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Mod name: Interactive Gameplay Mod \ Standalone Mini-Mods
Platform: MTW II
Mod Creator:Germanicu5

Mod description:
Unique mod using a wide range of previously unutilised scripting possibilities to provide more gripping and interactive adventure where players take more direct control over the course their reign is heading. Allows performing chosen actions on characters and settlements (like killing or unit placement). Includes Spoils of War, Trial and Regency, Achievement, Travelling Merchants and Diplomacy Mini-Mods.
Limited Activities script allows change of settlement parameters only while a governor is present.
Economy mod - economy overhaul for AI factions, lets AI perform efficiently.
Assimilation Script - longer religious assimilation of newly conquered provinces, more turmoil, limited management possibilities in captured settlements.

Other Info:
Dedicated TATW, SS and RC\RR versions, SS 6.3+ includes scripts integrated by gracul

Interactive Gameplay, Spoils of War, assimilation, kill character


Permissions: Permission by request only.
This means that permission must be sought to use any elements of the creators work, this is to cover instances where the creator wishes to keep certain elements (ie; use of names) at their discretion.