Mod Registration Form for Large Mods

Mod Name: Napoleon: Art of War

Platform: Napoleon Total War

Release Status: Our mod has not been released and is in the development stage

Modfolder Overwrite: Our mod is used in a pack so no, none of the files will be overwriten

Mod Members:
Dee Jay (Founder)
Minamoto Yoritomo

Mod Description:
Our mod is aiming to add a whole lot more realsim to the vannila Napoleon: Total War. Were giving most aspects of the game a complete overhall including; The recruitment system which also has an area of recruitment system (which no other mod has managed to do ); We've given a complete overhall on unit statistics for more realism; We've done a whole lot of research on the combat and the nations armies of the Napoleonic Era so that we can accomplish making this mod extreemly realistic (something that CA failed to do); All nations will have completly new armies, including minor nations; and thats about all the major thing i can think of.

Other Mod Info:
Here is our thread link
We don't have a download link because it has not been finished yet.

Permission by request only.
This means that permission must be sought to use any elements of the creators work, this is to cover instances where the creator wishes to keep certain elements (ie; use of names) at their discretion.
It is common courtesy to give accreditation to any work done by another modder which is included in your work.

Anyone has permission to use this mod (once it's done), but would like people to inform and ask me if there using any of my content for the mod, and we will definitely be giving accreditation to any mod if I use there work.