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  • Yes, chage it to Nemanjić CoA and Red-Blue Flag

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  • No, leave Red Eagle on Yellow background as both Flag and CoA

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Thread: Changing Serbian Flag

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    You incosistent. First you argue that we cannot be certain what CoA would be, and then you argue how eagle must look, and how our eagle looks wrong. While you know as good as me that these eagles were drawed differently by different authors. Certainly there is not a standard version which we skipped.
    I mean sure, eagle is a bit artisticly represented, but since we havent represented final version fo CoA, maybe critics in that direction are too quick. Its more important to have right motives and colors, artistic stlye for CoA's will be consistent for all factions. Something like the CoA of Hospitallers in my sig that DV made.
    Perhaps I didn't make my point clear enough for the moment. What happens when there is no accurate historical material to be drawn from, what will you choose? (You must choose something. Canít leave it blank, right?)
    Come to the talk about the CoA:
    Firstly, if everyone (historians) agree, as to what CoA would be used (description in words; e.g., white eagle on red) to which I proposed a more moderate solution of the problem;
    And secondly, if youíre being an artist responsible for CoA/flag and other artwork in this mod; if you have to just choose one of the designs, having partially free hands to do so, for the already decided description; my proposition was that it be aesthetically pleasing and logical in ways I mentioned before.

    Most importantly, I apologize if I sounded harsh to the author of the same, it was for the mere purpose of helping thoughts go in the right direction. Not just for this particular problem, but this kind of approach can prove helpful for any present and future difficulties you may encounter.

    If it is verified, it would be great to see Rascian CoA on in-game unit shields or flags. I find it very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix[illusion] View Post
    ocila (four S, or cyrillic C) are product of 15th century, sefan lazarevic, by influence of byzantine empire
    my suggestion is still eagles from nemanjic, since serbia had yellow color only during empire, and eagle was pretty much used even later (lazar's heraldry), so as before

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    I very much agree with the thinking. Nice examples

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    So, you are proposing what? That we use same motive we are going to use anyway, you just want us to use from picture you posted?
    More important, do you play Medieval 2, and you know how this sort of stuff is represented there?

    We currently are in business of making some faction symbols, we will preview them when done, along with some other stuff, so you can judge for yourself.

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