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Thread: Ottoman Army

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph View Post
    I'd rather have an answer from someone who would be a native speaker
    Feel free to ask from here and/or send me a PM, anything about Turkish translation, meaning, spelling etc.
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    A huge huge up, of more than a year, but this thread is awesome and has very interesting information so I think it is worth it :

    Hassaki = hasekis
    The 17th Ceemat was not Samnoudji but çergecis

    From my personal knowledge, it is nor benluk or bölük but Beylik as they guard the beys.

    Beyliks :
    5th Orta : basçavasus 18th Orta : bekçi
    28th Orta : muhzir agha
    54th Orta : talimhaneci
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