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Thread: World War II: Sandstorm - 0.5 RELEASED!

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    Icon6 World War II: Sandstorm - 0.5 RELEASED!

    --- A Submod Project for The Great War Mod for Napoleon Total War ---

    The World War 2 Submod is a project with the aim of simulating, within the warscape engine, the tactical and strategic decisions that a commander of this conflict would have faced, the populations and technology at his disposal, and both the grim realities of war and the terrible consequences of defeat. Aided by the resources of TGW, this mod is intended to portray the war in a historically-correct manner, but equally to create an enjoyable and tactically-challenging gameplay experience.

    LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT: First Gameplay Video!

    Admiral van Tromp has recorded an 0.5 battle - the first ever (public) recording of the mod. See how the mod plays first-hand, in a battle between the British and the Italians.

    Click here to view!


    WW2 - Sandstorm BETA - Version 0.5


    This is the first release of our North African Campaign-themed mod called Sandstorm. Still in BETA, it is meant for the public to play ww2 battles before our goal of a full campaign in 1.0, which is under development. 0.5 includes three factions: the British 8th Army, the German Afrikakorps, and the Italian 10th Army, along with their naval equivalents. We highly recommend multiplayer, it's the best way to play, and feel free to use this thread or our steam group to organize battles.

    This version is entirely standalone and does NOT require TGW to play. We thank the TGW team for allowing this.

    Spoiler for Changelog

    New uniforms
    New helmet models
    New factions
    Naval overhaul
    - - -
    Redone unit rosters
    Factions no longer generic
    Proper unit cards
    Improved balancing & pricing
    Added Fog of War effect
    Added off-map artillery units
    Added AT Rocket Launcher units
    Unit descriptions
    - - -
    New main menu background
    New flags (by VlitmaRatio)
    Desertified textures
    New Sandstorm logo
    - - -
    Redone soundtrack
    New sound effects
    - - -
    4.6 compatible
    New Launcher w/ GUI



    Spoiler for Older Versions
    Version 0.4 WW2 - General ALPHA - Version 0.4


    The last update of our early ww2 experiments. It includes five custom battle factions, from the main European theatre. We strongly recommend you play the latest version of Sandstorm instead, as it is much more complete and supersedes this version in almost every way.

    -new menu video (thanks U-boat)
    -new plane signaller unit
    -proper ww2 animations
    -france added
    -battle music redone
    -heavy mortar unit
    -improved flak guns
    -fixed text and missing unit cards
    -minor fixes/changes
    -brand new (batch) launcher
    -officer update


    Download 4.5.1 (Patch-Compatibility Fix)

    Note: This mod is NOT compatible with 4.6. You can still play, just be sure to move the 4.6 pack away from the data directory while playing.


    We are currently releasing only custom battle versions of the mod - a campaign is underway but due to the large amount of work involved we prefer to release smaller updates along the way - in true TGW fashion. The first campaign and post-0.5 battle mods will be related to the North African theatre of WW2, and feature only the factions and units related to that portion of the war. To see more information about the campaign please refer to the post below this one.

    (-) North African / Near Eastern Focus: True to the setting of 1.0 and the battle mods working up to it, the factions will include a mix of military and colonial factions, with our final aim of including: British 8th Army, German Afrikakorps, Italian 10th Army, British Mandate of Palestine, French Mandate of Syria with starting regions in the campaign, and Egypt, the United States, Italian East Africa, and the Independent States of Syria and Palestine available in custom battles. These will all have historical unit rosters and uniforms, with accurate equipment depending on how many models we have completed at each release. Furthermore, the campaign ui, music, and other thematic components will keep the general theme in mind.

    (-) Platoon/Squad Tactics: The largest universally-available unit, the rifle platoon, will be only 36 men. Most special units will be squad sized (8-12 men) or even smaller. This of course is a big change from the massive armies of TGW, and while battles will not be as large, there are much greater possibilities to utilise cover and formation, as well as much greater tactical flexibility. In the campaign (or battle if chosen) there will be significantly more units, leading to armies of many stacks in size, and battles more like skirmishes in a greater immediate confrontation.

