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Thread: Finland At WW2 - News From the Front

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    Default Finland At WW2 - News From the Front

    Current Version
    The current Version is V0.6 which is not combatible with the newest version of WB. Therefore, I don't recommend downloading it right now

    Dev Version. V0.8
    Progress We have been working on the V0.8 for a half a year soon I think. A lot of work has been put in to provide the best experience of the mod. Almost everything has been redone and lot has been added in. Notably, most of the wanted features have been added in. Still, we will continue the development. Most Of the bugs have been fixed, making it the most stable version yet.

    • Almost every item in the mod has been redone
    • Automatic fire
    • Sniper Scope Zooming
    • Bazookas
    • Artillery Barrages
    • New sounds
    • Wounding system
    • Crouching, Proning
    • Saluting, Surrendering
    • Voice Commands
    • Building Objects, like sandbags, Barbedwires etc
    • New maps
    • New Music
    • New Shooting and weapon idle animations.

    Current Status
    The current Dev Version is available for Beta Testers only. Why? We don't want to release an unfinished version out to the public. We want a stable and polished mod out for the public. The next beta patch will be the last one too. After that, it's going out for the public I think. We are currently waiting for the next Warband patch. Hopefully it would come in the next upcoming weeks. If not, we will port over to 143, fix all necessary stuff and release the beta patch. Check the videos for current status too:

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    Default Re: Finland At WW2 - News From the Front

    Looking very interesting!

    Ja tervehdys maanmiehille.

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    Default Re: Finland At WW2 - News From the Front

    Is it dead?

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