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Thread: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer *warning lots of stats*

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    Default The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer *warning lots of stats*

    Not really a thread for discussion more just where i can put my deluded but 100% factual thoughts on little factors that affect mp.

    My comments in red! Sorry about the bad formating/spelling in places!

    Items and drops

    Probability level Chance per game

    drop_prob_ancillary_high 1/5
    drop_prob_ancillary_medium 1/10
    drop_prob_ancillary_low 1/100
    drop_prob_armour_very_high 3/4
    drop_prob_armour_high 1/5
    drop_prob_armour_medium 1/10
    drop_prob_armour_low` 1/100
    drop_prob_legendary 1/1000
    Drop prob for, armour, achievement always 100

    mp_anc_bad_omen drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_bandit_horse_thieves drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_blade_master drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_blessed_kote_armoured_sleeves PLACEHOLDER
    mp_anc_blind_bow_sensei drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_camp_sickness drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_cavalry_officer PLACEHOLDER
    mp_anc_cold_snap drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_damp_powder drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_drill_square drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_european_gunsmith drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_european_horse_trader drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_expert_gun_instructor drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_famous_armoury drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_forage_parties drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_garden_of_convalescence drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_geisha_poisoner drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_gokamon_bodyguard drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_gosha_odosama_samurai_priest drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_hero_worshipping_boy drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_huntsmen drop_prob_starting_gear
    mp_anc_infantry_officer drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_inspiring_orator drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_iron_abumi_stirrups PLACEHOLDER
    mp_anc_kacchu_mochi_armour_bearer drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_lightweiught_gunjingura_war_saddle drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_livestock_pestilence drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_lotus_sect_adherent PLACEHOLDER
    mp_anc_loyal_fudai_shu_retainers drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_metsuke_inspector drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_military_storehouse drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_mochiyari_gumi_spear_bearer drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_mouldy_feed_stocks drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_mounted_scout drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_ninja_jonin drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_open_basketwork_quivers drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_ox_carts drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_portable_shrine drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_practice_grounds drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_productive_rice_paddy drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_sage_advisor drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_sake_peddler drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_scroll_of_inspirational_verse drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_shinobi_informer drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_shoguns_emissary drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_short_sighted_inspector drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_skilled_weaponsmith drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_spoiled_rations drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_steppe_horse_stud drop_prob_starting_gear
    mp_anc_sticky_fingered_storemaster drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_straw_practice_dummy drop_prob_starting_gear
    mp_anc_supply_wagon drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_surgeon drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_target_range drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_tetsu_bishi_caltrops drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_trading_post drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_uma_i_horse_doctor drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_uma_jirushi_nobori_standard_bearer drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_unbalanced_spears drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_untrained_fugu_cook drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_water_carrier drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_wizened_monk drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_wooden_practice_spears drop_prob_starting_gear
    mp_anc_yabusami_master drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_anc_yagyu_sword_instructor drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_yari_master drop_prob_campaign_map
    mp_anc_yumi_officer drop_prob_dojo_chain
    mp_anc_zori_tori_sandal_bearer drop_prob_armour_set_complete
    mp_clan_anc_bow drop_prob_clan
    mp_clan_anc_horse drop_prob_clan
    mp_clan_anc_spear drop_prob_clan
    mp_clan_anc_sword drop_prob_clan
    mp_legendary_dragonfly_cutting_spear drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_flawless_mount_okage drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_hachiman_crest drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_heavenly_banner drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_hideous_menpo_mask drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_kawari_kabuto_helm drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_legendary_kabuto_of_ykok drop_prob_achievement
    mp_legendary_masterwork_do_maru_armour drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_masterwork_kote_armguards drop_prob_legendary
    mp_legendary_tenkagoken_sword drop_prob_legendary

    Armours: Yes i know they are 95% medium.

    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Date Masamune
    Sdrop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Kote Armoured Sleeves: Ichinotani
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Kato Kiyomasa
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves: Morning Glory
    drop_prob_achievement Kote Armoured Sleeves: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_achievement Kote Armoured Sleeves of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kote Armoured Sleeves of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Akechi Mitsuharu
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Do Cuirass: Blade Master
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Date Masamune
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Do Cuirass: Ichinotani
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Itakura
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Kato Kiyomasa
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass: Kawari Kabuto
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Do Cuirass of Maeda Toshie
    drop_prob_achievement Do Cuirass: Morning Glory
    drop_prob_armour_low Do Cuirass: Multicolour Laced chest_multicolour_laced_icon.tga
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Do Cuirass: Scale
    drop_prob_achievement Do Cuirass of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_armour_medium Do Cuirass: Western Style
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Commander of Commoners
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Elusive Strikeforce
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Achievement Without Honour
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: A Respectable Rule
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Inspiring Counterattack
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Master of the Waves
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Eradicate the Ikko-Ikki
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Forged in the Hottest Flame%
    drop_prob_armour_low Achievement Crest: Sharing the Wealth#
    drop_prob_armour_medium Standard Crest
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Serve With Honour
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Stranglehold
    drop_prob_achievement Achievement Crest: Loyal to the Clan
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest: Blade Master
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Date Masamune
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Honda Tadakatsu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Itakura Katsushige
    drop_prob_achievement Crest: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Naoe Kanetsugu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_achievement Crest of the Shogun crest_multicolour_laced_icon.tga
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest: Sparse Point Laced
    drop_prob_achievement Datemono Crest of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Datemono Crest: Triple Hollyhock
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Akechi Mitsuharu
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Kabuto Helmet: Blade Master
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Catfish Tail
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Date Masamune
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Honda Tadakatsu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Kabuto Helmet: Ichinotani
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Itakura Katsushige
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Kato Kiyomasa
    drop_prob_achievement Kabuto Helmet: Kawari Kabuto
    drop_prob_achievement Legendary Kabuto of The Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Kabuto Helmet of Maeda Toshie
    drop_prob_achievement Kabuto Helmet: Morning Glory
    drop_prob_achievement Kabuto Helmet: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Naoe Kanetsugu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_armour_very_high Kabuto Helmet: Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Sparse
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_achievement Kabuto Helmet: Triple Hollyhock
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_armour_medium Kabuto Helmet: Western Style
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Suneate Greaves: Morning Glory
    drop_prob_achievement Suneate Greaves: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_achievement Suneate Greaves of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_armour_medium Suneate Greaves of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Catfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour of Kato Kiyomasa
    drop_prob_achievement Men Yoroi Face Armour: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_achievement Men Yoroi Face Armour of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_achievement Menpo Mask of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Sparse Point Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour of Toyotomi
    drop_prob_armour_medium Men Yoroi Face Armour: Western Style
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sashimono: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sashimono: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sashimono of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Sashimono: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sashimono of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_achievement Sashimono of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_achievement Sode Shoulder Guards: Multicolour laced
    drop_prob_achievement Sode Shoulder Guards of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards: Golden Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Kato Kiyomasa
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards: Sparse Point Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_armour_medium Sode Shoulder Guards of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_achievement Katana of the Shogun