    (-) Fog of War: The fog of war concept originally conceived by the Lordz Mod Team, will also be utilized, possibly to a greater extent. Artillery can often fire without being noticed beyond the trail of their projectile's flight. Infantry and cavalry are able to hide in nearly all environments, and able to fire without notice in many. Scouting becomes important - some units such as snipers or cavalry are especially adept - but without it armies are able to sneak into favorable positions without the enemy becoming aware - until it is too late.

    (-) Unit Roles:

    - Infantry will be the main component of your army. Small enough to avoid artillery, longer ranges, and better rifles will make these units, while smaller, much more deadly. Cover and spread are essential elements of success. Special units such as snipers or assault infantry will fill very specific roles, but will be equally vulnerable to attack. However, most infantry units fit a large variety of roles, experimentation is key.

    - Cavalry, if outdated in ww1, was certainly outdated in ww2. These units should never be used in a direct confrontation with infantry, as they will be destroyed. The primary use is in scouting - with a much greater line of sight than grounded units and fast coverage of ground, they are ideally suited for such tasks. However, you can still effectively use cavalry to attack isolated infantry or artillery from the flanks, or in a dragoon role.

    - Artillery, while no longer the dominating field force as in TGW, is still very powerful. No longer can you simply let them shoot wherever: fewer pieces, smaller units, and higher accuracy, will mean more focused targeting. Machine guns however, remain strong as ever, and new artillery types, such as autocannons, will have to be considered. Freely moving signallers may scout the area and signal either groups of far-ranged howitzers or even low-flying aircraft to bombard the battlefield and wreak havoc on opponents - for a price.

    - Tanks and a greater focus on armoured warfare, will feature as the models become available to us, at this point likely to be at the release of TGW 5.0. Clearly, this will form a pivotal change to the mod and the tactics employed. Until then, some anti-tank infantry is available, armed with bazookas, panzerfausts, or whatever is the appropriate weapon for each nation.

    Previews, Screenshots, & Models

    To newcomers: for faction info, 3D models, unit cards, and screenshots, please refer to the previews listed below.


    British 8th Army
    German Afrika Korps
    Update 0.5 Announcement



    We would appreciate if you do use one of our signatures, that you add the following hyperlink to the image so that others may more easily find us:






    Each version contains a Readme in the download. After thoroughly reviewing the readme, you may seek help here and we'll be glad to help you. Please include as much information on the problem as possible.

    For version 0.5: This update contains a GUI launcher and Batch installer. Both are straightforward, although we reccomend you read the Readme anyways. For convenience, here it is below:

