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    i'm a little bit stuck on the main MTW campaign, specifically nearer the end.
    everygame, no matter the faction or difficulty, when i get really close to obtaining all the provinces all my currently owned provinces seem to rebel at once (like they will have 200% loyalty and it will immediatly drop to 0%)
    am i doing something wrong?

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    Hello NiceguyJon and welcome to the forums.

    You aren't doing anything wrong, this is a well known hardcoded effect that can only be countered by building happy buildings in your provinces, have spies (one per province will do as the engine calculates only 1 spy if you have multiple - the one with the highest valor) and provincial garissons (peasants or Urban Militia will do as they are the cheapest to maintain).

    Happy buildings are:
    Border Towers +20
    Border Forts +30
    Town Watch +10
    Church/Mosque +20
    Brothel +10
    Monastery +10
    Reliquary +30
    Cathedral/G.Mosque +40

    Also make sure your faction leader is at about the centre of your empire, and if spead overseas, he's at a quasi central province with a port, and that port connects via fleets to most of your empire. faction leader distance from provinces brings pop. happiness down. When he is isolated in islands or goes in Crusades this effect is really pronounced and can cause rebellions and civil wars even without the "bloat effect" you mention.
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    thanks, i think i see my problem, i always tend to start from one side of the map and work my way to the next with my leader at the front lines of the main army. although sometimes when a leader dies and his next of kin takes over (who is overseas) i would still get the same problem? is there any way to check who will take over the throne once my leader dies?

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    also how do i re-train currently existing troops? i'm not sure if it affects loyalty but i tend to have massive mercenary armies, about roughly 80% of my army ends up being mercenary and you can't retrain them and they tend to hae low loyalty

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    It is hardcoded but it's still not clear if it's intentional or a bug - regardless it's become part of the game/challenge. If it is a bug it may be triggered by the code that determines the distance of the faction leader from a province.

    The heirs parchment will show you the next in line.

    To retrain: drag the unit onto an empty slot on the training parchment.

    Mercenary armies are a bad idea - try to raise your own troops. There is no loyalty penalty, but the units cost a lot in upkeep. You cannot retrain them.

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    Hello NiceGuyJon,
    usually when people have massive mercs armies have been rushing much and not teching up enough that makes the bloat effect hit hard.

    You can "engineer" who will take over the throne by trying to kill your "no-good" heirs using assassins, spies or outright send them in suisice missions in battles.

    Newly crowned Kings always get crowned in you capital - that's the province with the most buildings - ie number of building spots, not upgrades, as far as i know, so you could design that too.

    As Asai Nagamasa says, merc armies are good to set you up but in the long run you better replace them with your own troops and having the facilities to pump out these continuously. mercs cost as much as the normal unit to train, but 2x as much to maintain and in the loing run they can really drain your resources. If you use them to carve large empires without teching up, your holding in your lands will always be fragile without happy buildings, infrastructure to train your own armies at will and navies that will conect your lands better to the faction leader. In MTW the campaign part of the game is especially pronounced - if you are lookign for a rush game, try STW - its far better suited at that.

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    haha this is what i miss most about the game

    Je t'aime ma petite chou!

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