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Thread: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v5.0 Finale Edition + Launcher HotFix (updated 25/3/2012)

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v3.8 HotFix (Updated 11/4/2012)

    Because moddb did delay, I just uploaded the patch to TWCENTER. Get it now.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v3.9 (Updated 14/4/2012)

    Special new in v3.9

    • Cavalry less resistant against projectiles.
    • Missile troops more responsive.
    • FotS missile troops animations improved.
    • AI Formations improved especially those dedicated to FotS.
    • FotS gun infantry AI should be more effective (trying to fire from largest distance possible).
    • Levy Musketmen have the correct teppo equipment (Vanilla mistake).
    • Levy Musketmen have now Kneel fire instead of rank fire.
    • Shooting fatigue penalties slightly increased.
    • Movement gradient penalties lessened.
    • Shimazu heavy gunners have now powerful missile penetration ability (as in vanilla but more realistic).
    • Wooden cannon impact damage increased (They should do some more damage when they hit something).
    • Bombardment less effective from small ships and generally not so devastating.

    ***It is save game compatible***

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v3.9+ HotFix (Updated 18/4/2012)

    Special new in v3.9+ HotFix

    • CAI gunboat spam is no more.
    • Many Formation AI repairs so that you get the proper challenge in battles.
    • Formation AI overhaul in positioning which results to a far better BAI.
    • Projectile damaged slightly balanced better.
    • Naval BAI inconsistencies repaired (stacking into the corner too often).
    • Mangonel more effective.
    • Sharpnel trajectory more realistic as it falls.
    • Coastal guns will not aim too high.
    • FotS Samurai Bow Hero more effective.
    • Hero Bows more straight aiming to reflect the superior bow training.

    ***It is save game compatible***

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v3.95 (Updated 23/4/2012)

    Special new in v3.95

    • Much more superior Battle AI both in Land and Naval battles due to many adjustments in formations and other related factors.
    • Troop movement & physics even more realistic.
    • Many improvements in projectile ballistics and physics for all missile types. You should notice even more realistic trajectories and impacts.
    • Infantry ammo increased, especially for the modern FotS units.
    • Yugekitai better balance.
    • Naval autocalc should be improved.
    • CAI should no longer declare war so easily.
    • Suppressive fire bug fixed (Vanilla error that increased instead of decreasing unit speed, thanks to rob-a-dogg for the feedback).

    ***It is save game compatible***

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v3.95+ HotFix (Updated 28/4/2012)

    Special new in v3.95+ HotFix

    • Various fixes to formations for a far more poweful BAI. 2x times better.
    • Various improvements to Darth Effects especially to artillery impacts and muzzle flashes.
    • A very ugly looking vanilla blood effect removed (this related to artillery impact which is like a "blood octopus")
    • Missile Lethality slightly enhanced as requested.
    • Some acceleration values which affect even more negatively the known "vanilla Dance effect" have been improved.

    ***It is save game compatible***

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.0 (Updated 3/5/2012)

    Special new in v4.0

    • Bayonets are finally available thanks to the mod of IGdood and kungfuserge. This original mod can be found here: .
      DarthMod has used this mod's technique to enable Bayonets and balanced the stats accordingly. Now you can enable Bayonets in the Boost options of the Launcher for the following units:
      • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
      • Infaderie de Marine
      • Kihetai
      • Republican Guard Infantry
      • Royal Marines
      • Shogunate Guard Infantry
      • United States Marines
      • Garrison Infantry
      • Light Sharpshooters
      • Light Yugekitai
      • Azure Dragon Force
      • Black Tortoise Infantry
      • Imperial Infantry
      • Line Infantry
      • Line Republican Infantry
      • Line Shogunate Infantry
      • Line Vermillion Bird Force
      • Militia Levy Infantry

