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Thread: Finland At WW2 - Uncle FaWW2 Needs You!

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    Are you skilled Modeler, Texture, Animator or even a skilled coder in Mount&Blades coding language? Are you a talented 2D artist? Would you be interested on joining a ambitious project? If yes, do reply here or send me or DukeD a pm along with your application. We are always looking for more talents to join our team. Currently, Me and Duke Do all the modeling and texturing, and possible 2D stuff. I also do some of the coding. Most of all, we are in dire need of a advanced coder. Here is a small example of what the application form should look like:

    Application Form
    Why Do you want to join the team?

    Do you have any previous experience? Have you worked in other projects?

    If needed, can you work under a tough timeline? Can you contribute much to the project?

    How old are you? (Doesn't really matter how old or young you are, as long as you are mature enough to work with us. Just to say, I'm the youngest member of the team right now.
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