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    Balancing individual units is hard enough, but ensuring some sort of standardization across dozens, if not hundreds, of units is even worse. This is especially true for larger M2TW mods which have up to 500 units, each with their own EDU (export_descr_unit.txt) entry and stats. When you have that many units whose stats need to be balanced according to a set of rules, and those rules could change on the fly, modding becomes a pain.

    The Standardizer aims to prevent that pain. You can define your unit stat balancing rules in a file, and then run this tool to apply those rules to every single unit. This way, unit stats are balanced in a standardized way free of arbitrary decisions. Best of all, this requires minimal effort. As a result, a modder can mass-adjust unit stats by editing a single value in the rules configuration, test them in-game, and then repeat the process until they are satisfied.

    Full information in the README at

    As of 12/10/21, only these EDU stats are standardizable:

    1. mass

    More will be added over time.

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    If you have a Github account, feel free to contribute either new stat standardizers, or rulesets for balancing stats

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