    Look you get a special sword for being shogun .

    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields: Goldfish Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields of Hosokawa Tadaoki
    drop_prob_achievement Haidate Thigh-Shields: Multicolour Laced
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields of Oda Nobunaga
    drop_prob_achievement Haidate Thigh-Shields of the Shogun
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields: Silver Scale
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields of Tokugawa Ieyasu
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    drop_prob_achievement Haidate Thigh-Shields of Uesugi Kenshin
    drop_prob_armour_medium Haidate Thigh-Shields: Western Style

    What these avatar skillz mean

    avatar_skill_ammo_quantity_1 20 mod_ammo_quantity
    avatar_skill_armour_1 2 mod_armour
    avatar_skill_armour_2 4 mod_armour
    Seems well worth it considering this affects both melee and ranged assaults

    avatar_skill_armour_piercing_arrows_1 1 enable_ability_armour_piercing_arrows
    avatar_skill_army_morale_1 1 mod_avatar_global_morale_effect
    avatar_skill_army_morale_2 2 mod_avatar_global_morale_effect
    Better than any retainer.

    avatar_skill_aura_radius_1 10 mod_avatar_aura_radius
    avatar_skill_aura_radius_2 20 mod_avatar_aura_radius
    avatar_skill_aura_radius_3 30 mod_avatar_aura_radius
    Not a huge increase considering the default is 55

    avatar_skill_banzai_1 1 enable_ability_banzai
    avatar_skill_bodyguard_unit_size_1 1.2 enable_avatar_increased_bodyguard_unit
    avatar_skill_bow_damage_1 1.1 mod_missile_damage
    avatar_skill_bow_damage_2 1.2 mod_missile_damage
    avatar_skill_bow_damage_3 1.3 mod_missile_damage
    Utterly useless as the damage is only 0.33 to being with, still less than half a matchlock unit

    avatar_skill_charge_1 10 mod_charge_bonus
    avatar_skill_charge_2 20 mod_charge_bonus
    Nice bonus

    avatar_skill_enable_bow_1 1 enable_avatar_bow
    Doesnt mention it also stops your custom look appearing

    avatar_skill_fatigue_resistance_aura_1 -0.1 mod_stamina_in_radius
    avatar_skill_fatigue_resistance_aura_2 -0.2 mod_stamina_in_radius
    avatar_skill_fatigue_resistance_aura_3 -0.3 mod_stamina_in_radius
    See the moral effects, more usefult han you might think.

    avatar_skill_fire_arrows_1 1 enable_ability_fire_arrows
    avatar_skill_hitpoint_1 2 mod_hp
    This isnt hp, its projectile resistance, and its awesome (but not in melee)

    avatar_skill_inspire_1 1 enable_ability_inspire
    avatar_skill_inspire_2 1 enable_ability_inspire
    avatar_skill_inspire_2 0.8 mod_cooldown_inspire
    This is about a 5 second decrese, not worth it im for lv2, massivly worth it for lv1.

    avatar_skill_marksmanship_1 15 mod_marksmanship
    avatar_skill_marksmanship_2 30 mod_marksmanship
    avatar_skill_marksmanship_3 45 mod_marksmanship
    If you have a bow these are good, i think other bow buffs are better though.

    avatar_skill_melee_attack_1 4 mod_melee_attack
    avatar_skill_melee_attack_2 8 mod_melee_attack
    avatar_skill_melee_attack_3 12 mod_melee_attack
    avatar_skill_melee_defence_1 4 mod_melee_defence
    avatar_skill_melee_defence_2 8 mod_melee_defence
    avatar_skill_melee_defence_3 12 mod_melee_defence
    Big bonus' even at low levels, i would go defence then attack. Its a gen not a yari cav unit.

    avatar_skill_morale_1 1 mod_unit_morale
    avatar_skill_morale_2 2 mod_unit_morale
    avatar_skill_morale_3 3 mod_unit_morale
    Not sure here if its worth it, definitelly not one for use with a bow though.

    avatar_skill_no_spear_penalty_1 1 mod_melee_penalty_vs_spears
    avatar_skill_rally_1 0.94 mod_cooldown_rally
    avatar_skill_rally_2 0.88 mod_cooldown_rally
    avatar_skill_rally_3 0.82 mod_cooldown_rally
    Not very large a time difference

    avatar_skill_range_1 25 mod_missile_range
    avatar_skill_range_2 50 mod_missile_range
    If i had a bow i would take this over accuracy

    avatar_skill_reload_speed_1 30 mod_reload_speed
    avatar_skill_reload_speed_2 60 mod_reload_speed
    Once again over accuracy

    avatar_skill_scare_enemies_1 -1 enable_ability_scare_enemies
    avatar_skill_scare_enemies_2 -2 enable_ability_scare_enemies
    Ability may be bugged

    avatar_skill_snipe_1 1 enable_ability_snipe4
    Pretty worthless, it doesnt have the volume of fire to be effective

    avatar_skill_speed_1 1.05 mod_unit_speed
    avatar_skill_speed_2 1.1 mod_unit_speed
    avatar_skill_speed_3 1.15 mod_unit_speed
    avatar_skill_speed_4 1.2 mod_unit_speed
    for four skillpoints, its not great

    avatar_skill_stamina_1 0.85 mod_stamina
    avatar_skill_stamina_2 0.7 mod_stamina
    avatar_skill_stamina_3 0.55 mod_stamina
    Very useful considering the moral implications.

