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Thread: Campaign Map Tweaks

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    Default Campaign Map Tweaks

    If there is time for small changes before the game finishes its trials can I suggest;

    a) the rebel provinces of Westweal, West Devon and Devon should have 'Welsh' as their culture, not Anglo-Saxon. They should be Welsh rebels not Saxon rebels. This would quickly reflect the true cultural dynamics in the south-west with the Cornish Welsh.

    b) where are the Mull of Kintyre and Anglesey? I know its not crucial but the map looks a little strange without them.

    But otherwise - this mod is spectacular - perhaps the best complete overhaul mod yet.

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    Default Re: Campaign Map Tweaks

    If you look in the Submods Forum, there is a mod by One-Eye, which we will be encompassing into our Mod at some stage.

    Thanks, Celtic.
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    Default Re: Campaign Map Tweaks

    Could expand to all of normandy, most if not all of brittany, south into the seine and the area of the actual location of paris, Geatland become no mans land unless swedes are made into a faction, it just seems incompatible if there is no swede faction with swede map inclusion.

    According to this map however, brittany nor normandy were independent in 865, yet.

    You can also see, the eastern franks for example, have only saxony (frisianland is included but most of that seems to be rebel settlements in the game mod map) represented on the map, which is about 1/5 or less of their kingdom. Maybe you could solve the imbalance with economic boosts from the non included missing 4/5s of the empire and spawn relief armies when Danes invade or the magyars arrive.

    They could be like emergent or rebel factions, like holy roman empire or saxony might be one that arises in eastern francia. I don't mean rebel faction ai, I just me revolting from western franks and at war with them.

    If you want to include influences or power of a larger empire, you can always make a province or two extremely wealthy with a large army. Like, you could have large forces under commanders (with 0 movement points too) in camps or forts along the only path (if you even have one) to the main settlement that might represent the bulk of a given kingdom that only appears partially on a campaign map.

    You could spawn relief armies for a faction like this, say the western franks, where most of normandy, paris, brittany, belongs to them, and a army spawns if one of those forts on the way to a southern settlement that say represents most of the frankish empire of the west we dont see, falls to an attack. The franks should probably have at least paved roads already built for many of their larger settlements at least, east and west.

    In a later update you could even add pics and map icons of the various wonders.

    It is likely too, as developed as western franks may have gotten under charlemagne, that the western franks received a little more, especially since more of it was former roman lands and may have been easier to improve.
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    Default Re: Campaign Map Tweaks

    I would love to see the map expanding further into France..

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