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Thread: Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

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    Default Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

    Takeda are my favorite clan and I was disappointed that their new Senduko Jidai unit was overall less than impressive being only a slightly buffed-up Yari cavalry unit.

    So, taking inspiration from their name I tweaked them to be a more unique and powerful dual-role unit.

    They still retain their usefulness as Yari cavalry (anti-cav bonus, wedge formation etc) but with this mod they also carry bows and fire flaming arrows as standard.

    Their new unit description reads: "These cavalry can smash ranks of infantry apart and shoot flaming arrows into the backs of their routing enemies."

    Please note that they now are equipped with a naginata instead of spear only because there is no animation for a yari/bow combo.

    Screenshots and download (movie format) below.

    Regards, Ihre Ausfuhrung

    Attachment 184522 Attachment 184523 Attachment 184524

    Attachment 184521

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    Default Re: Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

    Did you increase their cost and upkeep for the extra abilities?
    Another Shogun2 Commentary

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    Icon10 Re: Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

    Brilliant the standard fire cav were a let down tbh but now they have some purpose

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    Default Re: Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

    It does not work, my game was crashed...

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    Default Re: Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry

    Is there a link for this mod anywhere? The one here is dead...

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