      By enabling bayonets you give to these units special anti-cavalry/defence properties and a slight attack penalty. The only glitch is that in combat animation the rifle/musket is slightly mispositioned between the hands. If you want to revert to vanilla Katana/Sword melee fashion of the original game, you can do it anytime without spoiling your campaign save.
    • Some elite units can now form squares:
      • Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
      • Infaderie de Marine
      • Republican Guard Infantry
      • Royal Marines
      • United States Marines
      • Imperial Infantry
      • Line Republican Infantry
    • The following units now have mass fire (fire all together and not only the first rank):
      • Matchlock Kachi
      • Light Sharphooters
      • Tosa Riflemen
      • Light Yugekitai
    • Included the special CAI File that was removed from version 3.4 because of incompatibilties with the official patch. Now the major clans, like Oda, will have more survival/prevail chances and the Ashikaga Boost options works 100% as it is intended. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
    • Included the special character bonuses files that give +3 Skills to generals, special character bonuses etc. as it was in version 3.4. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
    • Increased the FotS Land Campaign movement and the Naval Movement for all campaigns. That results to more naval invasions and more action in the campaign map.
    • Reduced the insanely high cost of FotS buildings to more proper levels. That results to a more challenging CAI that can recruit better units and also there is less "misery" for the human player (not able to do anything for many turns).
    • White Tigers have a slightly better balance.
    • Spear Levy have -1 morale for better balance.
    • Included the widely requested large deployment zones and ambush mod FOTS S2 ROTS of freelancerX as a Boost Option.
    • Re-updated the Atmoshperic Sounds mod (there were some issues reported).


    It should be save game compatible but it will affect your ongoing FotS campaigns because the building costs have changed significantly.
    You must wait to authorise the file.
    Until then you can use the DMS v4,0 which includes crucial files and the new Bayonet Units.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.0 (Updated 3/5/2012)

    I have just uploaded v4.0 to Multiupload so you can grab it before authorises the file.
    Enjoy and give feedback!

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.0 (Updated 3/5/2012)

    Switched Host to MediaFire so that all users can use it and because I noticed that some Multiupload partners renamed the file (undesirable). Thanks to CTD_or_Bust for the feedback.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.0+ (Updated 13/5/2012)

    Special new in v4.0+ HotFix

    • Vanilla Boshin Rifle Units "Break Dance Bug" Fixed (It can now occur very very seldom).
    • Naval Campaign movement points doubled for a more dynamic game and many invasions (in the previous version this was not enabled correctly).
    • Land Campaign movement points increased very slightly.
    • Several fixes to CAI handicaps.
    • FotS buildings cheaper for the AI to make it more challenging (to develop and build more armies).
    • Yari Kachi Anti-Cavalry Bonus increased slightly.
    • Some improvements to character skill tiers (now the FotS General and Character have not so many bonuses per upgrade).
    • Traditional buildings have more modernization penalties and also there are some new technology modernization penalties (your choice for modern or traditional warfare is now clearer).
    • Some Building effects improvements/vanilla fixes.
    • Coastal defenses +25% more effective and have more range.
    • Movement speed penalties balance improved.
    • Melee mechanics improved to become more decisive and violent.
    • Unit responses improved.
    • Mangonel effectiveness balanced.

    Edited the changelog

    It is fully save game compatible although it is advised to play a new campaign.
    To see the new increased campaign movements to your loaded campaign you must press END TURN.
    The file is currently uploaded to Strategy Informer and will be available to moddb soon.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.0++ (Updated 15/5/2012)

    Special new in v4.0++ HotFix

    • Shinsengumi Police Force can now Kneel fire.
    • Repaired and fine tuned the new Campaign Battle auto calculation.

    It is fully save game compatible.
    The file is currently uploaded to Strategy Informer and will be available to moddb soon.

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1 (Updated 24/5/2012)

    Special new in v4.1

    • CAI improved and is more helpful to allies.
    • CAI now will no longer refuse trade agreements for no reason.
    • Naval BAI improved and should no longer stuck to the edge of the map.
    • Naval Sengoku cannons more effective.
    • Naval Matchlocks have now more range, the same with the naval bows.
    • FotS building costs balanced better to make the economy a more challenging matter.
    • Modernization penalties are now severe for traditional buildings and some technologies.
      Also fixed the modernization technology penalties which worked the opposite
      (they wrote - but they gave +).
    • Naval experience no longer gained so easily as in vanilla.
    • Cavalry commander General bonuses corrected.
    • Some traits have been updated.

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1 (Updated 24/5/2012)

    Due to my mistake the minimal pack of DarthMod Shogun was not updated fully.
    Please re-download
    DMS v4,1

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1+ HotFix (Updated 10/6/2012)

    Special new in v4.1+ HotFix

    • The so much anticipated fix has arrived. Finally all DarthMod files are in place and now you get the full experience. The "unit_tables" responsible for unit costs/upkeeps/special recruitment options etc. a very crucial file was damaged because of the latest CA patch and could not be used because the sounds got mixed (bow sounded like guns etc.).
      Now the sounds are repaired thanks to Crux3D and his genious Symphony Tool with which I repaired that dreaded mixed sounds bug.
      I also thank all who have helped in this discussion thread: Corrupted Sounds Solutions and Discussion.
    • Musket/Rifle smoke improved (made slightly thicker and even more realistic).
    • FotS Modernization penalties adjusted better as per feedback (I repeat that with this system you have to choose your side and you cannot build everything as in vanilla... this is a feature not a bug, so if you want to be traditional, forget the modernization. If you want to modernise, stop building traditional buildings. Simple. You have to remember also that traditional bonuses are more in 1st level of technology.

