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Thread: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

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    Default Battle Lanterns

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    Default Pike & shot formations

    Pike and shot formations of the 1648 mod

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    Default Broken Crescent

    Two siege battles against the Mongols. The first one is from a Khwarezmshah campaign. The Mongols first attacked Bukhara with two stacks but failed to take it, then took Gurganj after two sieges. Their next target was Khiveh. There were three successive sieges. The Khwarezm economy was so devastated that there was no money to retrain units. There was also no chance of reinforcements as the only other city close by, Merv, was also besieged at the same time. The garrison of Khiveh defended the city from three successive attacks. Those still alive at the end of the third siege dismantled all the important buildings and abandoned the city to the Mongols.

    The second battle is from a Ghurid campaign. The Mongols predictably made peace with the Seljuk Turks and, after destroying Khwarezm, sent their entire army to attack the human player faction, this time the Ghurids. Sayf al-Din the Cruel had recently arrived from the east, where he had been putting down rebellion after rebellion, gaining experience and some dread. He had brought with him some elephants on which everything depended. This was the second time he had to defend his castle against the Mongols. Of course, he was not quite alone. Other generals were holding the rear at Balkh and the bridge and castle to its rear, blocking the way towards Firuzkuh and launching devastating counter-attacks. This time, however, the Mongols were attacking with such an overwhelming force that all attempts to relieve Sayf al-Din had failed. In this battle, they threw three stacks at Sayf al-Din's castle. Sayf al-Din sallied out with his elephants. The battle ended in a heroic draw.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Online battle #1

    Turks, Moors and Venetians defending a Middle-eastern fortress against the English, Spanish and Scots. Defenders: 30k, attackers 40k.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Online battle #2

    Egypt and France defending a ME fortress against Venice, England and the Moors. Defenders 30k, attackers 45k.

    Edit: My ally, pgrifoni, did a great job in holding those breaches on the left. Please, when you see some breaches thinly guarded or completely unguarded and others heavily guarded, do not send more units to the heavily guarded breaches. It is common sense.

    Sometimes it is impossible to communicate with an ally or just too time consuming in the heat of a battle. So please when an enemy is heading for some unguarded breaches and much, most or all your infantry is sitting back, think of what you should be doing. Half the time, while some breaches are guarded by just one hashashim unit or by no unit, since I have no infinite infantry, my ally may sit back or send all his men to the breach with the catapult and all my main heavy units. That is the last breach that needs reinforcement. Please, use common sense. There is hardly any use in 10-15 units defending one breach when many others are left wide open. It is also difficult for a single person to concentrate on defending six different breaches. It is common sense, please, just think.

    Also please. once you have committed yourself to a battle, stay in it until you are defeated, then concede defeat. Do not just leave, it is rude. It is not good saying, sorry I got to go, my mum is calling. If you are expecting a guest or a telephone call, do not join a battle. Also if there is lag, and you do not like it, lower your graphics settings. Lag happens, we play with fellow gamers from across the world. Their actions travel over the skies or underneath the oceans to reach you. Lag is no excuse to leave a battle. I am saving most battles and I am tempted to start making a list with the names of those who left a battle because someone called or because they did not like the lag.
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    Default Elephants, reiters and camel gunners

    Online battle #3

    A colourful battle featuring all the m2tw animals: elephants, horses and camels. It was also an opportunity to field a pike and shot army. The rules were no rules, as we believe in freedom. Different factions have different strengths and restricting the use of some units has a big impact on their battle effectiveness. The Timurids and Mongols would be ineffective in an open battle without plenty of cavalry. After all, they practically only used cavalry in open battles. The Moors would be a very weak faction in a pitch battle without camel gunners and the desert peoples would be hopeless in a siege environment without naffatun. It would be like not allowing heavy infantry for Spain for example. The handicap would be huge. So in the battles I am hosting, I like to leave all choice to the player.

    Sadly, the Timurid player made an extremely poor use of his elephant bodyguard and used his abundant cavalry in a very static way, while the English player brought only standard medieval units. Moreover, our enemies moved slowly, which played into our hands, since we were the ones with the pistols, muskets and arquebuses.

