Mod Registration Form for Large Mods

Mod name: Thera
Platform: MTWII Kingdoms
Release Status: Released
Modfolder Overwrite: No

Mod creator/Mod team leaders: TheFirstONeill
*Mod team members: TheFirstONeill; Eothese; aduellist; Tzar; Caki

Mod Description (3-4 sentences): Thera was a world much like the one we know. That was until one fateful day 222 years ago, a day when great natural calamities were unleashed on the world known as Thera. The planet suffered earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, an almost worldwide tidal wave, all in the space of one day. Huge wild fires ripped across many lands and there were reports of fiery objects seen in the skies. This day became known universally as the 'Great Torment'. The Legacy of the Great Torment is a world inhabited by many small nations which have been been forced to develop in near isolation, a world of large desolate, depopulated lands, which are ripe for conquest and development by a wise and powerful leader. Are you such a leader.......

Other info on mod: 21 playable factions including Romano, Mythical, Chivalric, Post renaissance factions

Forums link(s):THERA, Legacy of the Great Torment.

Download link(s): See forum

Permissions: Thera assets may only be used with express permission of TheFirstONeill.
Permission by request only.
This means that permission must be sought to use any elements of the creators work, this is to cover instances where the creator wishes to keep certain elements (ie; use of names) at their discretion.