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Thread: Shogun 2 Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Thanks all but do you now if someone has just done a battle?

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    Default Re: What is the best mod that improves the AI os Shogun 2 in BATTLES ?

    Veritas Temporis Filia

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    Default Re: What is the best mod that improves the AI os Shogun 2 in BATTLES ?

    Isn't the AI unmoddable?

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    Default Re: [TWS2] Mod Recommendations & Queries!

    Quote Originally Posted by VENNONETES View Post
    Trom3 now works! A kind guy made it compatible with the new patches/dlcs

    And also you should look True Samurai and Mettle blades and skills
    Where can i get this version?

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    Default FotS Musket Sound Mod

    Is their any sound mod for fots which changes the muskets to make them sound like the muskets from Empire / Napoleon.

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    Default Re: FotS Musket Sound Mod

    Civil War guns sounded very different from Napoleonic Era guns

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    Default Re: What is the best mod that improves the AI os Shogun 2 in BATTLES ?

    What the darthmod does, as many other overhauls do, is change factors such as: The shape of the units, making them mingle differently. The speed and fatigue of units, making them move slower and tire quicker. The way arrows are fired, so they hit an area instead of homing in on target. The morale, and the morale penalties for loosing troops, getting attacked in the flank and rear and so on.

    This adds realism if done right, and might prove more difficult for the player to handle.

    Actually changing the decisionmaking of the AI is to my knowledge still impossible.

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    Default Re: What is the best mod that improves the AI os Shogun 2 in BATTLES ?

    Best collection= Radious' mods
    You can choose the mods you want, you aren't forced to develop your gaming style by a modder.

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    Default Re: What is the best mod that improves the AI os Shogun 2 in BATTLES ?

    Yes but his mods make the game too easy

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    Default A solution for having USA/British/French Units/Naval in the same time?

    I'm not speaking english, thus I hope that my question will be understand well.
    In the campaign, we must choose if we want British, USA or French units. But I love the British Warrior Class Ship and I love the French and American infantry units.
    There is a solution to recruiting the naval/ground units of these 3 Foreign Powers?
    This is possible to doing this with Pack File Manager? If yes, how we can do this?

    Good day @ all.

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    Default No Victorian era mods?

    Seriouselly? We have everything ready for it, after Fall of the Samurai and modding tools were released, i tough we have 80 Vic era mods within 2 weeks of release- okey i exaggerate a little , but still, Fall of The Samurai is perfect place to start a new mod, it has:
    -Modding tools
    -Moddable campaign map (i don`t know how, but i have seen new map someone made for it a long time ago, it was clumsy try, but it was breaktrough nevertheless, perhaps i missed something why people don`t do it more?) means we can get both Europe and America(s) along with India and Africa in same campaign!
    -Victorian era weapons
    -British/French/USA uniforms
    -Vic era naval fights

    So why don`t anyone do Vic era mods for it? I have been away from forums a long time so i probably missed something crucial.

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    Default Re: A solution for having USA/British/French Units/Naval in the same time?

    There're is a MOD for it.

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    Default Re: No Victorian era mods?

    The map is literally in baby steps of working. The good news is if they can do it with S2 they may be able to do it with R2.
    We Came, We Saw, We Ran Away!

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    Default Re: No Victorian era mods?

    At the moment, i am more interest seeing Victorian era mod, as i have played games and read books about Roman history my entire short life (16 years), so i need change, and Victorian era seems interesting: Mass armies with traditional warfare. So i really hope we see break trough in next year, CA said "it takes time before we see number "3" in Total War game" so game after Rome 2 is most likely Empire 2 (almost 100% certain it has victorian era expansion), meaning after year or so making Victorian era mod for Shogun 2 is obsolete idea.

    EDIT: Total War: Arena is more likely to come before Empire 2, extending time modders have to do something fabolous before Empire 2 gets released.
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    Default Couple mod questions

    Hey all,

    I'm just deciding on my mods for Shogun 2.

    I'm looking at Darth Mod and Radious.

    Basically I'm looking for one that makes it so that the computer isn't stupid as crap, for example, allowing me to whittle down half their men with arrow barrages before they decide they should attack even though they are the defender.

    And I'm also looking for graphical fluff as well as balancing.

    Which of these mods do you guys think is the best one to fit my desires?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: New to Shogun 2, looking for mod advice

    right,i'll be a nice guy and make a mod for you if you can tell me exactly what you want

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    Default Re: [TWS2] Mod Recommendations & Queries!

    It's been a while since I've looked through the work people are doing. I'm looking for a RotS or Gempei War mod that is historical, with potential tweaks to AI or battle stats. Really just the most complete mod on that era that people know of,is fun, without game breaking bugs would be much appreciated.
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    Default Will anyone revive AUM-SHO?

    Will anyone revive Swiss Halberdier's legendary AUM-SHO mod? It was such a great mod while it lasted. Can anyone create an updated version of it?
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    Default Mod mysteriously broken

    I had made a mod that added new military buildings in place of the ones that already existed (sword, spear, and bow chains as well as castles and farms) and custom units for each one of those, and I had it working just fine. But for some reason, about a week ago after I compressed the files in a zip for release, they didn't work when I went to test them one last time. The odd thing is that the game loads just fine, but there's no sound at the main menu and it crashes when trying to start a new campaign or load an old one.
    They worked just fine, then with no modifications to the .pack files and with no other mods installed at the time, they stopped working. I thought it may be in the startpos file, but I can't find anything wrong with it.

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    Default A mod that prevents conversion of allegiance for FOTS with the AI?

    I would do it myself, but I have no ing idea what to do.
    I want a mod that prevents the AI from converting allegiance. If an AI starts as an imperial faction, they cannot change to shogun etc.

    Is there such a thing?

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