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    Default Lebanon fortress siege

    Online battle #4

    Siege of a middle eastern fortress with the Turks and Milan defending. Defenders had 30,000 florins, attackers 45,000 florins. Rules: 3 artillery and 3 cavalry maximum per player, everything else allowed. Middle Eastern fortress with level 1 towers. Special thanks to my ally Aquila for his able defense but not to his monster ribault whose main apparent accomplishment was the killing of my general. It also caused the stakes the Janissary archers had led down on their deployment to disappear, allowing the enemy cavalry to come into the keep and harass our missile units when we had run out of infantry to man the breaches.

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    Default Pike & shot

    Online battle #5

    Medieval II Total War online battle, late period, 1v1. Musketeer and cavalry showdown against crossbowmen and artillery.

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    Default Desert fortress siege

    Online battle #6

    Another online battle defending that desert fortress from the hordes of our enemies. A 3v3 online battle with 30,000 florins for the defenders, 45,000 florins for the attackers, max 3 art and 3 cav per player, all types of units allowed. Those who disagree that the Turks are the best faction, all they have to do is attack their fortress.

    Special thanks to my two allies, xDerFred and fall209090 and really to everyone for staying with the battle until it was over.

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    Default Blitz siege

    Online battle #7

    Medieval II Total War online battle. A 3v3 siege, 30000 florins for the defenders, 45000 florins for the attackers, max 3 artillery and 3 cavalry, this time taking a walk to the other side of the fence and attacking the fortress for a change.

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    Default Tamerlane's Anger

    Online battle #8

    Apologies to those of you who have seen enough sieges of the middle eastern fortress. I had once asked why no one played as Egypt or the Turks and was told they are weak factions, which had surprised me. So I decided to make some objective statistics, playing online. Most online players want to play with swords, so they restrict the amount of cavalry and gun units players are allowed. Of course then spearmen fall victim to swordsmen who are themselves immune to enemy missile units and cavalry since these are either restricted or too light (archers and crossbowmen lack punch or range) to stop the heavier swordsmen. The best Turkish units, their missile cavalry, the Janissary musketeers and the naffatun are rarely seen because of such restrictions. If players are given, however, freedom to choose what units they want, Egypt and the Turks become formidable. They are probably the two best factions when defending in a siege.

    The problem with other online battles and why I do not post other battles with different settings is exactly that players who like to play with heavy swordsmen restrict so much the choice of other units that their battles become predictable and repetitious. There are plenty of those on youtube and there is little point in adding one or two more. For the same reasons players usually restrict the money they give to their opponents, for example give the opponents about the same money as the defenders in a 3v3 siege, disallow guns and restrict artillery to one or two units per attacker, a sure sign of a bad loser. As the Welsh say, it is easy to be brave behind a castle wall. It is not even worthwhile participating in such battles.

    So here is one more battle of that ME fortress that almost went to completion. Some players became desynchronised near the end, but by that time the battle had been decided. There was some fierce fighting and many charges from elephants and it would have been a shame not to make a videoclip from the save.

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    Default Online battle #9

    Two late period pitch battles in 13 minutes

    The first pike and shot battle was over in 4 minutes, a SEGA world record and both battles were over in 13 minutes. That is the result of a pike and shot formation fighting a traditional medieval army.

    This may be my last online battle for a while. It was one of the last of a series of late period battles where I always used pike and shot formations. I lost one out of half a dozen, in which case I was fighting against some old hands that routed my ally early despite sending some cav to my ally to help him defend himself against his adversary. I can't remember what happened on that case but I seem to remember that my opponent had some units with a range at least as long as muskets, maybe some type of longbowmen.

    Pike and shot formations are best for breaking the morale of the enemy in the open much as naffatuns on walls and catapults in defense are the ideal units for breaking the morale of attackers when defending. They are the best medicine against spams of swordsmen.

    Maybe a Rome II campaign battle coming next.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Rome II Baktria campaign

    Not one but two Rome II battles from a Baktria campaign at normal difficulty. The campaign was fairly addictive, interesting and fun, ending with the conquest of Rome itself. The graphics of Rome II are fantastic, especially the naval battle visuals and the towns and cities. The units are also well made as are the animations. Despite all that and the insinuations of political intrigue and the heroes and spies, and other agents and all the pretty graphics, somehow Rome II does not reach the kind of involvement one feels with M2TW campaigns or even with some Shogun 2 campaigns. Perhaps if someone started with Rome II as their first total war experience, things might look different.

