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Thread: Quick Guide to taking Great Screenshots

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    Default Quick Guide to taking Great Screenshots

    Tips on getting good Screenshots

    This is a quick guide on how to get good screenshots from use of the movie cam.

    First off are some instructions on how to use the movie cam, these instructions are from IhHoplite.

    Here are the instructions for enabling and using the movie_cam

    1st - patch to v1.2
    Find the shortcut for rtw. Right click on it and open properties. Where you see target scroll all the way to the right. After the quote put a space and then -movie_cam It will end up

    blahblahblah" -movie_cam *

    Then play a custom battle (only works in custom). When the battle is over, save the replay. Next go to the main menu, load, load battle replay. When you load it, the movie_cam will be enabled.

    The controls are all on the num pad

    7 -zooms in***
    9- zooms out
    8 - foreward
    5- foreward
    4 - rotate left
    6- rotate right
    1 - strafe left
    3- strafe right
    2- backward
    enter Ė plays **
    p - pause
    space- removes text and pauses
    num lock - removes blue line

    *To make it easier, just copy and paste this into the command line for RTW.

    "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -movie_cam

    ** Enter will take away all text and play the replay.

    *** One more thing: Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. To make it zoom faster, just move the wheel and push the arrow keys (or Num pad keys) at the same time and you will zoom faster. By this I mean you will zoom towards the ground. It does not go forward or backward, just vertically.

    Here is an example battle with the movie cam enabled.

    You can see the text will appear in the screenshot. Just press Space to remove all text and Num Lock to remove the blue line at the bottom.

    Now you need to play the battle, rather easy, just click the Play at normal Speed button. You can speed it up to get to the action quicker. Note that if you pressed the Spacebar then the Play/FastForward buttons will not be visible. Press Space again to show it.

    When the action begins, you want to pause the game and look or great angles for some quality action scene screenshots. If you do find this great angle then make sure you take off the text first so it doesnít show up in the picture. Make sure you donít press Enter either, it does get rid of the text but plays the replay and might make you lose your perfect pose.

    Here is an example of a good screenshot after you take out the text and stuff.

    If you do not take out the text you will end up with this.

    We donít want that, so make sure you take away the text! This is what we want.

    Other Tips
    Go in close to the action and find your soldiers in cool poses such as this one.

    You can take a screenshot like that and make it into an even better one with some editing.

    You donít always need action in a picture, any good angle will work. You can get ones of an epic battle about to commence, no action there but it still can look really good.

    Well there isnít much more to it. Just follow those steps and you will get quality screenshots. Here are just a few examples of great pictures.

    As you can see I have edited this one with blood, not part of the game, you have to do that yourself.

    Credits: Me for this quick guide; IhHoplite for his movie cam controls and enabling process.
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    Default Re: Quick Guide to taking Great Screenshots

    One question: Is it possible to change the keys for the movie cam? Someone told me it was possible, but I cannot find the file. Any help?

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