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    Default Scriptorium Editorials and Article Reviews Archive

    Scriptorium Editorial Archive

    The Scriptorium Editorial Archive contains a list of all the past editorials of the Scriptorium. Most editorials will include some of the article reviews listed in the section below, but not all may be in an editorial, and none of the reviews published in editorials since the start of 2011 will be in the Article Reviews section below, and may only be found in their respective editorial.

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    Scriptorium Article Reviews

    The Scriptorium Article Reviews are short summaries of some of the Scriptorium's best articles, reviewed by librarians to help bring to light specific articles within our repository. Below is an archive of all reviews published before they became an integral part of the new Scriptorium Editorials.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    A History of Russia (by Morble) - review by Hader


    A History of RussiaAuthor: [user]Morble[/user]
    Original Thread: A History of Russia

    This AAR is an exciting read throughout, from beginning to end. Perhaps one of the longest AARs we have seen on TWC, A History of Russia recounts a MTW campaign of the author Morble. It begins near 1205 and ends near 1305, over 100 years of intense battles and interesting politics all in one AAR! This is a must read for anyone interested in AARs or Russia itself.

    A lot of time went into this AAR, and it turned out beautifully.

    [Images Unavailable]


    American Revolution - Battle of Lake Erie (by Brokenfingers) - Review by Leonidas the Lion

    American Revolution - Battle of Lake ErieAuthor: [user]Brokenfingers[/user]
    Orginal Thread: American Revolution - Battle of Lake Erie

    This is a fantastic article which explains in detail the battle of Lake Erie during the American War Of Independence. The writer Brokenfingers gives accurate numbers of the forces evolved on both sides and casualty figures where it clearly shows that a lot of time, research and effort went in to writing this article.

    This is a must read for any history buff, or anyone generally interested in the War for American Independence.

    [Images Unavailable]

    Leonidas the Lion.

    Warfare of the Roman Republic (by Mathias) - Review by Annaeus

    Warfare of the Roman RepublicAuthor: [user]Mathias[/user]
    Original Thread: Warfare of the Roman Republic

    Here's another noteworthy article with an essence of deep solicitude, illumining the cradle of ancient Roman warfare. It's a very interesting analysis covering various aspects that made the Roman army indomitable. Through profound explanations apropos the military factors which led to the demise of Republic, Mathias tries to grab the general attention. Without a doubt, it's a must-read for those in search of an enlightening piece.


    Belisarius and Narses's Wars (by Narses) - Review by jimkatalanos

    Belisarius and Narses's Wars
    Author: Narses
    Original Thread: Belisarius and Narses's Wars

    A very nice article about the wars of Byzantine generals
    Belisarius and Narses, during the reign of Emperor Justinian. The writer gives detailed explanation on how the 2 generals conquered foreign territories and also provides us with maps of the Kingdom of the Vandals and of the Byzantine Empire. The article is separated in 3 different chapters: Conquest of the Kingdom of the Vandals, Invasion of Italy and The later years of Justinian's reign.

    A must read for people interested in history, especially for those interested in Byzantium.

    [Images Unavailable]


    The First Punic War (by Mathias) - Review by jimkatalanos

    The First Punic War
    Author: Mathias
    Original Thread: The First Punic War

    Here is a very interesting article about the First Punic War, between Rome and Carthage. The Author describes one by one the parts of the war and the important events and battles. In the end, he mentions the results of the war and the peace treaty.
    A great article for those interested in Roman history, or for all history lovers.


    Constantinople: The Sack of 1204 (by Bulgaroctonus) - Review by Romanos IV

    Constantinople: The Sack of 1204
    Author: Bulgaroctonus
    Original Thread: Constantinople: The Sack of 1204

    This very interesting historical article takes us to the dawn of the 13th century, when an unexpected event occured and surprised many: The First Sack of Constantinople was a fact. The author expains us the background, how the Byzantines put themselves in danger, the traitors, the revolts, the events up to the disaster from which the 800 years -then- old Empire would suffer till its very end. The outcome of the Fourth Crusade, which ended in the Sack, is also given. In the end, Bulgaroctonus, the author, makes his personal analysis ont the subject. I really enjoyed and learnt from this article, I hope you will too!

    [Images Unavailable]

    Romanos IV

    Cannae, August 3, 216 B.C. - Was Maharbal Correct? (by Spartan JKM) - Review by Legio Caesar

    Cannae, August 3, 216 BC. Was Maharbal Correct?
    Author: Spartan JKM
    Original Thread:Cannae, August 3, 216 BC. Was Maharbal Correct?

