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Thread: The Scriptorium FAQ

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    Default The Scriptorium FAQ

    • What is this place?
      The Scriptorium is a place where TWC's most popular and well written articles are stored. If you need an article for any reason - research, tutorials, or just an entertaining read - then you will find it here.

    • What is a Librarian of the Scriptorium?
      Librarians are responsible for running the Scriptorium. They find and submit articles, update submitted articles and run the day to day procedures of the Scriptorium.

    • What are all of the duties of a Librarian?
      Librarians do much more than is seen publicly. They have a variety of tasks behind the curtains: making and running writing competitions, searching TWC for articles to store in the Scriptorium, working on various team projects both within the Scriptorium and sometimes on collaborative efforts with the rest of Content Staff. They make sure all submitted articles look nice and shiny and keep a high professional standard for the presentation of everything stored within the Scriptorium.

    • Does the Scriptorium have any publications?
      Yes, the Scriptorium publishes a monthly editorial that includes a variety of content, from article reviews and Scriptorium news to a list of all recently added articles and anything else the Librarians wish to publish at the time.

    • Does the Scriptorium conduct any competitions?
      Yes, there is an annual (sometimes biannual) Scriptorium Writing Competition, with varying rules and themes regarding material submitted. The competition is great for any writer wishing to get their own original work some publicity. Medals are also involved!

    • What kind of articles are stored here?
      Anything you can think of; articles relating to history, the real world, and the Total War world, are included in the Scriptorium. Articles are subdivided into catalogs, where you can find all articles of one topic or genre together. Below is a list of all catalogs and what they contain.

      • The Catalogue Pt. 1: The Total War World
        This catalogue provides you with a multitude of links to various AARs and strategy guides made for CA's Total War games. From extensive battlefield guides to informative strategy guides, this catalogue has it all.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 2: The Real World
        The real world...a wide and scary place. Total War Center's amateur historians, philosophers, intellectuals and book worms have compiled a fascinating library of reading materials covering diverse subject matter from our equally diverse world. This catalogue contains these articles.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 3: Modding Tools & Resources
        This catalogue has one of the greatest tutorials, guides, modding tools etc. ever made for the Total War modding community. If you are a modder or want to become one, go no further.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 4: Computers & Games
        This catalogue has some useful and important guides, tutorials for those that are interested in computers or games.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 5: History
        This catalogue has best historical articles of TWC historians, from ancient times to modern era, if you are interested in history, this is the place where you want to spend time.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 6: The Utmost Contributors
        This catalogue contains the members who have had the highest number of articles added, immortalised in the Scriptorium's Hall of Fame.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 7: Competition Winners
        This catalogue is where all past winners of Scriptorium Writing Competitions are stored.
      • The Catalogue Pt. 8: Total War Center Content Publications
        This catalogue contains all the articles published by TWC's Content Staff through the various different site publications.

    • How can I submit an article?
      Private Message one of the Librarians giving them a link of the article. If you find another member's article you feel is worthy of submission, you may PM the details of it to a Librarian and they will go through the necessary procedures to get it added.

    • What should I do if I find a mistake in an article?
      You can Private Message one of the Librarians. Include a link to the article and a short description of the mistake and the Librarian will take care of it.

    • How can I become a Librarian?
      Private Message one of the Librarians mentioning why you want to become a Librarian! They will bring your application up for discussion and whist experience in Content is always a plus, the Scriptorium is just as happy to accept new blood into it's ranks. If you are interested, apply! There is nothing holding anyone back.

    • I have a question not answered by this FAQ, what should I do?
      You can Private Message one of the Librarians. We will be happy to help you!
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