    Please read the following instructions carefully. If you have further problems, feel free to post them 
    on our moddb page, or on our main thread, here:
       Important Folders
    NTW Data Folder:
       C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war\data
    NTW Scripts Folder:
       C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts
    Mod Folder:
       C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war\World War II - Sandstorm
    Note: These are the standard Windows Vista paths. Yours may differ, so please adjust accordingly.
       To Install
    1) Run Install.bat by double clicking the icon.
       To Play
    1) Run the launcher via the desktop shortcut.
    2) Adjust your settings.
    3) Click play to launch the game. The command prompt will open. Ignore it, and do NOT close it yet.
    4) When you exit the game, hit any key on the remaining command prompt to continue and end the process.
    Note: Step 4 ensures that your mod is stored after usage, so that it doesn't interfere with other mods. If you accidently
    close the window rather than allowing it to finish, all that will happen is that the mod doesn't store. Going through
    the launch process again will correct this.
       Manual Instructions
    1) Go to "World War II - Sandstorm"\contents.
    2) Copy the contents of the Packs folder. Paste it into the NTW data folder.
    3) Copy user.script.txt from the Scripts folder. Paste it into the NTW Scripts Folder, overwriting the file already there.
    Optional: 4) If you want non-default settings, you have to enable the specific packs. Either copy the contents of the 
    appropriately labelled text files from the Scripts Folder onto the top of the user.script, OR if you have the user.script 
    still in the Scripts Folder, then you can use the "set_[option name]" batch files (in Contents) to do so automatically.
    Q) Can I run this while having TGW installed?
    A) Yes, this will temporarily move your TGW files to the storage folder. As long as you properly follow the exit 
       instructions (step 4 of "To Play"), the files will be restored, and fully playable as before. IF you have a manual 
       installation however, TGW files must be removed before playing.
    Q) Does the launcher save my settings?
    A) Yes, settings will save automatically for future launches. However, selecting the settings menu will restore default
       settings, so if you do this you'll have to re-enter your settings.
    Q) I can't find the desktop icon.
    A) This should have been created by the launcher, but if not, go to "Mod Folder", and then use "shortcut.lnk", or 
    Q) What is the Multiplayer Safe option?
    A) It simply sets everything to default, which is useful when you want to make sure your mod is compatible with 
       someone else's.
    Q) What does the Uninstall option do?
    A) It simply deletes all the mod-relevant pack files in your Mod Folder (note: not in your data folder). These take up 99%
       of the hard drive space. If you want to get rid of the rest, simply delete the Mod Folder.
    Q) How can I run additional user.script enabled mods with this?
    A) This can also be done by editing "contents\scripts\DEFAULT.txt" in Mod Folder. Alternate settings will continue to work, 
       except in rare cases of direct conflict.
    Q) Why is the "Realism Mode" button greyed out?
    A) It hasn't been implemented yet.


    King Sama: Team Leader, db editor, and modeller
    Admiral Van Tromp: .esf editor, artist, and skinner
    RNV: Researcher, modeller, group formations editor
    The Vengur: Researcher and modeller
    General Brewster: db editor for naval battles
    Cpt Wsq 96: Researcher and 2d artist
    Darkhorse: Researcher and house historian.
    Mathonous de Leuven: 2d Artist (Inactive)

    Soundtrack is by Kevin Mackleod @
    and is free to use under the Creative Commons License.

    Special Thanks to:
    The Great War Team: for the use of great amounts of material, as well as Mitch for scripting advice, and Aanker for his initial support.
    VlitmaRatio: for creating and reorganizing the lovely new flags, for which he made both ww1 and ww2 variants when requested.
    husserlTW: for his help with the development of the campaign and let us use some of the files from his NTF mod.
    Sgt's Beaten Drum: for letting us use part of his wonderful X-Factor sound mod.
    The Developer of the NTW Model Converter and TopCat for making the use of our models possible.
    Falconpilot for graciously converting our artillery models to the NTW format.

    Gunfire: Recorded by GoodSoundForYou [Attribution 3.0]:
    Missile Launch: Recorded by Kibblesbob [Public Domain]:
    High Definition Machine Gun: Recorded by WEL [Attribution 3.0]:

    Sebastiaan de With for his tank icon uploaded on, under a freeware non-commercial license.
    PunitorMaximus and Greek Firethrower from the War to End all Wars mod, for allowing us to use the former's slouch hat model and the latter's wonderful navy textures.

    Don't forget to leave comments and suggestions (they are very much appreciated), and hit the little green button for everybody involved, (especially General Brewster, his heart beats to those hits).

    **Join our Steam Group for updates and multiplayer**

    **We are recruiting! If you are interested in helping out this great project, we welcome you. Especially, we need texture artists and composers, but also welcome supplementary db editors, scripters, modellers, etc. If you want to help out in any way, send me a pm **

    **Check out our page on Moddb. Updates and previews will be posted both there and here.**

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    History has always been a bit of the State's slut.

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    Default Re: Are U.S. troops availible for the campaign?


