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Thread: How to Install Ferrum Aeternum?

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    Default How to Install Ferrum Aeternum?

    Hi, i've a problem with installing FA too. My data: Win7, MTW2-Gold (Vers. 1.050), Ferrum Aeternum (Vers. 0.80).
    I've downloaded all 7 parts and put them into one folder, then i've extracted first part into my mod-folder but it doesen't work.
    When i start a campaign after the first turn while loading the process of the other faction = CTD.
    When i start a custom battle = CTD.
    In my virtual-store mod folder i've deleted all before.

    Now i've installed Fa again, now 7zip tells fa.bat and EDULister.exe can't be open failure
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    Default Re: How to Install Ferrum Aeternum?

    I have similar problem

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