    Both of these battles were from near the end of the campaign, one from 109 BC and the other from 95 BC. The campaign finished shorty afterwards. They were the two biggest battles of the campaign. The naval battle of Harmozia in 95BC was between the Baktrian fleet and two Gerrhaean fleets. Although Gerrhaea made several attempts to provoke Baktria into war by sending fleets to the ports controlled by Baktria, the Gerrhaeans completely neglected their navy, suffering a string of defeats at sea. This was perhaps their biggest and most crashing defeat.

    Anartes went into war sneakily invading the Baktrian empire from the north while most of the Baktrian armies had moved west. Their two armies were seen just in time approaching the Dacian city of Petrodava. A depleted army of mainly levy eastern spearmen and a few cavalry units happened to be in Petrodava. A second Baktrian general, seeing the two approaching Anartes armies, hastily recruited some mercenaries and rashed to the relief of the city. The two Anartes armies attacked from three directions. The smaller army, called The Fury of Sabazios, divided itself into two and attacked from the northeast and northwest as the second and biggest army called The Tumuli approached from the west. A glorious battle ensued during a sublime dark storm. Will the Baktrian relief force arrive in time to save the city?

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Great battles Geoff!

    And also great and wise are your words:

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey of Villehardouin
    Despite all that and the insinuations of political intrigue and the heroes and spies, and other agents and all the pretty graphics, somehow Rome II does not reach the kind of involvement one feels with M2TW campaigns or even with some Shogun 2 campaigns. Perhaps if someone started with Rome II as their first total war experience, things might look different.
    I can just 100% agree with you.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    South European fortress sieges

    Two more online battles, assaulting the Southern European fortress. The first one is on large unit scale (not huge as I am saying in the video) and the second on normal unit scale. The rules were otherwise the same for both: a maximum of 3 cavalry units per player and a maximum of 3 artillery for each attacker, 2 for each defender. Both are 2v3 battles.

    In this first siege the florin balance was 60k for the attackers, 40k for the defenders.

    In the second siege the florin balance was 45k for the attackers, 30k for the defenders.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Rome II, Emperor's Edition (Imperator Augustus campaign pack), Anthony's Rome campaign.

    Three battles from a Rome II campaign

    Battle of Ctesiphon, 34 BC

    Sea battle at the straits of Taranto, 32 BC

    Battle of Cosentia, 30 BC

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Broken Crescent 2.4
    Kara-Khitai campaign

    Medieval II Total War, Broken Crescent 2.4, Kara-Khitai campaign. Last Christmas, Byzantineboy released the latest version of Broken Crescent, version 2.4. While we are still waiting for the patch that will fix the silver surfers and the Mongol spam, here is a short videoclip of the final highlights from a Kara-Khitai campaign. The Kara-Khitai (or Western Liao in Chinese sources) was a steppe people that ruled over a wider population that included Buddhists, Nestorian Christians and Muslims. They defeated Khwarezm and made a marriage alliance with the Naiman, whose units feature in the mod. Historically, they were conquered by the Mongols just prior to the Mongol invasion of Khwarezm. The Kara-Khitai is one of the new factions of BC 2.4 and possibly one of the most interesting ones. The Kara-Khitai skins are from a mod called "All Under Heaven" that has not yet been finished. The faces of the Naiman units and possibly some skins are from Rusichi TW, as are all the Mongol skins.

    This videoclip has the final highlights from that campaign. One of them was the final defeat of the Mongols, who had invaded with 21 stacks and had for over 30 years pitched their tents between Samarkand and Bukhara, devastating our lands and being a constant drain on resources.

    While defending their cities against the Mongols, the Kara-Khitai conquered most of south Asia and India, after securing alliances with all the Christian factions, the Chauhan Rajputs and some of the more distant Muslim factions.

    The campaign suffered from some silver surfers, mainly Indian AOR factions.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Rome II, Emperor's Edition (Imperator Augustus campaign pack), Anthony's Rome campaign.

