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Thread: Suggestions For Future Releases

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    Could the Archers be more powerful, especially the longbows. I play with huge units and the fire power is not as deadly as it should be IMO. I know RB is not historically accurate but taking two battles, Agincourt and Crecy the Longbows were just Awesome. This was against armoured units as well, noble Knights. The longbows were so accurate they could hit the gaps in an armour suit with ease. I used to know a longbow archer and I am sure he said a longbow was deadly upto 400 yards.

    English Archers took years to train so perhaps for balancing purposes Longbow units could be less common but having them more deadly would certainly introduce more strategy. Longbowman were also handy hand to hand fighters as they did carry a sword also but no armour obviously.

    Or perhaps could there be a tutorial showing how to adjust the stats for yourselves? This might attract new modders no?

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    Family bloodlines ancillaries.
    I have seen those in the Bellum Crucis mod, and its really nice.
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    I think the skins of Tripoli man at arms of crusaders campaign will be better for the militia swordsmen(i really like the skin and the helmets of tripoli maa).And also it would be great that not all cities and you could choose either a city or a castle (despite small castles-fortresses) In addition this would help not being able to earn as much money

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJStoner View Post
    Will look into this. You are using the new 1.6 version of the game?
    I had the same problem. Playing as the Barons Alliance I reduced England to 4 territories while i had a lot. Then I had that message saying if the english king dies i would have a claim to the throne. So I did it, killed the king in battle and suddenly I lost, as the BA took the english crown. But then you cant keep playing and have a defeat prompt.

    Would be great either to keep playing as England (is that possible?) and have a new retinue "english Crown" or to make every english territory property of the Barons Alliance.

    If a small change in the txt files could solve this IŽd be glad to know how to.

    PS.: Great job AJ Stoner. I really enjoy the mod

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