    This masterfully written piece takes the reader on a profound journey to one of the most famous battles of antiquity- Cannae. Going beyond the conventional train of thought, the author analyzes a quote by Maharbal (which those who play Rome Total War have seen).
    "Hannibal knew how to win a victory, but not how to use it."
    Spartan JKM goes on an in-depth analysis of the quote, following up with more quotes from reputable sources such as Sir Basil Henry Lidell Hart, Will Durant, and Polybius. He backs up his information with diagrams and battle dispositions from the battles of Trebia, Cannae, and Lake Trasimene.
    The verdict: was Maharbal correct in his near-prophetic dialogue after Cannae?
    Read this excellent piece and find out!

    [Images Unavailable]

    Cheers, Legio Caesar

    Linux (by Code_Knight) - Review by Thanatos

    LinuxAuthor: [user]Code_Knight[/user]
    Original thread: The Linux Thread

    An excellent cover of the Linux operating system for personal computers. A full synopsis of Linux, and the Unix kernel system it's based off of, complete with an FAQ section for those who are worried about utilizing multiple OS, or who wonder if they'll have to trade Windows to use Linux. The review also covers several distributions of Linux, as well as a number of desktop environments, and is definitely a must-read for anyone looking to get into this great open-source operating system.

    [Images Unavailable]


    The Seven Years' War (by Legio XX Valeria Victrix) - Review by Romanos IV

    The Seven Years' War
    Author:Legio XX Valeria Victrix
    Original Thread: The Seven Years' War
    This historical article brings us to the middle of the 18th century. The Seven Years' War has just started in Northern America between France and Great Britain, but war is not officially declared. The course of events until the start of the war in Europe is given and explained. A very interesting article, which I recommend to all of you to read!
    [Images Unavailable]
    Romanos IV

    TW Guide - The Saxons (by Oceanus) - Review by Legio

    TW Guide- The Saxons
    Author: Oceanus
    Original Thread: TW Guide- The Saxons
    This guide is short and sweet, explaining the campaign in detail while not burdening the reader with over complex tactics. A great read for any avid BI player.
    [Images Unavailable]

    Cross and Crescent in Total War - The Siege of Vienna (by Crypel) - Review by Hesus de Bodemloze

    Cross and Crescent in Total War - The Siege of Vienna
    Author: Crypel
    Original thread: [AAR]M2TW SS: Cross and Crescent in Total War - The Siege of Vienna

    This is an AAR that is full of action, an battle report of a great battle that will keep every one intrested in reading. The set up of the story is in a well considered diary form, it is easy to read and the screenshots are just staggering. A must read for every one who loves a good story.

    [Images Unavailable]


    TW Guide - The Saxons (by Astaroth) - Review by Legio

    TW Guide- The Saxons
    Author: [user]Astaroth[/user]
    Original Thread: TW Guide- The Saxons

    This guide is relatively short and sweet. It explains the campaign in detail while not burdening the reader with overly complex tactics or definite historical information, focusing mainly on gameplay. It is an interesting read for both the experienced Barbarian Invasion Player, and the new, inexperienced player. Overall, this piece of work is well-written and has a good amount of explanatory screenshots taken directly from the game. It is also colorful which draws the reader's attention. The article closes with a detailed paragraph of the Saxon Army composition, at the game's time. Kudos to the author!

    [Images Unavailable]

    The Roman Emperors Whose Reigns were shorter than the lifespan of a worker ant (by Mark with A 'C') - Review by Pontifex

    The Roman Emperors Whose Reigns were shorter than the lifespan of a worker ant Author: Mark with A 'C'
    Original Thread: The Roman Emperors Whose Reigns were shorter than the lifespan of a worker ant

    From the depths of the Historical section of the Scriptorium comes this masterfully crafted little article surrounding the scarcely celebrated Roman emperors that served short terms as Emperor(~six months). This article contains valuable tidbits of information about Glycerius and Marcus Otho, two uncelebrated Emperors who actually made notable contributions to the Empire. All in all I am impressed with this little article and I encourage others to dive into the historical sections. The article presents the information in such a way that draws in the reader and makes us want to learn more about these men, their motives, and their lives. The clever title reflects the creativity of the author and the ability to take raw facts and present them in such a way as to make it appealing. I feel that it may be one of the most unappreciated sections we have, which is unfortunate.


    The Cuman Cake Confederacy (by Mustthavename) - Review by Astaroth

    The Cuman Cake Confederacy
    Author: [user]Musthavename[/user]
    Original Thread: The Cuman Cake Confederacy

    This incredibly hilarious After Action Report describes the Cumans' long and exhausting - yet never boring! - quest for the cake. The Asian steppe people travel throughout Europe and the Middle East, always finding others to quarrel with. After all, nobody will easily give up his cake!
    The story is based on a Monty Python-esque humour and never ceases to entertain. Truly funny and comical AARs like this one are very rare. It is definitely a must-read for everyone interested in AARs.

