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Mod name: Regions and Provinces Mod
Platform: Kingdoms 1.05
Release status: Released. Version 3.80.13 presently
Modfolder/overwrite: Modfoldered

Mod creator: sb2ean, staus MIA since July, 2008. Leader: irishron
Mod team members: Gigantus, Ishan
Mod description: Using Spurius' BigMap mod, maxxing out the regions, adding Asian culture, Shaman religion, Agart's strat models, and better ground cover mod for starters. We are still working on buildings, units and scripts.

Mod forum:
Download links:

Permissions: Personal use only
It is for personal use. For using any part in a to be released mod or to br the basis of a to be released mod, please pm me first for permission.