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Thread: The First Triumvirate v1.92 - Download

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    Default The First Triumvirate v1.92 - Download

    A late Roman Republic mod for RTW v1.5

    Take command as Caesar, Crassus, Pompey, Vercingetorix or Orodes in the waning days of the Roman Republic.

    Five campaigns are included:

    Caesar - 58 BC
    Will you conquer Gaul and cross the Rubicon?

    Crassus in the East - 53 BC
    Will you defeat the Parthians and return to assert yourself as Rome's master?

    Pompey - 49 BC
    Will you escape to Greece and build an army capable of defeating Caesar?

    The Gallic Rebellion - 53 BC
    Will you lead a successful revolt to free Gaul from the Roman yoke for all time?

    Parthia - 53 BC
    Marcus Licinius Crassus is on the verge of invading, and your generals and sons are not to be trusted. Can you defeat Crassus while avoiding internal strife?

    The First Triumvirate features unique victory conditions, challenging gameplay, four turns per year, and much more. And unlike many other mods, The First Triumvirate v1.9 uses the -mod: switch functionality provided by RTW. This means that no files are modified or installed that will prevent you from playing regular RTW games.

    Download Link

    Download v1.92 of the TFT mod here:
    Google Drive:
    The First Triumvirate v1.92

    No other versions of TFT are required. Save games from prior versions are NOT compatible.

    Installation Instructions

    To install:
    1. Have a clean version of RTW 1.5
    2. Unzip and run the "TFTv1.92full.exe" file - install it to your main RTW folder.

    3a. (To play Caesar) Double click on the TFT_Caesar.exe in the main RTW folder to run it - RTW will launch with the Caesar Campaign loaded.
    3b. (To play Crassus or the Gallic Rebellion) Double click on the TFT_Crassus.exe in the main RTW folder to run it - RTW will launch with the Crauss and Gallic Campaigns loaded.
    3c. (To play Pompey) Double click on the TFT_Pompey.exe in the main RTW folder to run it - RTW will launch with the Pompey Campaign loaded.
    3d. (To play Parthia) Double click on the TFT_Parthia.exe in the main RTW folder to run it - RTW will launch with the Parthia Campaign loaded.

    Once in the game...
    To activate the Campaign Script:
    1. Click on a settlement you own
    2. The advisor pops up.
    3. Click ON her face.
    4. Click on the "Accept" icon.
    That's it.

    Some Gameplay Information

    1. The triumph and victory conditions for each faction are listed on the faction leader's character scroll - mousing over these will inform you as to what conditions need to be met to achieve the various triumphs and ultimate victory.
    2. The advisor is used extensively throughout the TFT campaigns - be sure to read what she has to say and respond appropriately!
    3. You will find your movement and (in the case of Roman armies) troop morale reduced during Winter turns. Plan accordingly.
    4. The AI armies are tough - you cannot charge them head-on and expect easy victories like in regular RTW - you will need to carefully plan and execute your tactics from battle to battle.
    5. Romans cannot build archers! Make sure you check the mercenary pools in various provinces and you should be able to supplement your legions with a good mix of auxiliary troops.
    6. The recommended difficulty settings are Medium (campaign)/Very Hard (battles). These are the settings used by the team to test and play the mod.

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    Default Re: THE FIRST TRIUMVIRATE v1.9

    Gr8! I will preview this tommorrow!
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    Icon10 The First Triumvirate Launcher Released!

    Hello all,

    This is my first post here so i might as well make it a good one!

    First, I gotta say, I LOVE the TFT Mod!

    To show my appreciation, I've created an TFT Launcher that basically allows you to launch any of the campaigns from one shortcut menu.

    It's got the RTW theme music too!

    Here's the short readme included in the installer:

    To use this launcher, You must have The First Triumvirate Mod for Rome - Total War installed.
    These files must be install to the location of the The First Triumvirate executable files (by default, your Rome - Total War Folder).

    Use at you own Risk!

    Oh and I guess you all would like the download link:
    Less than 5MB

    Just a fan's way to say "Thanks for a great mod!"


    P.S. - So how's that for a first post?
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