    avatar_skill_stand_and_fight_1 1 enable_ability_stand_and_fight
    avatar_skill_whistling_arrows_1 1 enable_ability_whistling_arrows


    Note moral is far more dynamic than the game would have it appear, dont be fooled.

    army_destruction_alliance_strength_ratio_mp 0.18
    Balance bar ratio, when reached you get a huge moral shock
    army_destruction_enemy_strength_ratio_mp 3.2

    ume_concerned_army_destruction -20
    What you get for that optop of everything else

    artillery_near_miss_distance_squared 144
    No idea why this is squared Anyhow seems to lead to this

    ume_concerned_attacked_by_artillery -1
    (with 0 casualties)

    ume_concerned_attacked_by_projectile -2
    This really shows why firing some archers in can make people rout, fast

    ume_concerned_damaged_by_artillery -4
    Pretty damn high if you ask me, this is why arty is dangerous, couple this with whats below and people will run very fast indeed

    was_attacked_in_flank -3
    was_attacked_in_front 0
    was_attacked_in_rear -6
    Why lapping rounds always good, should be noted that however blobby a unit looks the read is always a set point 180 degrees from the general direction of movement.

    fighting_cavalry -4
    This + a single cannon ball can give a -8 bonus???

    blood_bonus_12 7
    blood_bonus_5 2
    blood_bonus_7 4
    These dont seem to work at all.

    broken_finish_base_timeout 300
    cavalry_effect_range 20

    charge_bonus 5
    Charging gets you moral, its good to counterattack.

    charge_timeout 80
    Not sure what the unit here is, it isnt seconds though

    defensive_fort 6

    enemy_effect_range 80
    For flanks, front etc

    extended_casualties_penalty_10 -2
    extended_casualties_penalty_15 -3
    extended_casualties_penalty_33 -5
    extended_casualties_penalty_50 -8
    extended_casualties_penalty_80 -15
    These only apply once a unit has had a break from combat

    While in combat

    recent_casualties_shock_threshold 20
    Guessing seconds
    recent_casualties_penalty_10 -2
    recent_casualties_penalty_15 -4
    recent_casualties_penalty_33 -7
    recent_casualties_penalty_50 -15
    recent_casualties_penalty_6 -1

    After combat but no major breaks
    total_casualties_penalty_20 -2
    total_casualties_penalty_40 -4
    total_casualties_penalty_60 -6
    total_casualties_penalty_80 -30
    total_casualties_penalty_90 -30
    As you can see very nasty. This is one reaosn why heroes and monks are so tough, they just dont reach these higher number (because they are all dead) so dont suffer the negative effects. Ashigaru do so route with many more men.

    warcry_effect_range 225
    fear_effect_range 40
    Not so small

    general_aura_radius 75
    Ingame meters im guessing.

    winning_combat 2
    winning_combat_significantly 3
    winning_combat_slightly 1
    losing_combat -2
    losing_combat_significantly -4
    These five interest me as one seems to lead to the other, eg winning combat is not just +2 for your guys, its =2 for the enemy too.

    neighbour_effect_range 160
    open_flanks_effect_range 200
    Ie have a unit within this distance to avoid moral penalties.

    routing_unit_effect_distance_flank 100
    routing_unit_effect_distance_front 75
    Part of the reaon for chain routs. Interestingly if you seperate your battle line units can keep the secure flanks but not suffer the allies routing debuff. This has obvious disadvantages though.

    ume_concerned_flanks_exposed_multiple -2
    ume_concerned_flanks_exposed_single -1
    Not too high in the grand scheme of things buttt

    ume_encouraged_flanks_secure 4
    Thats handy.

    surprise_timeout 200
    Presuming shock due to ambush etc

    ume_concerned_general_dead_mp -1
    ume_concerned_general_died_recently_mp -2
    ume_concerned_general_fled_recently_mp -2
    These stack so its -3 for recent deaths, does rather scream though, if your general dies camp for a while

    ume_concerned_horses_frightened -4
    ume_concerned_night_battle_unprepared -1
    Not applicable, elephants dont live in japan. Night battles have the same affect on both sides mp.

    ume_concerned_exhausted -4
    ume_concerned_surprised -4
    ume_concerned_tired -1
    ume_concerned_unit_frightened -4
    ume_concerned_very_tired -2
    Why you should not run everywhere

    ume_encouraged_fortification 6
    ume_encouraged_fortification_compromised 3
    Dont work

    ume_encouraged_inspired 6
    Why more people dont use inspire is beyond me, its awesome.

    ume_encouraged_on_the_hill 4
    Camping pays off but not as much as charging.

    waver_base_timeout 36
    Eg if they are wavering hit them hard and fast within 36 seconds

    ums_broken_threshold_lower -30
    ums_broken_threshold_upper -2
    ums_wavering_threshold_lower -4
    ums_wavering_threshold_upper 5
    ums_shaken_threshold_lower 2
    ums_shaken_threshold_upper 8
    ums_steady_threshold_lower 6
    ums_steady_threshold_upper 13
    ums_confident_threshold_lower 11
    ums_confident_threshold_upper 27
    ums_eager_threshold_lower 24
    ums_eager_threshold_upper 41
    ums_impetuous_threshold_lower 36

    What the values have to be between to get the various stats, moral seems to have more of an affect on how fast things change than being an arbitary number.