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1+ HotFix (Updated 10/6/2012)

    I have just updated the mini pack version Minimal Pack_version 4.1+ HotFix because the effects were not updated previously.
    I hope you can download from Strategy Informer later. I just saw that the download problems persist...
    Otherwise you must wait for to authorise. Cannot upload elsewhere right now. It is too late here... and I am late for other things.
    Good night.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1+ HotFix (Updated 10/6/2012)

    New download mirror for the full patch.
    Mirror#3 MediaFire

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1++ HotFix (Updated 22/6/2012)

    Special new in v4.1++ HotFix

    • CAI should now build even bigger stacks, armies of Death in late turns. Now the AI is a much more resilient opponent and you should not rely too much in allies if you cannot keep adequate army forces.
    • Fixed a problem of the Launcher which made the Mod not to disable itself fully (the fixed sounds pack affects the installation by its presence in the data folder).
    • Naval experience reducing after bombardment should now be fixed or lessened a lot the probability to happen (needs testing).
    • Sengoku Light Cavalry have now 120 men instead of 90 (with 1.5X) as all other cavalry types.

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.1+++ HotFix (Updated 24/6/2012)

    Tiny v4.1+++ HotFix

    • Launcher updated fully to work as intended with the previous fix.

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.2 (Updated 12/7/2012)

    Special new in v4.2

    • Improved melee and animation mechanics greatly so to witness cinematic and chaotic battles as never before. Inspired by the epic screenshot tales of Le_Fred which you can read here: "Le Fred's" Epic Stories!
    • Balanced the projectile reload mechanics to be realistic, so that units fire not as untiring machines but like drilled normal fighters who must control their stamina and ammo to maximise their kill rate. That can lead to more devastating volleys but also to less effectiveness, according to the skill of the general.
    • Corrected a formation AI issue which could lead to AI ships sticking to the corners of the map.
    • CAI should now position its armies more strategically in the map for a more challenging and realistic game exprerience.
    • Diplomacy improved a lot to be very close to human cunningness and effectiveness. You can make trusted allies but also you will witness powerful allied opponents. (The improvements include the possible AI trade not accepted bug fix).
    • Money plays now much bigger role in diplomacy negotiations (In vanilla it is insignificant).
    • Threats should now have more diplomacy effect (In vanilla they are insignificant).
    • Naval damage system balanced better.
    • Naval cannons have more hitpoints so that they do not get destroyed easily.
    • Launcher additions:
      • Re-included the Shogun 2 & Fall of the Samurai Retexture & Performance Project by Superghostboy which now does not conflict with DarthMod Effects. For some machines it can result to better FPS but its most superb addition is the new more realistic blood effects.
      • Included the BSM for Shogun 2 by Mech_Donald which provides much better effects than vanilla and it can replace the default Darth Effects according to your preference. Because it conflicts with DarthMod Effects and SuperGhostBoy mod, the launcher makes sure that whenever you enable it, the other are disabled and vice versa.
      • The V.3.05 -Unit Variety Mod by The Hedge Knight has been modified by SuperGhostBoy to be less stressing for your video card.
      • Re-moved the Japanese voice fix of Wind because it was obsolete.

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

    -It is fully save game compatible
    -There is no need for a patch any more (Download this one single version)
    -More mirrors will follow (had 3 time server errors when trying to upload to Strategy Informer)

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.2 (Updated 12/7/2012)

    All download mirrors are now fully operational!

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    Default Re: >>>Download<<< DarthMod: Shogun II v4.2+ (Updated 8/8/2012)

    Special new in v4.2+

    • Balanced for the latest DLC units "Saints & Heroes".
    • Fixed the badly mixed sounds that the DLC caused to the mod.
    • Balanced melee mechanics for even more realistic battles.
    • Many AI FotS formations improvements for a more effective BAI.
    • Balanced projectiles to be more realistic overall.
    • Fixed a minor bug concerning 1st level Shogun Garrison.
    • Improved a lot the smoke effects (Darth Effects).
    • Enhanced the blood (Darth Effects).

    I remind the correct installation procedure: How to install properly

    -It is fully save game compatible
    -There is no need for a patch any more (Download this one single version)


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