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Thread: Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord Confirmed [Interview with dev. Singil page 20]

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    Default Re: Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord Confirmed [Interview with dev. Singil page 20]

    Quote Originally Posted by Candy_Licker View Post
    Yeah I have these random crashes too, but since I'm an excessive quicksaver, I barely lose any progress.

    Once 1.6 is out I'm back to Stellaris anyway.
    I'm over the ctd-shock, well as you say, one must save every few minutes, then all is good. And, i must say, i'm still impressed by VC and think i keep playing it for a good while; perhaps until Bannerlord is out.

    Now, i only need to find a mod which negates the red vision by the Beserker trait ... just got it, a small while after level 13; or somebody who eventually knows, in which file i can change that colour vision change to normal.
    Did anybody bother with that thing?


    Hey, just watched again Taleworlds VC forum, and found out, that the VC team still works on their game:,363475.0.html ... latest beta patch 2.032 via Steam. Surprise actually!

    I'll re-start it with this beta patch and now go full along the story mode. A now read thread reply by Templar_Maluxul was helpful in my case to understand how the story mode goes over into sandbox at the end of the story, really good thing:,362860.0.html ... and understood, that obviously the story is thought as tutorial game - which in my case, i wouldn't need anymore, but however, now i'm interested to play along the story without breaking out of it (at least not for too long).


    I feel the need to correct something of my above points: CTD issues were merely caused on my end. It seems the VC game engine has issues with the MSI Gaming App, which i had active. Since deinstallation, i rather have not a single crash with VC, pretty stable game.
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    Default Re: Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord Confirmed [Interview with dev. Singil page 20]

    I'd love it if random lords appeared and died, and if they could rebel and create their own kingdoms

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    Default Re: Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord Confirmed [Interview with dev. Singil page 20]

    Quote Originally Posted by DaVinci View Post
    No particular source, just speculation on my part. Based on the articles and news about it. It's not finished, it's not close, so not less than 1 year.
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    Default Re: Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord Confirmed [Interview with dev. Singil page 20]

    Most likely that Bannerlord will be once again showcased at E3 next month (June 13-15), as Taleworlds has been mentioned on the official site as one of the companies that will be there. No doubt that we'll witness great improvements since the last version shown last year in August. My bet is that they'll probably reveal the release date as well.

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