    I presume all values are per action per game time unit (which i dont think is seconds).
    charging 15
    Very short time period, but adds up, if you feel like doing some micro its probably better to run entill you are very close then charge, this will minimise exhaustion and maximise the time you get the bonus charge moral.
    running 6
    running_artillery_horse 6
    running_cavalry 2
    running_cavalry_light 1
    For cav particularly, running is far better.

    walking 0
    And walkings even better, alt click is best clearly.

    idle -8
    idle_in_building -10
    idle_rain -4
    idle_snow -2
    So standing still infact recovers units faster than running depletes them .

    ready 2
    Im presuming this braced for chage, in spear wall, whatever.

    combat 8
    So once your in combat your men get tired pretty fast, best to keep it short and sharp.

    climbing_walls 15
    This is why when you attack a castle you should use the short wall, break, short wall stratergy and not go straight for the keep.

    fatigue_resistant_delta -1
    A bool in unit stats land, some units get this bonus, some dont. I think it applies to everything (even walking).

    reloading 3
    reloading_artillery 10
    shooting 6
    Artillery being tired doesnt really matter, but this is yet another reason why archers aint so good in melee. They get tired before they get there...


    under_fire_artillery 6
    under_fire_small_arms 5
    So do the enemy, albiet more slowly.

    tight_formation 6
    Whaa? Not sure, pike will perhaps, dont think it globably applies to all tight formation units but it may do. Testing is perhaps needed.

    working 20
    I think this is naval, repairing ship etc, dont know.

    gradient_shallow 7
    gradient_shallow_movement_multiplier 100
    gradient_steep 15
    gradient_steep_movement_multiplier 150
    gradient_very_steep 25
    gradient_very_steep_movement_multiplier 200
    Base rates for climbing hills.

    threshold_fresh 0
    threshold_active 1800
    threshold_winded 3600
    threshold_tired 7200
    threshold_very_tired 10800
    threshold_exhausted 21600
    threshold_max 28800
    What each level actually means.

    What buildings actually do

    archery_dojo_ammo_replenish_rate_local_modifier 0.07
    archery_dojo_reload_skill_global_modifier 20
    I dont know what you think but i think thats a pretty hefty bonus, considering most ancs only get you +5

    farmhouse_fatigue_modifier -0.35
    farmhouse_speed_global_modifier 0.15
    think this is a percentage, so once again well worth it and probably could have more of a moral improving effect than the shrine.

    fort_tower_fire_frequency_large 4
    fort_tower_fire_frequency_medium 4
    fort_tower_fire_frequency_small 4
    fort_tower_fire_frequency_ultra 4
    Every four seconds

    gate_capture_time 15
    keep_capture_time 60
    tower_capture_time 15
    key_building_capture_time 110
    Almost two minutes for key buildings!!!

    local_bonus_radius 55
    Meters, marked by the circle.

    shrine_morale_global_modifier 4
    shrine_morale_local_modifier 0
    Once again a fair modifier (remember not an exact correspondance to ingame moral).

    sword_dojo_charge_bonus_global_modifier 5
    sword_dojo_charge_bonus_local_modifier 0
    sword_dojo_melee_attack_global_modifier 2
    sword_dojo_melee_attack_local_modifier 0
    Counteracts an untrained fugu cook nicely, i approve, particularly good if you have nodachi troops.

    workshop_armour_global_modifier 2
    workshop_armour_local_modifier 0
    workshop_defence_global_modifier 3
    workshop_defence_local_modifier 0
    Now this is the biggest for me, this can make some unit essentially bulletproof, particularly heroes, monks and naginata samurai.

    What Special Abilities actually do

    special_ability_bonus_active_hide_charge_attack 14
    special_ability_bonus_active_hide_melee_attack 5
    special_ability_bonus_active_hide_spot_range 0.2
    Bet you never realised this, yes nijas get a melee bonus when hiding and can be spotted only at 1/5 of the distance they normally would (15 for most units).

    special_ability_bonus_artillery_accuracy 40
    special_ability_bonus_artillery_rof 60
    No units have this as far as im aware.

    special_ability_bonus_banzai_charge_attack 8
    special_ability_bonus_banzai_melee_attack 3
    special_ability_bonus_banzai_move_speed 0.6
    So banzia adds just over 50% to move speeds and gives some nice charge bonus', Melee dojo+ bazai + nodachi = a higher than yari cav bonus. Nice.

    special_ability_bonus_battle_speed_naval_move_speed 0.4
    special_ability_bonus_faster_rowing_move_speed 0.5
    Not that huge really for either. I rarely click this button.

    special_ability_bonus_cantabrian_circle_marksmanship 50
    special_ability_bonus_cantabrian_circle_reload_rate 30
    Im going to try putting one of these behind a spearwall now i have seen this, 130 accuracy is higher than a bow hero.

    special_ability_bonus_encourage_fleet_marksmanship 50
    special_ability_bonus_encourage_fleet_melee_attack 6
    special_ability_bonus_encourage_fleet_melee_defence 6
    special_ability_bonus_encourage_fleet_reload_rate 50
    One of the most powerful abilities in the game imo.

    special_ability_bonus_inspire_unit_marksmanship 50
    special_ability_bonus_inspire_unit_melee_attack 7
    special_ability_bonus_inspire_unit_morale 12
    special_ability_bonus_inspire_unit_reload_rate 40
    Going by this, matchlocks are best affected by inspire, followed by archers.

    special_ability_bonus_rally_max 2
    special_ability_bonus_rally_min 2
    special_ability_bonus_rally_non_routing 2
    special_ability_bonus_rally_routing_threshold 6
    So rally increases moral by 2 whenever, the threshhold means that a unit with moral below the threshold could get an additional bonus, ca did not implement that though.

    special_ability_bonus_range_increase_max_range 25
    Monks, notice no difference between matchlocks and bows.

    special_ability_bonus_rapid_advance_charge_attack 1
    special_ability_bonus_rapid_advance_speed 1.4
    Fairly self explanatory.