    Sandstorm Preview
    An Egypt-based campaign representing the Western Desert Campaign of the second World War

    Prepare yourself for an epic battle for Egypt, as the Axis tries to reach Suez and the Allies make a last stand to defend it and the vastness of resources the Middle East holds.

    A Campaign created by Admiral Van Tromp...

    Under development, to be released in version 1.0
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    Icon7 World War II - Submod: 0.3

    Old Post:
    Spoiler for Signatures

    By VS 002

    By Cpt.Wsq96

    By Cpt.Wsq96

    Spoiler for Original Announcement

    This is a WW2 sub-mod of TGW. It is currently fully playable alongside TGW, though you may have some funky experience increases in vanilla TGW if you leave the other one on Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

    **Remember, must run it along TGW**

    Announcement: We now have a Steam Group. Please join if you are interested in this mod, or in playing multiplayer

    Progress and Updates
    Screenshot Album:
    (will be added to the thread later)

    Update 0.3
    -some basic animation changes
    -loading screens
    -new flak gun unit
    -new flamethrower unit (based on TGW)
    -new music added
    -some other general changes
    -a new "installer"

    Sandstorm Campaign Preview

    British Faction Preview

    Currently the mod is still in an alpha stage, though it should be at this point relatively stable. Updates will hopefully be once every week or every two weeks.

    Update 0.2
    It includes several changes from the first version, many of which are related to hidden base work and making it compatible with TGW, so I won't waste your time . Main thing for the user would be 5 factions rather than 2, and TGW compatability

    I won't go into the spcifics here, but this mod will initially feature several custom battle armies. Gameplay and tactics will be very different from both TGW and vanilla.

    Platoon/Squad Tactics: Your largest unit, the standard rifle platoon will be under 50 men. Most special units will be squad sized (8-12 men) or even smaller. This of course is a big change from the massive armies of TGW, and while battles will not be as large, it does offer possibilities of more tactical approaches to battle that hopefully will reflect the big changes in warfare between ww1 and ww2.

    Infantry will be the main component of your army. Small enough to avoid artillery, longer ranges, and better rifles will make these units, while smaller, much more deadly. Special units such as snipers or assault infantry will fill very specific roles, but will be equally vulnerable to attack. However, most infantry units fit a large variety of roles, experimentation is key.

    Cavalry was outdated in ww1, and it was definitely outdated in ww2. These units should never be used in a direct confrontation with infantry, as they will be destroyed. They can be used to go outside of the enemy's range, and then attack isolated infantry or artillery from the flanks, or be used as a dragoon role.

    Artillery, while no longer the dominating field force as in TGW, still very powerful. No longer can you simply let them shoot wherever, fewer pieces, smaller units, and higher accuracy, will mean more focused targeting. Machine guns however, remain strong as ever. Tanks will also be included hopefully, but this is limited by TGW progress in this area.

    The Team and Credits
    Core Team
    King Sama - Initial Creator and Leader
    U-Boat - .Esf editor (startpos guy)
    Darkhorse - self proclaimed "best damn weaponologist on this forum" (agreed)

    Potential Team Members
    FalconPilot - helping out where needed
    Blucher - possible researcher

    The New World Order Mod (merging)
    Flavius Etius


    Thanks to:
    The fantastic TGW team Especially that supercool Sama guy... and Aanker, he was supportive even before it became a submod .

    Old Update 0.2: Download


    There is an installer included, and in the case that doesn't work, the readme explains everything you need to know. If there are any unresolved issues after reading the readme, report here and I will try to help
    Old Update 0.2 Installation

    An installer will be included in the future.

    1. Unzip or Unrar the download file after saving it.

    2.Place World_War_II.pack and World_War_II_Text.pack in your data folder, found here for vista users: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war\data
    Delete or move Greatwar_Text.pack. You won't need it, as it does not interfere at all with TGW text.

