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Thread: How to fix MTW CTDs

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    Same as El Chupanibre and Frankymole, I have Medieval Total War: Gold Edition and it crashes as the game year turns 1205. I'm playing the English. I am running the 2.01 patch.

    Anyone got any ideas? I doubt it's to do with graphics card but some game bug because other times when the game CTDs, I just change the video settings (lower or some times higher resolutions) and it works again. But this time, nothing I do seems to help!

    Also, this game sucks as it crashes so often.

    I have a Radeon 9700 Pro, running on XP, Pentium 4 1.8GHz with 768MB of RAM. I have tried rolling back to Catalyst 6.2 and 4.6 and it doesn't help. Before 1205, the crashing seems to occur less frequently with 6.2 installed rather than the latest (6.9?). I just rolled back to 4.6 in hopes that I can continue past the year 1205 but it didn't help!

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I've got an overclocked Radeon X800XL under XP SP2 with the latest Omega drivers. If I try to start a game of VI 2.01, I get a CTD immediately when loading the campaign map on the first turn of a new campaign. I.e. the game won't run a campaign at all. Historical battles work. This is on 1024*768. The game only works if I move down to 800*600.

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    If anyone else is having a problem with MTW Gold Edition getting past the year 1205, please send an email to Mastertronic Support <> regarding this problem.

    Mastertronic is the producer of the MTW Gold Edition.

    According to Mastertronic, I am the first person to complain about this bug and it would be useful to let them know that I am not the only one.

    At the moment, I am waiting for their response. I have sent them a Save game to reproduce this. If you can send them your system information and a save game as well, maybe it'll help them track down this bug quicker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankymole
    I can't see how to add a single application in the Nvidia control panel! It only has profiles for named applications - how does one look up MTW?
    If you are using the classic interface (they have a newer way on the latest drivers):

    Right Click Desktop>Properties>Settings Tab>Advanced>[Name of Card] Tab>Performance and Quality Settings>Add Profile>Browse

    Then hunt down Medieval_TW.exe and select it from the list once you have added it, also name your profile here. Now change a value (EG. AntiAliasing) and Apply. This should create a new Profile under whatever name you specified. (If you do not change a value I think it deletes the profile automatically as it uses the generic system settings).

    Quote Originally Posted by jj_mclure
    i fixed my crashes by keeping the resolution on the campaign and battle map at no higher than 800*600. at 1024*768 it would crash infrequently. at 1152*864 it wouldn't even get to the campaign.

    changing antialiasing to 2x does squat. it's a myth.
    I disagree, HOWEVER, setting my AA to 2x gave me a CTD at the main menu (after incorrectly displaying the intro movies). It was 4x that worked for me.

    I have a GeForce 5600 running on Generic NVIDIA 91.47 drivers.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I have an X850 XT.

    When I try to start a new campaign it loads the campaign, shows the campaign screen as normal and then CTDs. This is on any resolution higher than 800x600. It works with 800x600 but is very ugly on my 19 inch monitor...

    What ATI drivers should I use? I'm using this driver: 6-2_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_30152

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    you know....this is a really annoying situation and i find it odd that CA is totally mum to the situation,most likely due to the fact that they want people to play M2TW instead,and clearly they feel that M2TW is a much better version anyway...but the fact of the matter is there are those,many actually,that feel many of the features in MTW make it worth returning is rather annoying that we have to conduct a guessing game as to what will run it and what wont when we dole out the money to purchase it

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I'm trying to run MTW on my new laptop. I have the original unpatched version, and I get crashes back to the menu when I try to start campaigns. Here's a link to my specs, but I've upgraded the RAM.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs


    Make sure your campaign map resolution is set no higher than 800x600. Battlemap res can be higher.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I got an X1900 XT, and now I can run 1280x1024 resolution. Before, I had to run 800x600 with my X850 XT or I got the crash. This is a pleasant surprise.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    Hi all,

    I just bought MTW Gold Edition and I can only play the Battle Tutorials (at any resolution), but as soon as I try the Campaign or Campaign Tutorials, I get a CTD (also at any resolution, even at the suggested 800x600).