    special_ability_bonus_rapid_volley_reload_rate 70
    Big bonus.

    special_ability_bonus_second_wind_fatigue_reduction -11000
    Huge bonus which can have some real moral boosting effects. Not worth it unless exhausted though.

    special_ability_bonus_speed_increase 1

    special_ability_bonus_stand_firm_melee_defence 6
    Not that great really.

    special_ability_bonus_we_stand_and_fight_melee_attack 3
    special_ability_bonus_we_stand_and_fight_reload_rate 20
    As a global bonus, thats neat.

    special_ability_penalty_anti_rally -1
    -1 moral to any enemies within the circle is probaably not that worth the risk imo.

    special_ability_penalty_banzai_charge_attack 0
    special_ability_penalty_banzai_melee_attack 0
    special_ability_penalty_banzai_move_speed 0

    special_ability_penalty_blinding_grenade_accuracy -75
    special_ability_penalty_blinding_grenade_melee_attack -10
    special_ability_penalty_blinding_grenade_tracking_duration 8
    special_ability_unary_blinding_grenade_amount_for_full_effect 0.5
    special_ability_unary_blinding_grenade_min_amount_for_effect 0.1
    1. They are lazer guided
    2. These bonus' are ridicuolous, kisho ninjas look worth it.
    3. Only one grenade need hit for success.

    special_ability_penalty_stand_firm_move_speed 0
    No penalty for not standing is interesting.

    special_ability_penalty_warcry_melee_defence -2
    special_ability_penalty_warcry_morale -4
    special_ability_penalty_warcry_move_speed -0.35
    This is why its my favorite skill, not only this but it can tip the combat balancer to give your units other bonus' (which is why moral appears to rise when you use it).

    special_ability_penalty_warcry_naval_melee_attack -15
    special_ability_penalty_warcry_naval_melee_defence -15

    special_ability_penalty_whistling_arrows_melee_attack -4
    special_ability_penalty_whistling_arrows_morale -4
    special_ability_penalty_whistling_arrows_reload_rate -50
    special_ability_penalty_whistling_arrows_tracking_duration 25
    Once again adds extra laser guidance, who knew. Pretty powerful considering its range but one unit only.

    Why my units suck

    Here are screenshots of the major tables which affect how good a unit is (condensed, alot of minor stats cut out).

    Unit stats land
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Battle Entities
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Projectiles (for missile units)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    So lets take a look at what these tell us.

    1:First off the most major point and somthing the game doesnt tell you. The last column of unit stats land 'resistant to moral shocks?'

    Artillery, cavalry and Asgaru have this set to false. This means that these unit incur additional moral penalties and will route faster in easier situations than other units. This is why cavarly cant grind down a unit of infantry and why ashigaru chain route. These units need baby sitting. This is why i dont use anything but matchlock ashigaru.

    2: Column 3: Infantry battle entity- you could be surpised how much this affects units (I just realised i forgot the cavarly entity, facepalm). So what does this tell us.

    Ashigaru all have the ashigaru id: they move at the monk speed. However their mass (which affects the charge) is lower than other units by 40%, this is why ashigaru are not nearly as good at charging as other units. They share the same height with other units too which means they have the same vulnerability to missiles 9but obviously less armour.

    What else can we see here: Well notice monks have a firing angle of 90 degrees while samurai have a firing angle of 120 degrees. This is a slight disadvatage as it means they ahve to turns further before they can fire (somewhat countered by their high speed and low number).

    Notice the charge values are higheer than the run values. This is why charging cavalry will always hit your cav as it tries to flee - they get a speed boost once they got within 50 metres.

    Finally the last column, projectile resistance, kata heroes have 2, this is not linear. This means it will take 3 or 4 arrows to take down one of these guys before they hit you.

    On cavalry: Yari cav are faster than others, fact.

    It should also be noted that bow cavs firing angle is pretty wide.

    So moving back to unit stas land:

    Melee skills (oops i forgot bonus vs cav too).
    What strikes me most here is how much greatguard suffer from being dismounted, they are worse when dimounted than katana cav, thats silly.

    Moral and things are fairly self explanitory.

    Spotting distances
    This shows what units are best at detecting hidden units. We can clearly see the value of light cav in this role as theirs is much much longer than anyone elses followed by archers.

    Finaly anti cavalry bonus'

    All cavalry units have this, except katana cavalry, eg kill katana cavalry with light cav or somthing. This is one of the reasons kata cav seem so abd compared to yari cav. They are sauffering a huge lack of bonus' in melee.

    Whats also interesting is that the yari ashigaru stat here is quite deceptive, its much higher when in spear wall. Does show why Yari samurai are probably a better anti cav unit though if you favour mobility and hate being charged in the flank (the sort of thing not being resistant to moral shocks makes lethal.. Think of Yari ashigaru as one direction only ownage.

    Missile units

    Does it suprise you that bow monks and bow cav have the same accuracy? Combine that bow cav accuracy with a swooping crane behind your lines and it gets a massive 90 accuracy, a perfect gen sniper (better than a bow hero). Their reload is also awesome. But thats not the whole story.

    Take a look at projectiles.
    Shogun arrow rider has a shorter range than some but also interestingly has the lowest base reload time.

    Flaming and whistling arrows greatly increase reload times, making them less worth it tha they may seem in some situations (dont use on ashigaru, its useless in other words, onyl against heavily armoured units).

    We aslo notice kisho ninja's blinding grenades are infact preciselly the same as fir bomb throwers (but with additional special buffs) and therefor will happily kill things).

    Aslo matchlock weapons do far more damage and therefor are much superior at actually killing things despite the shorter range and higher reload.

    Anyway, thats just a few point from me, there is much more to been gained from simply veiwing the raw stats.

    Why my veteran units suck

    These should be fairly self explanitory, odd comment here and there.

