI being passive in All Faction Campaigns (Needs testing). The CAI worked and works in its full potential in the vanilla Campaigns.
      • New minimap file for Peninsula campaign (game menu).
      • New UI and menu images (logo, legal, advisor).
      • Scripting has been reworked:
        • Now Rhineland handover will be prevented only if the player plays as Bavaria or Wurtteburg.
        • Black campaign map at start fixed.
        • Breaking script fixed.
        • Double mission issue, fixed.
        • Batavian army building at start, added (startpos and save).
        • Fixes FoW over armies and fleets that are located overseas.
        • All emergent playable.

    • Launcher changes:
      • A brand new and more sophisticated Launcher that remembers you settings is finally available, made by husserlTW. The Launcher can have multi skins, has a lot more options than the previous older one and is very easy to use.


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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.0+ HotFix)

    Version 2.0+ HotFix

    • Fixed many Pdguru's French units that were not recruitable. These units are only available to France in regions with resources ID: Horses, Silesia, Tyrol, Switzerland, Poland, Cossacks and Horses (according to unit type).
    • Added +2 Italian Units for France by Pdguru.
    • Added Large Regimental Flags mod of Primergy (Larger Regimental Flags - Mod (NTW compatible).
    • Corrected disappearing musket smoke of Darth Effects and enhanced the smoke (This is what you asked!). *LARGE & VERY IMPORTANT FIX*
    • Corrected some undesirable musket sounds. Now the musket sounds are as realistic as possible.
    • Fixed Rhineland Handover Message Issue.
    • Fixed very large treasury issue for the emergent factions.
    • Fixed some Launcher scripts problems.
    • Fine tuned moral so as not to shutter so frequently in some very rare occasions.
    • Fine tuned artillery targeting system so as not to be so accurate in some occasions.
    • Repaired formation AI issue that caused AI to overflank which could result to excessive melee or weak maneuvering in ambush attacks (needs testing).

    Important!!! Uninstall the previous version, then install this!

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.1)

    Version 2.1

    • Re-created all 40 unit save games from scratch to have Hard Campaign / Hard Battle Difficulty, the recommended of the mod.
      Also, because the save games are made from scratch, some possible issues of the previous saves have been resolved.
      You must start a new campaign with these to see the new campaign AI behaviour, although it is not mandatory.
    • Several CAI improvements to make the AI more intelligent and challenging in the campaign map.
    • Added 2 beautiful retextures of Pdguru for "Old guard grenadiers" and "Chasseurs" French units.
    • Added more mass to ships for even more realistic handling behaviour.
    • Improved the musket smoke effects to be even more realistic.
    • Fixed Launcher's small bug (When a special campaign was set it could not revert manually to vanilla unless we used the default settings button).

    It is available to download from moddb, right away!

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.2)

    New version is uploaded to

    Version 2.2
    • Improved the effects and especially the smoke. If you enable "Ultra Particles" in the game options you will see the full effects.
    • Blood is now showing more frequently and is clearer.
    • CAI should develop the provinces more and also it should behave generally better.
    • New european campaign adjustments to have 3 slot provinces.
    • Melee is now more decisive.
    • Morale is affected more by army losses so that a devastated army to stop to reform so much.
    • AI should form musket lines more frequently instead of hesitating.
    • Howitzer shells a little less lethal.
    • Artillery a little less accurate so that it does not massacre so much when in high experience.
    • Rebel armies should not have so many elite units.
    • General Special abilities endure more, are cooling sooner and their availability is increased.

    Unfortunatelly you will have to wait one Australian day before the file is available (authorised by moddb). The old version 2.1 is still available from the other mirrors.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.2+ with HotFix)

    Version 2.2+ (with HotFix)

    • Coalition/Emergent Campaign bug not showing trees and save CTD issue resolved (reverted to previous working state of version 2.1).
    • Musket extreme particle smoke settings fine tuned to show more realistic.
    • Carcass & Quicklime damage and effects are now more realistic (Experimental howitzer cost increased to balance accordingly).
    • Howitzer lethality and effects are now more realistic.
    • A certain British Fife march sound that blended not correctly to all units removed from cadence march sound mod.
    • Solid shot coalition effects stronger.
    • Melee more violent.
    • Infantry & Cavalry walk/run dust intensified slightly.

    The file is available for immediate download in Strategy Informer. More mirrors will follow.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.25)

    Version v2.25

    • CAI should develop and upgrade buildings more.
    • CAI should manage better its economics overall.
    • CAI should build more ships to bring more challenge in the seas.
    • CAI should be more active in trading and upgrading ports.
    • CAI should protect its ports more.
    • CAI should be more energetic in diplomacy.
    • CAI Friendly/Enemy stance more dynamic.
    • CAI Spain should build much less armies and concentrate more in diplomacy and naval superiority.
    • The player has slight GDP and upkeep penalties to make the campaign progress harder.
    • Musket smoke improved even more as per feedback (Now it dissolves more gradually and is looking perfect!).