    My specs:
    Pentium 4 @ 1,6GHz
    768MB of RAM
    nVidia Geforce FX 5200
    DirectX 9.c

    [edit] OS: Windows XP

    I haven't tried to downgrade my gfx drivers, because I play more recent games as well (Oblivion and GTA San Andreas, mostly). Forcing AA to 2x crashes during the opening videos, so no luck there either.


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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I recently gave MTW another try although it usually runs pretty unstable on my comp. then someone mentioned that setting both resolutions to 800*600 max would help. In my case it didn't, I couldn't even get to the campaign map. Then I tried with both resolutions on maximum (12xx) et voilà! 3hrs solid gameplay yesterday and not a single crash.
    Conclusion: Play around with the resolution. Most probably there is one that will work for your machine.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    Thanks Joerd. The most recent drivers for 5500 won't let the anti-aliasing trick work anymore.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    Everyone: try turning off your screensaver and leaving everything else alone. I have't throughly tested this yet, but it has worked with one mod at least A:TW.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I couldnt get my MTW to work. I would be able to get into the main menu but when I choose campaign, tutorial or quick battle it would start to load then ctd.
    Spec's Duel core E6600, 2 gig ram, 8800gts 640meg....
    The strange thing is when I installed it I ran it first up to ensure no problems. Went into campaign and as soon as I saw the screen I thought...oops better do the tutorial first. I didnt have the time at that stage, so I turned my puter off, came back a few hours later and bingo....ctd!!!

    Last night I decided to try one last time before changing to the RTW Medieval mod. I turned off vertical sync and changed all my screen sizes to 1024 x 768. I can now start a campaign but if I try do the tutorial it still ctd. So I can play now......if I only knew how!!!
    I refuse to run old drivers on a $700 video play a $20 game.

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    himmmm, from what I've been reading about this problem, I can tell that the newer the Spec's are, the wores the problem is; especially if runnig XP. for me turning AA on to 2x and Anisotropic Filtering to 2x have solve it perfectly!!
    apparently, this game is so sensitive to the content of the system (hardware and software). I hope I wouldn't have to play a game that requires me to be standing all the time I play it.
    If you want to play it badly, there is a solution.
    Install win98 SE. thinking about your Spec's it won't take more than 4 minutes (I hope your system accept installing Win98).

    """I refuse to run old drivers on a $700 video play a $20 game."""
    Well, my VGA and the game have approximately the same price $20, so they are more likely understand each other more than your's.. LOL

    good luck! and keep the moral up

    note: there is no one magical thing you can do to have the game running in XP. for some guys it was enough to work at AA 2x, but for me the game was still crashing until I turned Anisotropic Filtering to 2x. so you try figuring out what the game want from your system (try different setting for your display adapter). as I told you it's so sensitive.

    please post back to tell us if it works

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    hallo an alle , muss leider auf deutsch schreiben weil mein english ist sehr SEHR schlecht...folgendes habe ich herausgefunden in bezug auf MTW1 zocken ohne abstürze und mit höchsten auflösung und zwar auf der strategie karte wie im battle modus..zuerst mein sys:

    E6600-->getuned auf 3,00Gig
    geforce 7950 / 512 mb
    2 Gig Kingston Hyper x 800
    150 Gb Festplatte
    SyncMaster 226BW---24Zoll

    neueste treiber drauf + serv Pack2 usw + graka treiber aktuell ( alles auf dem letzten stand soweit )

    da ich eine geforce besitze kann ich nur von den gängigen geforce grakas sprechen.....

