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    The situation of this mod (with the English houses) lends itself, i believe, to more emphasis on the role of the princess and the marriage between factions. I read this in Dominion of the Sword:

    Princess dowries Now when a princess is offered for marriage, politics are involved! If you want to marry off your princess into another faction you will have to pay for the honour. Depending on the size of your purse you will pay a varying amount to the host faction you are marrying into. This price varies with your treasury, but the poorer your faction is the more it will have to pay. This reflects the situation of small weaker factions having to financially 'convince' the man's faction that they are worthy enough. If you are receiving an offer of marriage from a princess, the greater your wealth the greater the dowry paid to you will be- again this reflects the respect that the princess's faction holds for the power of your faction.

    I think it would be perfect for this mod and I reckon we should add a region to this, to signify the inheritance of the son. This would add so much politically to the mod, and would fit perfectly, especially between the English factions.

    Let me know what you think,

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    Yes thats a good idea. Its been a while since I looked at the scripting aspects.. one of those things still to do most of.

    That and some of the Family Trees still but we're really concentrating on some settlement models just now.

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    Yeah no problem, just helping you guys out, Keep it up!

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    I suggest that developers made marriage easily and quick. Births too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nereis View Post
    I suggest that developers made marriage easily and quick. Births too.
    Marriage and birth quick and easy? That would be something! Who are these developers and how do they come by their godlike powers?

    (No disrespect intended, Nereis, I just couldn't help but find your request funny.)

    On a more serious note, this mod looks very promising. I look forward to experiencing the British Isles in all their historical complexity. Lovely models! Keep up the good work!

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