    3. Install mod manager. Place priority of this mod over TGW by using the arrows to place the ww2 pack above TGW one.

    4. If you have something against mod manager, find your userscript and replace it with the one provided in the download folder. If you can't find your userscript, use the NTW Data Checker to access it. Even if you can find it, I would recommend you download this extremely useful tool (also by TGW team leader, Mitch)

    5. Enjoy! Don't forget to give feedback and suggestions

    Spoiler for Old Campaign Preview

    Sandstorm Campaign

    --Preview Coming Soon--

    Campaign Map

    Campaign Map

    Above is the campaign map. The only changes you may see here will be the faction names, if needed of course.

    PREVIEW Here is a preview of Sandstorm Campaign, explaining you all you need to know about the alternative historical setting. It was done by Darkhorse, so direct your rep at him.



    Sandstorm requires an alternate history, although some aspects of the campaign are historically accurate, the following introduction is not to be interpreted entirely as fact.

    June 1941: Operation Battleaxe.

    Technical Details;

    Britain amassed 20,000 men and 190 tanks for the operation, mostly from XIII Corps. 50% of these tanks were slow, heavily armoured infantry tanks, mainly equipping the 4th Armoured Brigade, and the other 50% of these were faster, lighter armoured Cruiser tanks, specially designed to force a breakthrough. These mainly equipped the 7th Armoured Brigade, 50 of these cruiser tanks were the new Crusader design. All the British tanks were armed with the 2 pounder gun. Initially a capable weapon that proved to be horrendously effective, by 1941 German armour was thick enough to nullify its capabilities at all but the shortest ranges, 460 metres or so. In support of the infantry and armour, 200 RAF aircraft and artillery elements equipped with the superb 25 pounder. British infantry was well drilled and well trained. Many, but not all, units involved in the operation were Scots or Indian or from other areas in the empire/commonwealth. They were well armed with the Lee Enfield No.3&4 rifles, a superior rifle to their axis counterparts. British infantry also had access to the highly accurate and effective Bren light machine gun, and Indian troopers the Vickers Berthier; however these were issued 1 per section, and were hampered by their magazine. Heavy machine guns such as the Vickers water cooled machine gun were slow to move, yet effective, despite water being an essential commodity in the desert. In comparison, the Axis had access to around 13,000 men, generally armed with German Kar98k rifles or Italian Carcano’s. German infantry had access to more sub-machine guns than the British, the infamous MP40 providing an example, as did the Italians. In addition, German forces field the outstanding MG34 machine gun in light, general purpose, vehicle mounted, and heavy roles. Much lighter than the Vickers, belt fed, and with a higher rate of fire it is a valuable asset to the German forces. Italian machine guns, both light and heavy, are not as effective and are troublesome designs. The Germans had around only 50 gun armed tanks; this does not include command and other variants. Of the gun armed tanks, they were mostly Panzer III’s, a specially designed tank intended to combat enemy armour, it was well armoured, but not to the extent of the British armour, and was armed with a 50mm gun, a gun similar but slightly superior in capability to the British 40mm 2pdr. The earlier models of the Panzer IV, designed for infantry support, are fitted with a 75mm low velocity short barrelled gun, not an effective anti armour weapon. Initially the Panzer IV had thinner armour than the earlier III. Italy forces lacked in morale and will, but were reasonably well equipped, the Italians can rely on quick breech loading mortars, and like Germany some modern artillery pieces and auto-cannon. Logistically the Italians were better off and their support vehicles such as trucks were reliable. They have a good range of light armour and scout vehicles, as do the British and Germans, but their general armoured capability is weaker. However, when used in the desert Italian tanks were similar in capabilities to the British in terms of armament, but lacked in armour protection. However, they were adequate in the desert, and the British often used captured Italian designs.

