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    so King Arthur the role playing war game is on sale on steam, is it worth getting?

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    I played the demo and I loved it...for the most part. The archers are very overpowered, so if you get it enable weaker archers. Other than that...The best way to describe it would be Heroes of Might and Magic combined with a TW game.

    I am currently downloading the Collection edition ($4.50 on Steam, as you know I am sure) and that price, I think it's more than worth it.
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    Not my cup of tea. It's too action based.

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    Its a good experience, like the campaign map is enjoyable and the story is good and its immersive, but the combat is lacking to say the least

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    I bought it, looked interesting, was only 4.50 So its not like I'm losing much if I don't play it long.

    Its a huge download though and is going to take a few days. >.>

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