    Bow Ashigaru

    mod_marksmanship 25 bow_ashigaru_skill_advanced_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 30 bow_ashigaru_skill_advanced_marksmanship_
    mod_reload_speed 25 bow_ashigaru_skill_advanced_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 30 bow_ashigaru_skill_advanced_reload_2
    For ashigaru the four above are huge bonus'

    mod_ammo_quantity 20 bow_ashigaru_skill_ammo_quantity_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.1 bow_ashigaru_skill_damage_1

    enable_ability_fire_arrows 1 bow_ashigaru_skill_fire_arrows_1
    enable_ability_guerilla_deployment 1 bow_ashigaru_skill_guerilla_deployment_1
    mod_marksmanship 10 bow_ashigaru_skill_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 bow_ashigaru_skill_marksmanship_2
    mod_unit_morale 1 bow_ashigaru_skill_morale_1
    mod_missile_range 25 bow_ashigaru_skill_range_1
    mod_reload_speed 10 bow_ashigaru_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 bow_ashigaru_skill_reload_2
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 bow_ashigaru_skill_replenish_unit_1
    enable_ability_snipe 1 bow_ashigaru_skill_snipe_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 bow_ashigaru_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 bow_ashigaru_skill_speed_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 bow_ashigaru_skill_spot_range_1
    mod_stamina 0.85 bow_ashigaru_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 bow_ashigaru_skill_stamina_2

    Bow Cav

    mod_missile_damage 1.3 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_clan_damage_1
    Still pretty bad but not as worthless as some others

    mod_missile_damage 1.2 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_damage_1
    mod_marksmanship 25 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 30 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_marksmanship_2
    level 1 is good, level 2 isnt

    mod_reload_speed 25 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 30 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_reload_2
    vel 1 is good, level 2 isnt

    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 50 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_unit_spotting_1
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 75 bow_cavalry_skill_advanced_unit_spotting_2
    mod_ammo_quantity 20 bow_cavalry_skill_ammo_quantity_1
    mod_armour 1 bow_cavalry_skill_armour_1
    enable_ability_cantabrian_circle 1 bow_cavalry_skill_cantabrian_circle_1
    Huge bonus' here

    mod_missile_damage 1.1 bow_cavalry_skill_damage_1
    mod_marksmanship 10 bow_cavalry_skill_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 bow_cavalry_skill_marksmanship_2
    mod_missile_range 25 bow_cavalry_skill_range_1
    mod_reload_speed 10 bow_cavalry_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 bow_cavalry_skill_reload_2
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 bow_cavalry_skill_replenish_unit_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 bow_cavalry_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 bow_cavalry_skill_speed_2
    mod_stamina 0.85 bow_cavalry_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 bow_cavalry_skill_stamina_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 bow_cavalry_skill_unit_spotting_1

    Bow monks and samurai

    mod_missile_damage 1.2 bow_skill_advanced_damage_1
    mod_marksmanship 25 bow_skill_advanced_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 30 bow_skill_advanced_marksmanship_2
    mod_reload_speed 25 bow_skill_advanced_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 30 bow_skill_advanced_reload_2
    mod_ammo_quantity 20 bow_skill_ammo_quantity_1
    enable_ability_assassinate 1 bow_skill_assassinate_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.1 bow_skill_damage_1
    enable_ability_guerilla_deployment 1 bow_skill_guerilla_deployment_1
    mod_marksmanship 10 bow_skill_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 bow_skill_marksmanship_2
    enable_ability_rally 1 bow_skill_rally_1
    mod_missile_range 25 bow_skill_range_1
    mod_reload_speed 10 bow_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 bow_skill_reload_2
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 bow_skill_replenish_unit_1
    enable_ability_snipe 1 bow_skill_snipe_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 bow_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 bow_skill_speed_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 bow_skill_spot_range_1
    mod_stamina 0.85 bow_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 bow_skill_stamina_2
    enable_ability_whistling_arrows 1 bow_skill_whistling_arrows_1

    Fire bomb ashigaru

    mod_marksmanship 10 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_accuracy_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_accuracy_2
    Why would you want this?

    mod_ammo_quantity 20 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_advanced_ammo_quantity_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.2 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_advanced_damage_1
    mod_missile_range 20 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_advanced_range_1
    Thjis essentially doubles their range, nice

    mod_reload_speed 25 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_advanced_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 30 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_advanced_reload_2
    mod_ammo_quantity 15 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_ammo_quantity_1
    enable_ability_blind_grenades 1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_blind_grenades_1
    Awesome skill for killing heroes

    mod_missile_damage 1.1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_damage_1
    enable_ability_guerilla_deployment 1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_guerilla_deployment_1
    mod_unit_morale 1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_morale_1
    mod_unit_morale 2 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_morale_2
    mod_missile_range 10 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_range_1
    mod_reload_speed 10 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_reload_2
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_replenish_unit_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_speed_2
    mod_stamina 0.85 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 cooking_pot_firebomb_skill_stamina_2

    Mathclock ashigaru, monks and samurai

    mod_marksmanship 25 firearms_skill_advanced_marksmanship_1
    mod_reload_speed 25 firearms_skill_advanced_reload_1
    Get this

    mod_ammo_quantity 20 firearms_skill_ammo_quantity_1
    Dont bother, they have loads anyway

    mod_missile_damage 1.2 firearms_skill_damage_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.2 firearms_skill_damage_2
    Only useful for killing heroes and gens

    enable_ability_fire_by_rank 1 firearms_skill_fire_by_rank_1
    mod_marksmanship 10 firearms_skill_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 firearms_skill_marksmanship_2
    mod_missile_range 25 firearms_skill_range_1
    enable_ability_rapid_volley 1 firearms_skill_rapid_volley_1
    mod_reload_speed 10 firearms_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 firearms_skill_reload_2

    mod_replenishment_rate 1 firearms_skill_replenish_unit_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 firearms_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 firearms_skill_speed_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 firearms_skill_spot_range_1
    mod_stamina 0.85 firearms_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 firearms_skill_stamina_2

    Light cav, who would want veteran light cav?

