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Thread: Indo-parthian kingdom question

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    Noob here, so apologies if this question is in the wrong place. I'm following the 2.35 manual for reforming Pahlava.!F2gRXDQC!5QRsqUFTe...Y7yKX9VQxOHxwE

    Once I control a province in India how exactly do I create the indo-parthian kingdom? It says high influence suren is needed. Suren refers to the family member ethnicity right? But exactly how much influence is needed because it seems my 3 influence suren-pahlavig isn't cutting it!!

    Sorry if I'm missing something obvious and thanks for the amazing mod

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    Your Suren governor must have 5 influence or more. Then he should gain a trait indicating he has become a minor king in india and the turn after that you should receive a message about the formation of the indo parthian kingdom.

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