    The Battle;

    After Operation Battleaxes initial successes, the repelled British attack at Halfaya Pass on the 16th (Indian and Scottish troops halted by German mechanised infantry and armoured cars) results in elements of the 11th Indian Infantry Brigade being stranded and elements of the 7th Armoured Brigade suffering heavy losses due to 88’s on Hafid Ridge. A second push further down the line, although initially successful also ended unfavourably for the British and Commonwealth forces, and the position of the main unit involved, XIII Corps, was precarious. The 2 pounder armed Matilda and Valentine tanks the British 7th Armoured Brigade fielded find themselves out-ranged almost 6 times over by German Panzer IV’s. Whilst this has almost no effect on the well armoured British tanks, it prevents 25 pounders and anti tank guns being fielded. A tactic being used across the entire field of operations, lighter armoured British cruiser tanks such as the Crusader are decimated. Moving their own anti tank guns into concealed positions, the Germans counter attack with the backbone of their panzer force, the general equal to the British armour, the Panzer III. The 7th are now part of a bloody and brutal tank battle with German forces, one they are in fact winning. Pressing the attack and forcing the Panzers back, they roll into range of the German trap. The first tanks to be hit are the command vehicles, their crews now out in the open and exposed. Several skilled officers are cut off, killed or wounded, and are unable to direct their part of the battle. Harassing fire picks off British tanks seemingly at random, and on the flanks German mechanised infantry supported with lighter anti tank and artillery elements move into the fray. Combined with the poor reliability of their armour, the surviving British command elements quickly order a retreat. Elsewhere, the British 4th armoured brigade faced similar experiences.

    Throughout the afternoon and ceasing only due to the onset of darkness, the German 5th Light Division attack the British 7th, personally witnessed by Rommel himself, the Desert Fox analyses the need for a swift follow up attack. He orders elements of the 15th Panzer Division to move down from their defensive position and to make ready for the decisive blow. XIII Corps had taken heavy armour losses, and had an entire infantry brigade cut off and surrounded.

    On the 17th June, the two British brigades were down to 38 tanks between them, and at dawn on that day, Rommel’s Panzers began to advance. The 7th and 4th were engaged again. The following panic resulted in Wavell taking command from Beresford-Peirse. Rommel later wrote on the matter;

    It sounded suspiciously as though the British commander no longer felt himself capable of handling the situation. It being now obvious that in their present bewildered state the British would not start anything for the time being, I decided to pull the net tight by going on to Halfaya.

    At this point, both Rommel’s 5th Light Division and the 15th Panzer Division, striking from the south-west and north-west respectively, were only nine miles away from Halfaya. The British armoured brigades deployed to set up a screen to prevent the encirclement of the stranded 11th Indian Infantry and 22nd Guards Brigade and engaged Rommel’s Panzers at 10:00, but German half-tracks flank round the British armour and race to cut off the now retreating British Infantry. The Panzers pierce a hole on the flank of the British defensive line and the 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades finally surrender, many of them were out of 2 pounder ammunition and some of the Matilda’s had taken upward to 35 hits. A Lance Corporal in the Kings Royal Rifles Corps (One of the units supporting the two armoured brigade) later described the surrender.

    Shaken, exhausted, yet proud, our tank crew’s march toward German lines, not a single British soldier or officer tried to stop them or even complained. The tanks were hammered and hammered again and had travelled miles, fighting for every inch of it, and now they try to save our arses, they could have fallen back with the rest of us, but they held, there wasn’t even an order too, they held until they were ineffective, by that point they’d simply had enough, they had done their bit, and only then given in. Who the hell could have asked them to give more?