    Three more battles from a Rome II campaign

    Battle of Ariminium 30 BC

    Battle of Naissos 28 BC

    Battle of Edessa 28 BC

    The Emperor's Edition supposedly improved and balanced the game. It is enjoyable but I am not certain that it is better balanced than standard Rome II. When Rome II first came out, I had tried an Epirus campaign on very easy, which first time around I lost in 13 game turns. I tried the campaign out again and lost in 15 game turns. Then I asked if anyone else has tried out the campaign and others then tried it and said they lost in the first few game turns as well.

    Well, this time I am playing on hard difficulty, thinking it would be impossible, and nothing is happening. The Roman legions are marching around the world at ease. The battle near Edessa was a rare example of an open battle, the only one in 25 game turns. It was probably a lucky chance as a Persian stack of ultra light units for some bizarre reason had ventured into Syria in the general direction of Antioch and had become isolated and perished in battle. The other battles, mainly sieges and some naval battles, were walkovers as well. These 6 videoclips show the most difficult battles in the campaign so far. I guess you can get a good idea of how easy the "hard" campaign is.

    Among other things that could have been improved is the look of some of the Asian factions. Most have a single colour look, in pastel hues, baby blue, baby purple, baby green and the like. Units look much the same across factions. Their infantry is non-existent - some basic spearmen wearing a shirt, a scarf and armed with a near-useless wicket shield. They do not even die so much as they run as soon as someone attacks them. The only decent Asian infantry seem to be the mercenaries that the Romans can hire.

    That is my assessment so far. I only need at this point to win about 20 more territories. Since in the Antony's Rome campaign, Antony has numerous vassals on his side, losing them as vassals means losing territories from the total tally. So at present I have decided to stop conquering more territories, just a province short of Imperium, giving instead the Roman vassals some rein to conquer territories in the name of Rome. It is not exactly exciting waiting for our allies to move their rear parts but it has been working. Parthia and the other Asian factions are on the back foot, constantly losing provinces. The Roman legions sit next to enemy settlements, mark them for attack by our allies, the allies march in and lay siege to them and with the help of our legions take them. In this way I avoid reaching Imperium, that could cause some allies and vassals to break ranks with Antony's Rome.

    For good measure I have done what I could to keep diplomatic relations with Mark Antony's vassals near perfect, just in case I get impatient. Pompey's Rome campaign should be more straightforward, as Pompey seems to start without vassals, so as long as he can survive the first dozen game turns, he will not have to spend money to avoid losing any friends nor would he have to worry about reaching Imperium.

    The best thing is the nice-looking legionaries with the chain-mail and the even nicer-looking auxiliary spearmen. I hope I get to see sooner or later some legionaries armoured in lorica segmentata as well.

    An odd thing that does not seem an improvement in any way is that the name of the general is not visible in battles. Generals are labelled as Legatus. So if there are several generals it is hard to tell which general corresponds to which army, which one to let live, which to kill and even the pop-out message saying that the enemy general has been killed no longer appears during battles. Wasn't there one? Or is it only in Attila TW? Also when making a movie, I have to search for the names of the generals in my notes, as they do not appear during the battle. I am not sure why anyone would remove a feature that is already in the game, unless there is a setting somewhere I forgot to set, in which case I would be grateful for any feedback.

    Another thing that would be useful is a mod that lowers the camera so I can get some closer action shots. It is not too much of an issue with the Emperor's Edition but I have old battles from a Wrath of Sparta campaign that seem to have the camera constantly at bird's-eye height. Maybe it has been caused by a patch but I cannot find a workaround. So I never made any videoclips from those battles.

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    Pompey's Rome

    A campaign from the Emperor's edition of Rome II with some interesting battles.

    Campaign summary Part I

    First battle: Stonehenge nightmare.

    Battle 2: The conquering of Rome 35 BC

    Battle 3: Battle of Arretium 33 BC

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    Default Re: Campaign battle screenshots and videos

    More battles from Pompey's Rome

    Blockade of Carthage 29 BC

    Ambush at Genua 27 BC

    Battle of Patavium 25 BC

    Rome II Emperor Edition AI weaknesses

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