    [Images Unavailable]

    - Astaroth

    How should one debate online? (by Gogf) - Review by Soulghast

    How should one debate online?
    Author: Gogf
    Original Thread: How should one debate online?

    According to the author's words, this article, or more accurately "guide", aims at addressing some problems that naturally occur with internet debates, and then giving some tips, on how to better our internet debating experience.

    The guide opens up addressing some problems that occur with debating, and attributing them mostly to the fact that many people, from different political and religious upbringings, with no formal debate training can take part in internet debates.

    The author then goes on to address 2 different types of replying to another post, specifically mentioning the "no-quoting" method, and the "multi-quoting" method, and talks about the problems that occur with each method. He then proposes an alternative method, making use of both the above ones.

    The second section of the guide is titled "Evidence". He talks about when it is appropriate to ask for evidence, and what he considers valid evidence, by listing a number of webpage types, which he believes are not valid. He then talks about where valid evidence can be found, and lists some websites as examples. The section closes by a brief paragraph on how to use evidence in an internet debate.

    The third section, considerably smaller and less informative than the previous ones, gives some tips on how to be taken more seriously in a debate, by advising you to polish your posts, use correct grammar, and generally make your posts easy to read and as informative as possible.

    He then closes by urging us to respect our fellow posters and follow the forum's rules.

    I personally found this guide very interesting, even if I don't consider it something entirely original. It looks more like general debating tips being put together in a nice, well written and polished project. Of course, one may not agree with some of the author's views, but that should not discredit the quide. Hopefully, this guide will at least have some impact on raisng the bar in the political and philosophical debates of the forum, something that is much needed in my opinion, considering the current nature of political debates.

    Thank your for reading this review/overview, have a Happy New Year!

    [Images Unavailable]

    The Battle of Lugar (by Templar Knight) - Review by Hesus de bodemloze

    The Battle of Lugar
    Author: Templar Knight
    Original Thread: [AAR]RTW SPQR : The Battle of Lugar: a mini aar

    A battle that was lost in time is brought back in to life. This is the story of Marcus Julius, one of Rome's finest generals. Fighting the Gauls in North Italy made a name for himself and his legion. The year is March 15th 215 BC. Rome is surrounded by dark clouds, its army desperately in need of brave generals. Marcus needs to move his legion to Lugar, where he has to face one of the most celebrated generals of Carthage… Hannibal. Will Marcus succeed in his mission, or will Rome be doomed? Read this wonderful mini-AAR about a Great Battle brought back to life. A well illustrated AAR with screenshots and a very nice and interesting storyline.

    Hesus de bodemloze

    Sicilia Divided (by Atterdag) - Review by Hesus de bodemloze

    Sicilia Divided
    Article Author: Atterdag
    Review Author: Hesus de Bodemloze
    Original Thread:RTW EB: Sicilia Divided

    This article tells us the story of Antonius, a Latin soldier in service of Rome. He is stationed with the rest of his maniple in a supply fort on Sicilian soil. The war between Carthage and Rome has been going on for 6 years, and Antonius will finally be given the chance to fight against Rome's enemies. On the Carthaginian side, Hamilcar is preparing for a battle the consular legions. That is not an easy task however, as he is experiencing some resistance by two senators who arrived at Carthage. They are harassing him with troublesome proposals of invasions and surprise attacks. This AAR is writen by Atterdag, one of the respectable members and contributors of this community. A well written and ilustrated AAR enlivened by its high quality screenshots. A good read for every one who loves a good story.

    [Images Unavailable]

    Hesus de bodemloze

    The Seleucid Empire (by Astaroth) - Review by Soulghast

    The Seleucid Empire
    Article Author: Astaroth
    Review Author: Soulghast
    Original Thread: The Seleucid Empire

    This TW Guide opens with a brief historical introduction on The Seleucid Empire, briefing us on the events that led to the separation of Alexander The Great's Empire, and the creation of the Successor States, specifically the state this guide is about, The Seleucid Empire. The Guide then goes on to give some general strategic tips, making you aware of your prime enemies , while also presenting your Empire. The author provides detailed, well written information on your enemies, their prime advantages and disadvantages, also advising you on what would be the best course of action. A short paragraph on your economy follows, where the author once again gives us his opinion, without going into much detail. Then comes what I personally consider the best, and most interesting part of the guide: The Seleucid Army Composition. The author wonderfully explains the Seleucid Battle Tactics, by presenting us a detailed diagram. Then, different army compositions are presented for each period of the game. While these are in no way definitive, as there can be many variations, it gives the reader a good idea on how a seleucid army can be used. The guide closes with a short, sweet summary.

    To conclude, I strongly believe this guide is worth reading, and rereading. The author has done an excellent job on focusing on specific sections of the Seleucid campaign, while decorating it with in-game screens and detailed diagrams.