    The various German detachments perusing the British infantry harassed them and slowed them down, but the British were able to hold off each attack, whilst withdrawing, at 14:00 a truce was held for 30 minutes to allow the British wounded to be taken by the Germans. The stalling actions of the German units would cost the British dear, unaware their screen had fallen. The Italians, who until now had been supporting the German lines, pressed their own offensive. Two battalions of the Trento division combined with the German 3rd reconnaissance battalion swung round to form a pincher, linking up with the rest of the 5th Light division and the now advancing 15th Panzer 2 miles from Halfaya at 17:00, the 22nd Guards Brigade and 11th Indian Infantry Brigade, including units such as the Coldstream Guards were now cut off. The third battalion of the Italian Trento division continued the attack.
    With the equivalent of 2 divisions destroyed, cut off, or captured. It occurred to Wavell that the only surviving units of XIII Corps between the Germans and his lines were 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade, 11th Hussars Regiment and the Central Indian Horse (Light armour) with some elements of artillery. With the Italians bearing down upon him, and his troops having little in the way of supplies, Wavell ordered a general retreat. Realising that there are no British reserves, Rommel and the Italians continue advancing, although are stymied by ongoing events at Tobruk. Furious at this defeat, Churchill replaced Wavell with Auchinleck and dispatched the now infamous XXX Corps to the region.

    The Current Situation, Late June 1941;


    A last ditched attempt to halt the German advance by a sizable New Zealander unit failed. A German tank commander reports back to his HQ

    The New Zealanders have been forced back and the coast road is open... The signs point to Alexandria.

    Alexandria has fallen, and the British have no reserves until XXX Corps arrives in November. Using the surviving units from Battleaxe, stragglers from the same operation, some local forces and a few Commonwealth units shipped in quickly they have to hold the Germans at Alexandria, and the Italians, whose Trento Division is now firmly dug in on the Nile. Having fallen back 460 miles in 2 weeks, the British are resting at Port Said and are expecting an attack. Crete has also been taken by the Germans. The British need to get 6 pounder variants of their tanks into the theatre to compete with German armour.

    However, it’s not all bad for the British, the 1940 raid on Taranto means that the Royal Navy can sail almost unhindered with the threat coming only from a weakened Italian navy, and submarines. Tobruk and Malta still stand firm, proving to be thorns in the axis side, and having an effect on their logistics. Many Cypriots have joined the cause and the protectorates behind the British lines are still loyal. A few tanks have been shipped in on the Malta convoys, which keep the British exceptionally well supplied. There are also numerous captured Italian vehicles in use. XXX is on its way; can the British hold out until November?

    Meanwhile, the British and Free French are preparing for fighting in Lebanon and Syria. Operation Exporter, originally scheduled for early June was postponed until July because of the destabilisation in Egypt. As a result, the invasion force is weaker as Free French and British forces are in part diverted to protect Cairo. Can the operation against the French Mandate still succeed?


    Germany’s Afrika Corps are tired and battle weary, the victory in battleaxe came at no small price and most of the armour is in severe need of repair. Advancing against a British rearguard and then having to take defensive positions from the New Zealanders they have taken many losses and are short of supplies. Tobruk and Malta affect the flow of supplies and Rommel is severely overstretched. He has to rest in Alexandria. The large gains and capture of Crete boost morale strongly. Rommel knows he is in no position to continue the attack for some time, but he is aggressive in his defence and has taken key points and positions from what started out as defensive moves.

    The Germans need to open up the port of Alexandria and use their destroyers and U-boats, together with the surviving Italian fleet to combat the Royal Navy and her supply convoys and to secure their own. In addition, newer, heavier armed and armoured versions of the Panzer IV need to be shipped in as well as new types of vehicle. The supply situation is dangerous and Rommel has to also feed and guard British wounded and British prisoners.


    The Italian Trento division is well established on the banks of the Nile and Italian tanks are position in front of the legendary Gaza Pyramids, pictures of this have been sent around the world thereby humiliating the British further. The Italian supply situation is also better than the Germans, and as a result often have to share supplies such as fuel. Italian reinforcements are on the way, and the navy, although weakened, is still a powerful asset to the Italians. The Italians need to develop their heavier armour types and deploy them to keep pace with the British but generally the Italian force is well equipped and well mechanised. Although there is still discontent with fighting the war itself, the Italian soldier is content and his morale has improved with the recent advances.

