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    Q: What was the reason(s) to develop this mod?
    A: There were two reasons that lead us to develop the “The Great Conflicts 872-1071” mod. The first was that back then ETW was to new as a game to allow our team to use its game machine as our modding background. Even today ETW is NOT fully moddable and that proves that our decision to proceed in the existing M2TW/Kingdoms game machine was at least wise.
    The second reason was our wish to show the medieval world’s changes in the centuries before most mods start today. The mod focuses in the central Europe, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe and the Balkans simply because in that area took place the most political and cultural changes that lead to the medieval era as we know it.

    Q: What is the main scenario, the story behind this mod?
    A: The main scenario is the huge –in numbers and in timeline- conflict that took place between the Medieval Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Bulgarian Empire. That conflict changed a lot in the middle ages Europe and those changes are more or less unknown to the public.

    Q: Will this conflict be the only one?
    A: No, absolutely no. In order the player to have a spherical view of the changes that happened in Europe there are some more conflicts that influenced the world back then and lead to the first crusade, the Norman establishment in Italy, the Magyar establishment in the central/east Europe and the birth of the Hungarian kingdom. Also we will show the appearance of Turkish tribes in the eastern Anatolia and in the Middle East. Players will know the dynastic changes the Islamic kingdoms suffered that lead to the Islamic civil wars. Players will learn about the last attempts of the Lombards to have a kingdom of their own and the birth of the HRE from the ashes of the East Frankia.

    Q: What factions are in the mod’s list?
    1: Roman Empire
    2: Rebels of Roman Empire (shadow faction)
    3: Bulgarians
    4: Rebels of Bulgarians (shadow faction).
    5: Kalbids/Kalbid Emirate of Sicily (emerging faction)
    6: Emirate of Chandax
    7: Lombardic league
    8: Kievan Vikings
    9: Normans (emerging faction)
    10: Turcomans (emerging faction)
    11: Magyars
    12: Petzenegs
    13: Croatia
    14: Abasids/Abasid Caliphate
    15: Tulunids/Tulunid Emirate of Egypt
    16: Fatimids/Fatimid Caliphate (emerging faction)
    : Aghlabids/Aghlabid Emirate of Ifriqya
    18: Kingdom of East Franks
    19: Holy Roman Empire (emerging faction)
    20: Great Moravia
    21: Serbia
    22: Minor "rebel" states.
    23: Pope's dominion (non- playable).

    Q: What is the meaning of the existence of the two “shadow” factions?
    A: Medieval Roman Empire and the Bulgarian empire will be huge factions with all the benefits huge factions have. We want to keep those factions under control and not let them simply conquer the world. The small faction list gave us the option to have active rebellions at least for these two factions. That will allow us to accurately present the dynastic and social uprisings that these two states had from time to time. Those shadow factions will appear under several reasons and no player will be consider winner if even one province in the entire map will belong to them. We intent to use also events to trigger such massive rebellions, especially for Romans that had a lot of uprisings against the rightful or not Emperors.

    Q: What are the main cultures of the mod’s factions?

    • Eastern Roman
    • Romanesque (for Normans, Lombards and the Papacy)
    • Muslim (for Tulunids(Egypt), Abbassids, Aghlabids(Tunisia), Fatimids, Kalbids(Sicilly) and Chandax(Crete))
    • Steppe (Pecheneg, Turcoman and Magyars)
    • Viking (Kievan Rus)
    • Slavonic Balkan (Slavic+Eastern Roman) for Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia).
    • Central european/slavonic (East Franks/Holy Roman Empire, Great Moravia)

    Q: What are the religions of the mod’s factions?
    A: The religion scheme of M2TW will be used to represent localized oppositions, a further cultural division not only based in actual religion. Much like in Kingdoms: Britannia campaign:

    • Roman
    • Romanesque (for Normans, Lombards and the Papacy)
    • Sunni (for Tulunids(Egypt), Abbassids, Aghlabids(Tunisia), Kalbids(Sicilly) and Chandax(Crete))
    • Shia (for Fatimids)
    • Steppe (Pecheneg, Turcoman and Magyars)
    • Viking (Kievan Rus)
    • Balkan (for Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia).
    • European (East Franks/Holy Roman Empire, Great Moravia)
    • Rebel (Actual rebels and minor factions)

    Q: Will there be an era separation?
    A: This feature is useless in a mod that focuses in specific era and region.

    Q: What about castles...Will they exist in the mod?

    A: No...Castles as we met them in M2TW did not exist that era and most important castle towns appeared in the Balkans after 13th century.

    So...Only cities...

    Q: If there won’t be castles, would that mean that there will be no stone forts either?

    A: Stone forts WILL exist...Romans, Arabs and other factions mainly in Balkans had a long tradition(roman heritage)of building stone forts in many strategic points known for Romans as "Kleisourae"...

    Q: What the map will look like?

    A:See the early map preview here..

    Q: Will be other expansions in the future?

    A: It would be too early to talk about expansions but when more help will be available...

    We are planning to create some minor campaigns based on the material that will be available after the first release.
    Those campaigns will have different time frame from the main mod and they would focus on smaller areas.
    Such campaigns will be:

    The Italian Conflict that will focus on the Norman expansion in Italy and the establishment of Norman Italian Kingdom.

    The Struggle for Anatolia. This campaign will lead the players to the establishment of the early turcomanic expansion and the birth of the Great Seljuk empire.

    Q: Will the recruitment of units change?

    A:Yes it will change..Read about our "Recruitment system" in the "Colection of minor previews" thread.

    Q: What about the Pope? Will he exists as he is in M2TW?

    A:Yes Pope will exist in the game but in a kind of different role...
    The Popes may given the title of the "Roman" Emperor to a "German" some years ago but...they still ask help from the "Official" Emperor that is in Constantinople when they have any kind of troubles with others...The Roman Emperors still need the Pope to ask from him "favors" that cannot ask from the Patriarch of Constantinople...We must not forget that as long the Roman forces ARE in south Italy they are the "protectors" of the Pope himself...
    Germans need Pope and Pope needs Germans and Lombards inorder to establish a new order in Italy with out the Roman Emperor.

    Q: Will be any Christian separation like in M2TW?
    A:No...Despite the minor changes that happened that era from Pope's side there was NO separation in Catholics and Orthodox Christians! will be e great event during the game (1054)that could cause chain reactions to many factions and could "provoke" more conflicts a bit later...

    Q: Will any historical battles exist in the mod?
    A: Yes there will be...For example the battle of Cannes in 1018 between the rebelled Lombards of south Italy and the Romans...At that battle Lombards used many Norman knights as allies and mercenaries s and the Romans sent to the "Katepano of Italy" reinforcements of Varangian troops (future Norwegian king Harald Hardråde among them) and Alan horse archers!!!

    Of course other famous battles will exist....

    Q: What the mod will need?
    Any kind of help will be welcomed, modelers or factions creator mods (like CBUR), researchers and any kind of help...

    This list will be updated in regular basis as the mod's development continues.
    Please post your opinions or your abjections

    The TGC fellowship.

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