    [Images Unavailable]

    Written by Soulghast

    "Bura-Hara" (by Acco) - Review by Astaroth

    Article Author: [user]Acco[/user]
    Review Author: Astaroth
    Original Thread: [Science]"Bura-Hara"

    Do you know what blood group you are? No? Don't worry, most people don't know their blood group either. However, in Japan this is very different. The amount of people who pay a lot of attention to the blood groups of their friends, lovers or employees is growing steadily. This has a huge influence on Japan's society and first cases of discrimination based on it have occured. Acco's highly interesting article deals with this shocking and fascinating subject that most people in other parts of the Earth have never even heard of. The article gives a brief introduction about the biological facts regarding blood groups and moves on to the sociological and political impact they have on the Japanese society. Lots of interesting background information is given and the consequences are outlined as well. Furthermore, the author's educated yet easily understandable language makes it an enjoyable read.
    As a result, the article is very informative yet never becomes boring or lenghty. Instead, it stays intriguing and fascinating throughout.

    Therefore, it is definitely a must read for anyone who is interested in science, Japan or just well-written articles in general!

    [Images Unavailable]


    Mysterious Druids (by Kscott) - Review by Hesus de bodemloze

    Mysterious Druids
    Article Author: Kscott
    Review Author: Hesus de Bodemloze
    Original Thread: Mysterious Druids

    This is one of the historical subjects that keep evoking a lot of questions and discussions as there is so little known about them. Their place in society, their standing amongst other members of their community. Who were they, who were their gods and what powers did they possess? We know they had the power to pronounce a sentence in a case of law, in the older and darker times they could even stop wars if they felt there was too much blood spilled. And what about the human sacrifices they made. Were such acts purely barbaric cruelties or were they some sort of religious ritual? This is an article that tries to give us a clearer view on the lives of the druids and their place in ancient society. A very nice read for everyone who would take an interest in the ways of the Druids.

    [Images Unavailable]


    Hesus de bodemloze

    The Origins of Violence in the Modern Mideast (by Beowulf47) - Review by Acco

    The Origins of Violence in the Modern Mideast
    Article Author: Beowulf47
    Review Author: Acco
    Original Thread: [Sociology] The Origins of Violence in the Modern Mideast

    This masterful composition covers the violence present in the war-torn Middle East, a region dominated by the prospect of wealth (via oil), secular dictatorships and fundamentalist terrorists. The author, who has had first-hand experience in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, has divided his work into two sections. In the first, he explains the source of violence in the region, which can be credited to the Soviet Union and the United States, and how the source initiated the cycle of violence. The author includes a neat diagram to represent how, in the Western perspective, the Middle East is torn between oppressive governments and Islamic terrorists. Further, the diagram explains how the people of the Middle East are obligated to choose one path and that this choice continues the seemingly never-ending cycle of violence. In the second part of the work, the author seeks to dispel a plethora of myths that have accumulated over the years since the West has intervened in the region. The main myths dissipated concerned Islamic fundamentalists, the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Iranian threat.

    All in all, this was a great read, both informative and logical. I highly recommend this for everyone, because after reading this composition your knowledge on the political situation in the Middle East will increase twofold. I especially recommend this article to those who post in the Political Mudpit, as it gives great insight on this troubled but promising region.

    [Images Unavailable]


    TW Guide - ETW: Royal Artillery School (by Eastern Weasel) - Review by Astaroth

    [TW Guide] ETW : Royal Artillery School
    Article Author: [user]Eastern Weasel[/user]
    Original Thread: ETW : Royal Artillery School Part 1, ETW : Royal Artillery School Part 2
    Review Author: [user]Astaroth[/user]

    Most people are under the impression that using artillery is rather straightforward: just take your cannons and shoot at the enemy!
    However, in his excellent artillery guide Eastern Weasel clearly proves this misconception wrong and shows that using artillery is an art in its own right. The first part of the "Artillery School" deals with Empire: Total War's different cannons and explains their pros and cons. Pictures and a few historical facts spice up the article and make it an enjoyable read. Same goes for the guide's second part which is about the proper use of the different pieces of artillery. Many different tactics, battle deployments and strategies are described in great detail. The author lists several common mistakes and explains how to avoid them. Last but not least he also mentions several subleties which might not seem to be important at first glance. After all, the devil is in the details!

    In conclusion, this guide is not only extremely informative but also a good read. It is well-structured and to the point; lengthiness is avoided. Therefore it is a must-read for everyone who's interested in artillery or who is simply looking for the best way to incorporate cannons into his battle strategy. I for my part enjoyed reading it thoroughly and hope that you'll like it as well!

    [Images Unavailable]


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