    mod_charge_bonus 10 light_cavalry_advanced_skill_charge_1
    mod_melee_attack 6 light_cavalry_advanced_skill_melee_attack_1
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 100 light_cavalry_advanced_skill_unit_spotting_1
    mod_armour 1 light_cavalry_armour_1
    enable_ability_banzai 1 light_cavalry_banzai_1
    mod_charge_bonus 5 light_cavalry_charge_1
    enable_ability_inspire 1 light_cavalry_inspire_1
    mod_melee_attack 3 light_cavalry_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_defence 2 light_cavalry_melee_defence_1
    mod_unit_morale 1 light_cavalry_morale_1
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 light_cavalry_replenish_unit_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 light_cavalry_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 light_cavalry_speed_2
    mod_unit_speed 1.15 light_cavalry_speed_3
    mod_unit_speed 1.2 light_cavalry_speed_4
    mod_stamina 0.85 light_cavalry_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 light_cavalry_stamina_2
    mod_stamina 0.55 light_cavalry_stamina_3
    mod_stamina 0.4 light_cavalry_stamina_4
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 light_cavalry_unit_spotting_1
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 50 light_cavalry_unit_spotting_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 75 light_cavalry_unit_spotting_3

    Great Guard, Yari Cav, kata cav

    mod_charge_bonus 15 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_charge_1
    mod_charge_bonus 20 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_charge_2
    big bonus' here

    mod_melee_attack 9 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 12 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_melee_attack_2
    mod_stamina 0.55 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.4 melee_cavalry_skill_advanced_stamina_2
    mod_armour 1 melee_cavalry_skill_armour_1
    enable_ability_banzai 1 melee_cavalry_skill_banzai_1
    mod_charge_bonus 5 melee_cavalry_skill_charge_1
    mod_charge_bonus 10 melee_cavalry_skill_charge_2
    enable_ability_inspire 1 melee_cavalry_skill_inspiration_1
    mod_melee_attack 3 melee_cavalry_skill_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 6 melee_cavalry_skill_melee_attack_2
    mod_melee_defence 3 melee_cavalry_skill_melee_defence_1
    mod_melee_defence 6 melee_cavalry_skill_melee_defence_2
    mod_unit_morale 1 melee_cavalry_skill_morale_1
    mod_unit_morale 2 melee_cavalry_skill_morale_2
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 melee_cavalry_skill_replenish_unit_1
    enable_ability_scare_enemies -1 melee_cavalry_skill_scare_enemies_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 melee_cavalry_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 melee_cavalry_skill_speed_2
    mod_stamina 0.85 melee_cavalry_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 melee_cavalry_skill_stamina_2

    Fire rockets, cannons, mangonels

    mod_marksmanship 30 siege_skill_advanced_marksmanship_1
    mod_reload_speed 30 siege_skill_advanced_reload_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.2 siege_skill_damage_1
    mod_missile_damage 1.2 siege_skill_damage_2
    mod_missile_damage 1.3 siege_skill_damage_3
    mod_marksmanship 10 siege_skill_marksmanship_1
    mod_marksmanship 20 siege_skill_marksmanship_2
    mod_marksmanship 25 siege_skill_marksmanship_3
    mod_missile_range 25 siege_skill_range_1
    mod_missile_range 50 siege_skill_range_2
    mod_missile_range 75 siege_skill_range_3
    mod_reload_speed 10 siege_skill_reload_1
    mod_reload_speed 20 siege_skill_reload_2
    mod_reload_speed 25 siege_skill_reload_3
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 siege_skill_replenish_unit_1

    Yari ashigaru, yari samurai, naginata samurai, naginata monks

    mod_bonus_vs_cavalry 12 spear_skill_advanced_bonus_vs_cavalry_1
    mod_bonus_vs_cavalry 15 spear_skill_advanced_bonus_vs_cavalry_2

    mod_melee_defence 9 spear_skill_advanced_melee_defence_1
    mod_melee_defence 12 spear_skill_advanced_melee_defence_2
    mod_unit_morale 2 spear_skill_advanced_morale_1
    mod_unit_morale 3 spear_skill_advanced_morale_2
    mod_armour 1 spear_skill_armour_1

    enable_ability_banzai 1 spear_skill_banzai_1
    mod_bonus_vs_cavalry 4 spear_skill_bonus_vs_cavalry_1
    mod_bonus_vs_cavalry 8 spear_skill_bonus_vs_cavalry_2
    enable_ability_inspire 1 spear_skill_inspiration_1
    mod_melee_attack 2 spear_skill_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 4 spear_skill_melee_attack_2
    mod_melee_defence 3 spear_skill_melee_defence_1
    mod_melee_defence 6 spear_skill_melee_defence_2
    mod_unit_morale 1 spear_skill_morale_1
    enable_ability_rally 1 spear_skill_rally_1
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 spear_skill_replenish_unit_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 spear_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 spear_skill_speed_2
    mod_stamina 0.85 spear_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 spear_skill_stamina_2
    mod_ability_stand_firm 1 spear_skill_stand_firm_1


    mod_charge_bonus 15 stealth_skill_advanced_charge_1
    mod_charge_bonus 20 stealth_skill_advanced_charge_2
    mod_melee_attack 9 stealth_skill_advanced_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 12 stealth_skill_advanced_melee_attack_2
    mod_unit_morale 2 stealth_skill_advanced_morale_1
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 50 stealth_skill_advanced_spot_distance_1
    mod_armour 1 stealth_skill_armour_1
    enable_ability_armour_piercing_melee 1 stealth_skill_armour_penetration_1
    enable_ability_blind_grenades 1 stealth_skill_blind_grenades_1
    mod_charge_bonus 5 stealth_skill_charge_1
    mod_charge_bonus 10 stealth_skill_charge_2
    mod_melee_attack 3 stealth_skill_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 6 stealth_skill_melee_attack_2
    mod_melee_defence 3 stealth_skill_melee_defence_1
    mod_melee_defence 6 stealth_skill_melee_defence_2
    mod_unit_morale 1 stealth_skill_morale_1
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 stealth_skill_replenish_unit_1
    enable_ability_scare_enemies -1 stealth_skill_scare_enemies_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 stealth_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.2 stealth_skill_speed_2
    mod_distance_to_spot_enemies 25 stealth_skill_spot_distance_1
    mod_stamina 0.85 stealth_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 stealth_skill_stamina_2

