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Thread: January 2011 Scriptorium Editorial

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    Default January 2011 Scriptorium Editorial

    A new year and a new Chief Librarian. Legio has moved on to the terror of being at the helm of the flagship publication the Eagle Standard. I could say that it is the flagship because of all the life preservers that are needed, but I will pass on that joke.

    Welcome to issue number XVII of the Scriptorium Editorial, coming to you straight from -you guessed it- the Scriptorium! Legio was good enough to keep everything up to date. We archive the best of of what our members write and we have a good batch of new Total War articles. These are truly hot hot HOT for your enjoyment! Here's a list of the articles we stored in December:

    Resident Evil: Extinction Added 2/12/10
    Assaulting Egypt Added 20/12/10
    Chronicles of a Hungarian Freedman Added 25/12/10
    Chivalrous Killer's Papal States Guide Added 25/12/10
    Guide to Cheats in M2TW Added 25/12/10
    [TW Guide] Roman Empire Guide (only minor battlefield details) Added 26/12/10

    They are all great reads, but my personal favorite is the AAR by Radzeer titled the Chronicles of a Hungarian Freedman. As an added bonus there is a great tutorial on how the AAR was put together. We hope you've enjoyed this issue of the Scriptorium editorial.
    The Librarian Team

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