    ich bin n alter fan von MTW1 , es gefällt mir immer noch um einiges mehr wie MTW2 und seit dem der PAtch von Tyberius rauskam es nur noch ein genuss das game zu rocken:

    ich zocke-->MTW 1 + Vi + Patches + XL3,0 Mod+ Tyberius Patch

    spiele mit AÜflösung von 1680x1050
    mit x16 AFiltering
    mit x 8S AA

    und zwar ind der KAMPAGNE UND SCHLACHTFELD!!ohne abstürze!

    so mache ich es:

    1) rechter mausklick auf dem Desktop
    2)NVIDIA Systemsteuerung anklicken
    3)3D Einstellungen---->3D Einstellungen Verwalten , nun haben wir rechts n fenster hier könnt müsst ihr AFiltering auf ganz hoch und AA auch auf ganz hoch ( davor steht noch Anwendungsgesteuert , da MTW es aber nicht drauf hat müsst ihr eben durch diesen schritt das manuel machen---nach dem spielen nicht vergessen das rückgängig zu machen sonst bleibt alle auf hoch:-) )
    4) nun weiter runter scrollen und das fenster Threaded Optimierung ( steht auf Ein ) müsst ihr auf AUS machen.

    5) nun geht ihr im linken Auswahlfenster auf Anzeige---->mehrere Einzeigen einrichten ---> und klickt im rechten fenster EINZELANZEIGE an.

    so fertig..... vergesst nicht alles zu übernehmen....

    so nun viel spaß beim zocken mit der höchsten auflösung...ich habe so in riesigen schlachten ne geschwindigkeit von 60 bildern pro sec oder mehr...das macht echt laune und sieht noch ganz toll dazu aus..

    klar im rahmen des möglichen....aber vor allem lauft es auf meinem PC STABIL!!!!!

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I have an Athlon 64 4000, 2gb ram and a geforce 8800 GT and the game crashes every time I try to start any campaign. Historical battles run, although a lot more sluggishly than I remeember. I've tried every kind of fix for this except rolling back drivers (the hell I'm using 60.xx series drivers with this card).

    It used to work with my two 7800 GT cards setup when I enabled 4x antialiasing, but not since I switched card. Very dissapointing

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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    Misery loves company! I hate to admit it, but it sure is a morale lifter to see that all you guys are having the same or similar problems. My campaigns may run for an hour... or not, then CTD. And one country is death if I click on it. Like that country got corrupted or something.
    I have tried every combination of settings. I have tried on my comp with a Geforce FX 5500 and my sons comp with an MX 440 - 8X.
    A while back, I got it running good with 1024 X 768 settings. It ran for probably a month. I'm not sure what happened, maybe a microsoft update or what, but whamo, I can't get it to run long enough to get more than 10 or 20 years in an CTD.
    I am going to try Frau_Savages advice, then the only thing left is Bytes suggestion. Look for a Win 98. Hey Byte, what about Win 2000?

    I will advise of my progress. Oh yeah, one more thing. I sent an email to creative assembly about this, I wish all you guys would too. Maybe they would come up with a patch. I told them I would pay for a patch.


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    Default Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    yea no go on my 8600GTS and the oldest drivers for my card are from 2007 and suck for anything else, im using the 174 beta drivers for my card actully, as the 169.32 caused me more headaches with most stuff than i want to deal with. But everytime i try to do anything i crash, i have forced AA to 16x with no luck.

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    Icon9 Re: How to fix MTW CTDs

    I can run MTW 1 in all modes except campaign, never runs at all, immediate CTD after selecting campaing) on my new Lenovo laptop T61p, windows XP, with the NVidia Quadro FX 570M graphics card.

    I get the CTD error everytime, with everything I've tried (including the above, setting the anti-aliasing to 2X). As this is a new graphics card, I can't find any old drivers for it.

    I've tried all other forums, with many different suggestions (1024x768, turning off screen saver etc..) save standing on my head and chanting :-} Some believed installing the Viking invasion would help (as I did, but alas, to no avail).

    Does anybody have help for this poor tired gamer who just wants to play some good ole MTW 1 with my favorite mode, campaigns??

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