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.3)

    New update uploaded to STRATEGY INFORMER. More mirrors will follow.
    Version 2.3

    • Improved Auto Calculation for both Land and Naval Battles.
    • Great Britain AI should be more aggressive and challenging.
    • CAI should build more ships for more challenge at the seas.
    • CAI should have better navy composition.
    • CAI should repair ships more frequently.
    • CAI should manage aggressiveness level better.
    • CAI should manage economics more efficiently.
    • CAI should calculate correctly the necessary army size to counter the human player (Prepare to take heavy losses in the battlefield).
    • New melee animations & mechanics result to more cinematic and violent hand to hand battles.
    • Tweaked a little the morale to improve the AI decisioning and creation of its musket lines.
    • Now cannons have distinct range differences according to their caliber to reflect their historical advantages.
    • Minister diplomacy bonuses/penalties intensified to make their role more important.
    • Ships cannon damage intensified for more decisive, more realistic naval battles.
    • New smoke effects even more realistic (Yes ...).

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.4)

    Version 2.4

    • Cannon & musket smoke became the most impressive you have ever seen... I never thought Napoleon engine was capable of these effects!
    • More dust from infantry/cavalry movement and with correct color (not white).
    • Howitzer impact smoke is now greyish/white and generally the howitzer effects are much more improved.
    • Carcass and Quicklime effects and damage improved.
    • Musket Muzzle fire effect improved a lot (it is like real ).
    • Projectile Damage from muskets and cannons lethality improved.
    • Melee mechanics much better.
    • Guns/Cannons have all a much more distinct character per type (accuracy/ballistics etc.).
    • Morale more crucial (2-3 good volleys crush the morale).
    • Less Fatigue Penalties for shooting procedures.
    • Improved the projectile trails to be better visually (Try them).
    • Improved formation system for a far more effective battle AI, especially in defense.
    • CAI should not declare wars so easily.
      Launcher additions by husserlTW
      * Added Italy and Netherlands campaigns (they replace Kingdom of Italy and Batavia Republic).
      * Fixed a bug where emergent campaign file was remaining after disabling emergent campaign.
      * Other minor launcher tweaks
      * Added a start up log:
      Now, there is a log created to help us solve your installation problems
      If you have problems with launcher or/and game startup, please copy the log report found in data/DMN/dmn_log.txt in the post along with your question/problem. Since this report may be very long, it would be good to use the "code" tags.

    It is fully save game compatible.
    You can download it from Strategy Informer. More mirrors will follow.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.4)

    Just corrected an issue with the download link of Strategy Informer (it lead to old file).
    Please re-download if you have followed my mistake.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon (v2.4+ HotFix)

    Version 2.4+ HotFix

    • BAI finetune to create more proper musketlines.
    • Fire by rank reloads now a little faster.
    • Howitzer fragments more realistic trajectories.
    • CAI less passive from what it has been reported.
    • Lag issues that have been reported have been addressed:
      Lag is created when you choose Ultra particles (in vanilla too when using ATI cards) or somehow the game preferences get messed.
      Now the Darth effects have all the necessary in High Particle settings (no need to use Ultra) and to be sure you can delete the game preferences from the launcher with one click (File->Preferences script->Delete) to set them again with safety inside the game.

    It is fully save game compatible.
    It is best to fully uninstall and then install each new version of DarthMod Napoleon.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod Napoleon v2.5 "Mythos Edition"

    Version 2.5 "Mythos Edition"

    • Adapted for the latest official CA patch of 18/6/2012 (no more CTD at startup).
    • Improved BAI.
    • Far more improved responses, unit speeds resulting to even more cinematic and violent melees and to better timed volleys.
    • CAI should be generally more versatile in diplomacy and improved.
    • CAI should create more alliance packs.
    • CAI should relentlessly try to take back its conquered lands.
    • Autocalc improvements.
    • Several adjustments to CAI handicaps to make it more challenging.
    • CAI should help allies more.
    • Improved musket smoke (thicker, more realistic interaction with gravity and wind).
    • Fixed a problem with musket smoke that made it too shiny for some Graphics Cards.
    • More hilly terrains for more tactical battles.
    • Militia can now be recruited in zero turns so to have a better and more realistic use.
    • Several unit cap and cost balances. For example Russia and Ottoman Empire have much reduced costs for their infantry and many other.
    • Artillery fragment + concussion effects more lethal for infantry.
    • Added 49 New units!

      Now DarthMod Napoleon has a total of 191 New Land Units + 14 New Naval Units (work by Swiss Halberdier, Sacrebleu!, md1453, Pdguru, Diamat, AClockworkOrange) which enrich your battle and campaign experience.
    • Included the 1st Italian Campaign French troops retexture by JustDoit8 changes realistically the appearance of all French Revolutionary troops (Ideally, no more tragic Barefooter clowns).
    • Several fixes and improvements to the Launcher by husserlTW.

    It is fully save game compatible.
    It is best to fully uninstall and then install each new version of DarthMod Napoleon.

    Very good game from the Germans. They have a very good team that is worth of the title.
    Congratulations to the Greek team. You made us proud.

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