    Kata samurai, loan swords

    mod_melee_attack 9 sword_skill_advanced_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 12 sword_skill_advanced_melee_attack_2
    mod_melee_defence 4 sword_skill_advanced_melee_defence_1
    mod_unit_morale 2 sword_skill_advanced_morale_1
    mod_armour 1 sword_skill_armour_1
    enable_ability_banzai 1 sword_skill_banzai_1
    mod_charge_bonus 5 sword_skill_charge_1
    mod_charge_bonus 10 sword_skill_charge_2
    mod_charge_bonus 15 sword_skill_charge_3
    mod_charge_bonus 20 sword_skill_charge_4
    enable_ability_inspire 1 sword_skill_inspiration_1
    mod_melee_attack 3 sword_skill_melee_attack_1
    mod_melee_attack 6 sword_skill_melee_attack_2
    mod_melee_defence 2 sword_skill_melee_defence_1
    mod_unit_morale 1 sword_skill_morale_1
    enable_ability_rally 1 sword_skill_rally_1
    mod_replenishment_rate 1 sword_skill_replenish_unit_1
    enable_ability_scare_enemies -1 sword_skill_scare_enemies_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.05 sword_skill_speed_1
    mod_unit_speed 1.1 sword_skill_speed_2
    mod_stamina 0.85 sword_skill_stamina_1
    mod_stamina 0.7 sword_skill_stamina_2

    Little things that make subtle Differences

    Not so huge really.

    attackpower_extreme_range_multplier 0.7

    attackpower_long_range_multiplier 0.85 Largely applies to cannons.

    boarding_melee_attack_bonus 10

    boarding_melee_defense_bonus 10

    You actually get a bonus for being the boarder.

    charge_cool_down_time 10
    You have ten seconds between each charge timeout and when you can charge a unit again.

    climbing_walls_fall_chance_ashigaru 0.012

    climbing_walls_fall_chance_samurai 0.008
    Chance per second.

    fire_and_advance_reload_modifier 30

    fire_on_walls_accuracy_modifier 10

    fire_on_walls_range_modifier 10

    fire_on_walls_reload_modifier 10
    Walls have their advantages as doe fire and advance

    fire_volley_arrow_min_threshold 0.1

    fire_volley_gun_min_threshold 0.025

    fire_volley_max_aim_delay_ashigaru 0.5

    fire_volley_max_aim_delay_samurai 0.25

    Delays in seconds for different weapons/units.

    hnbonus_melee_cavalry_v_infantry 5 Extra cav bonus

    missile_distance_for_half_chance_hit 100

    missile_distance_for_half_chance_hit_artillery 300

    missile_distance_for_half_chance_hit_naval 300

    Half hit distances, watch out with range upgrades.

    pike_wall_move_speed_modifier 0.75
    reload_rate_bow_modifier_rain 0

    reload_rate_bow_modifier_snow 0

    reload_rate_gun_modifier_rain -6

    reload_rate_gun_modifier_snow 0
    Watch out in the rain with guns

    ship_chance_of_fire_rain_multiplier 0.5

    ship_combustion_rain_multiplier 2

    ship_on_fire_combustion_modifier 0.5

    ship_on_fire_hit_points_per_second_multiplier 0.01
    building_ignition_rain_multiplier 0.25
    Fire stuff.

    Feel free to read/not read/critisize/tell me i have the wrong forum (its an mp only thread).
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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Simply incredible work.

    The fail whale.


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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Excellent work, I've been waiting for someone to dig out these numbers. I'm always interested in the cold hard numbers behind the game.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    [rage] so 1/000 for a legendary item... THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK. AT LEAST GIVE ME ONE THAT WORKS [/rage]
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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    So I can consider myself lucky for finding that legendary +5charge/anticav spear for my general? That thing isn't that useful!

    Thanks a lot for the numbers though, this makes some things clearer to me.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    What a fantastic post. The morale stats are very interesting.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    thanks for sharing ^_^ i wonder how many of these stack together though, sometimes it feels like only 2 of them will stack on a unit. (referring to morale)

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Intresting. Which folder/file did u pull these out of? I assume if you were able to open them in notebook and copy them in...then they can also be edited...I hope they can't.
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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    I realy dont think you can edit them like that any more... it's not Rome total war any more, programing is bit more complicated...

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    They cant be edited no.

    All done with pfm and my modding know how stuff.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Do you have any idea what Scare Enemies skill upgrade for veteran units have efect on moral? real eager to know before i spend 20 clan tokens on it...

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Quote Originally Posted by debelizmaj View Post
    Do you have any idea what Scare Enemies skill upgrade for veteran units have efect on moral? real eager to know before i spend 20 clan tokens on it...
    I heard it doesnt actualy work...
    My friend you would not tell with such high zest
    To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    The old lie. Dulce et decorum est
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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Comming up soon, some other stuff you never really considered!

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    thank you very much, I was looking for something similar, the morale infos are really interesting

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Special abilites, fatigue and buildings added

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Awesome. Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Well, problem is, that some of these numbers are taken off or dont count or are not cummulative.

    Especially the rear and flank penalty is not like this right now.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Quote Originally Posted by Kocmoc View Post
    Well, problem is, that some of these numbers are taken off or dont count or are not cummulative.

    Especially the rear and flank penalty is not like this right now.
    I assure you it is. Moral number do not relate to ingame moral in a linear fashion though (ie ingame its simplified).

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    When you say "for one unit only" do you mean that Whistling arrows' penalty effects only one unit only?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen it effect more than one unit before.

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    Default Re: The Hedge Knights Thoughts On Game Mechanics and Multiplayer

    Whistlings arrows unlike aof effects will onyl generally debuff 1 units while somthing like warcry could theoreticly debuff 20.

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