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Thread: [Released] ChivTW - FCRC v1.0

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    I don't know if this is just a coincidence but every time I fight Croatian rebels I get a texture/tpa error "chivalry/data/models_unit/textures/MTW_unit_feudal_foot_knight_hre.tga.psd" I got this as the Venetians. It also occurred with the Hungarians and there campaign script at turn 1.

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    I noticed this too playing as Hungarians. Seems there were a few things as yet unfinished in the mod. Hopefully, a talented modder will someday take an interest in fixing them. In the meantime, autoresolve is our (sorta) friend.

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    Hey the mod seems pretty amazing, what a great way to get the maximum out of this old game. They made combat so much about routing and positioning by making all the units pretty resiliant and decreasing their movement speed.
    I have no experience with modding yet but I do have some experience with programming and would love to pick up this mod if there are any people to help me with that, I tried to fix some of the errors by replacing the missing textures with renamed existing ones, but instead of getting error of missing textures, the application just stopped working, talking about the opening campaign script for hungary.
    Ill try to look into whats the issue, would welcome anyone able to point me in the right direction, I certainly wont make new textures for the missing ones but in theory if there is something missing for a certain unit I would just need to replace everything that is missing for that unit with what is working and present in the mod for a similar unit, which would atleast patch the game and prevent it from crashing on random ocassions

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