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Thread: IB2 Britanniae III Credits From Others

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    Default IB2 Britanniae III Credits From Others

    Latest IB2 Conqvestvs Brtiannae II Credits Pending

    Help we have gotten from others outside of our forum(WIP)

    - Agraes: Units menu faction symbols and faction descriptions
    Arthurian TW Units used a basis (their appearances and descriptions)
    Arthurian TW Menu faction symbols and faction descriptions
    - Icedie El Guaraní: Strat city models VII mod
    - Absinthia: Unit models VII mod
    - Aradan: Certain buildings from Viking Invasion II Mod

    More Credits

    -King Louise Assurbanipal: for use of his female archer RTW model and textures
    -Captain Henry Morgan, Víkingr and the Wrath of the Norsemen team for use of their model for the Saxon officer/general
    Remlap for his 2 handed warhammer model used by the Gaelic Factions
    and for his helmet models used by some of the Saxon units
    - IB1 Joar and julianus heraclius: Portraits and some unit cards
    - DaVinci: Chivalry Total War 2D art walls
    - Boz: A Thuringian symbol
    - MTW2 Kingdoms: without it..this never happens :

    More Credits:

    BI Arthurian Total War
    (Much of the unit descriptions)
    Historical Research:
    Ranika (Gaels, Picts and Britons)
    Hross (Germanics)
    Agraes (Britons)
    Ian_of_Smeg (Britons)
    Trashaholic (Britons)
    Vortigern (Britons)
    Spongly (Picts and Germanics)
    Anthony (Gaels)

    More Credits

    And a special thanks to Gigantus for his wizardry
    and touch of professionalism

    And to Ramon Gonzales y Garcia: IB2 Mod Forums Creator to whom we are forever indebte

    Arthurian Total War: Arthurian: Total War (BI) Mod leader: Agraes


    -IBFD The Momma from where all things are thus created

    -Suggested by:
    Ixor_Drakar and blip99
    Stainless Steel

    More Credits

    Credits: (WIP) More will be added to this list
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    Under the esteemed patronage of Ramon Gonzales y Garcia IB and IB2 Mod

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