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Thread: American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey

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    Default American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey

    Mod Registration Form for Large Mods

    Mod name: American Civil War - The Blue and the Grey
    Platform: Empire
    Release Status: Released, more versions in progress
    Modfolder Overwrite: Modfolder
    Mod creator/Mod team leaders: Hinkel
    Mod team members: Shokh, Primergy, Danova, OneEyeMick, ss97slp
    Mod Description: The mod based on the American Civil War1861-1865. It is is an complete overhaul with an detailed new campaign, an complete unit models rework incl. artillery models, historic flags & graphics, new sounds & music, loading-screens., campaign models, quotes, intro-movie and many more features.

    Other info on mod: Partner project of British East India Company
    Forums link(s):
    Download link(s):
    Permissions: By request only
    This means that permission must be sought to use any elements of the creators work, this is to cover instances where the creator wishes to keep certain elements (ie; use of names) at their discretion.
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