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Thread: Reoccurring bug not limited to RS2: sally-forth unit spread

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    Default Reoccurring bug not limited to RS2: sally-forth unit spread

    Hi all,

    When the enemies sally forth from my sieges, I experience some strange bugs in the battle: Some units, when ordered to move, will advance to the target, but the unit will not stop at the destination; instead, the individual soldiers would keep advancing in the same direction and spreading out. The enemy soldiers experience the same phenomenon. I can temporarily fix the issue by reordering the issue until the soldiers finally obey; the enemy obviously does not.
    I've experienced this bug before with Darth Mod for RTW, but that was years ago. I remember installing the mod many times because of OS reformatting, and the problem seems to occur on and off, so I had believed it may have been a bad install of either the mod or RTW itself. I have, however, moved on to Europa Barbarorum for years without experiencing such bug. I experienced this bug in RS2 again today.

    Since Darth Mod, I've had 3 different computers; all display the same phenomenon, so I'm fairly certain it is not my computer that's the issue. My best guess would be, perhaps, the custom formations (modded "AI") implemented in the mod, if there's any?

    I have not tested vanilla for the bug.

    Has anyone had the same problem?

    EDIT: After some testing, including re-installing the game and mod, I have concluded that vanilla did not exhibit this phenomenon, nor did RTR7 or EB, but RS2 did.

    2 screenshots:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: Reoccurring bug not limited to RS2: sally-forth unit spread

    Oh wow. Unfortunately that is a problem I believe with RTW itself.

    I have been seeing that weird bug since 2004 and never found a solution to it.

    The best thing to do is tell the unit to reform far from the battle and march them back
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