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Thread: pope says i can't attack but they attack me?

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    Default pope says i can't attack but they attack me?

    seems a little unfair. is there a cheat i can use to sign a peace deal with my hated foes?

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    Default Re: pope says i can't attack but they attack me?

    That's how it works and no, there's no cheat. If you attack smaller catholic factions than your own you will get into trouble with pope. If you are besieging those forces, withdraw your troops or end the siege within two years and do not attack again for 10 - otherwise excommunication.

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    Default Re: pope says i can't attack but they attack me?

    Hello Pete,

    These things can at times happen in MTW while playing Catholic factions - and yes, it is not fair at all. The circumstance only occurs when your kingdom/faction has more provinces then the other Catholic faction that attacks you – and the Papal faction is active. There are some alternatives and cheats that one can use to resolve it.

    The non-cheat alternatives:

    • Wipe out the faction that attacks you and ignore the pope for the time being. You will be excommunicated of course but that don’t matter as you will then kill the pope (with assassins) once you are done with the enemy faction – or kill your own king somehow once you are done with the enemy. In either case the excommunication will be lifted as a result…
    • A slow prolonged war in which you wait out the warning for 10+ years/turns, then retaliate and annex an enemy province - receive the papal warning all over again – and do the waiting all over again. Retaliate again etc. etc.
    • Wait for 10 years/turns – attack another “weak” Catholic faction – receive a papal warning for that and then you are free to kill the relevant enemy here at your discretion – without any papal warnings for it for some 10 years/turns essentially (until that warning expires)...
    • Kill the Papal faction and then kill the relevant faction… (A personal favorite).
    • Play ball and let them be…

    The cheat-alternatives: (activate debug-mode)
    • Load game, switch to that relevant faction (pressing 1-0 or shift+1-0, cycle through the numbers until you find the relevant faction), and then order either a bishop/princess/emissary of that faction to “your own” faction’s king to propose a peace. Once that is done, switch back to “your own” faction, end turn, and agree to the peace-treaty one of these agents brings to your king this following turn. Then you get peace – that time. If takes more then 1 turn to for the agent(s) to reach your king – the agent(s) may very well be counter-ordered to do something else. Thus placing your King in bordering province to the enemy is a good idea…

    Ok, that’s probably it…

    - Cheers

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