    French Mandates;

    The provinces of Syria and Lebanon are firmly under Vichy control. Although discontent is widespread, and rebellion likely, almost certain if the British invade, the Vichy are in a strong position and do have their supporters. They can rely on local units and well equipped French solders and 90 tanks. Their supply lines are also precarious, but the mandates produce enough resources to get by. There is the possibility of German military aid. The Mandates have to repel the invasion and strike the British protectorates in the Palestine region quickly otherwise they will be overwhelmed.

    The Retreat
    The Retreat

    German Raiding Forces retreat after a failed attack on the opposite side of the Nile (By Admiral Van Tromp)

    To be updated
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    History has always been a bit of the State's slut.

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Nice one.

    I'll see to it that we get a submod sub-forum added.

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    took you long enough.
    I'll be happy to help out wherever needed on this.

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Ooooh nice, looking forward to see how this progresses
    According to this poll, 80%* of TGW fans agree that "The mod team is devilishly handsome" *as of 12/10 (its true )
    My specs:

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Quote Originally Posted by King Sama View Post

    I'm happy to announce that the former WW2 Battle Mod is becoming the first real sub-mod of TGW Please keep in mind that though I am a member of TGW team, this mod is in no way affilitated with the main mod other than its status as a sub-mod, and unreleased dev content will not be used.

    More information will be included in the second release, planned for tomorow, and fuller descriptions concerning the mod, and I will update this today if I have the time.

    This mod was originally intended as an update to the New World Order Mod, but seeing as I have recieved no response and the team seems unactive, I have decided to make this a sub-mod so that it may more readily access TGW modding achievements. The old update, or v0.1, can be found here.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
    -King Sama
    one question can you post some pictures of the startpos changes and the units for this submod

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Thanks everyone And yes, I finally got around to it...
    Quote Originally Posted by kenniston5 View Post
    one question can you post some pictures of the startpos changes and the units for this submod
    I'll get a couple more pics in soon. Startpos, well, that takes a while However, Dogderna is working on a northafrican (egyptian) campaign, so that will be the first. But currently, the mod has new factions so as to not interfere with either TGW custom battles or campaigns, though you may get some funky experience gaining if you use both at the same time
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    History has always been a bit of the State's slut.

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Good luck! Hopefully this will garner in more intrest for the main mod as well.
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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    so this is an custom battle for the 2 WW?

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Wow, this is even more ambitious than TGW! I wish you good luck with it King Sama!

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    My offer still stands Sama

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    I will give you more details about my campaign after the release.

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Quote Originally Posted by Andreius Pretorianus View Post
    so this is an custom battle for the 2 WW?

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    Default Re: Announcing: World War II - Submod

    Version 0.2 coming tonight. And thank you Brother Surplice
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhorse View Post
    Serious question. Like a hand with that?
    Quote Originally Posted by King Sama View Post
    Serious answer: absolutely yes.
    Maybe you missed it, but yes, I would love having your help
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    History has always been a bit of the State's slut.

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    Default Re: World War II - Submod: *Version 0.2 Released*

    Update 0.2 released.

    It includes several changes from the first version, many of which are related to hidden base work and making it compatible with TGW, so I won't waste your time . Main thing for the user would be 5 factions rather than 2, and TGW compatability.

    OP also edited.
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    History has always been a bit of the State's slut.

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    Default Re: World War II - Submod: *Version 0.2 Released*

    so currently this is a custom battle sub mod? or will it apply to the campaign?

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    Default Re: World War II - Submod: *Version 0.2 Released*

    Currently it's just custom battle.

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    Default Re: World War II - Submod: *Version 0.2 Released*

    I would like to give a few notes so that you may get the best experience out of the mod:

    -Play with ultra unit size;

    -Play on maps where you have lots of cover.

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    Default Re: World War II - Submod: *Version 0.2 Released*

    Alright I really hate to be a partybreaker but there's a problem.
    Yes I'm running it along TGW, everything is alright, both the user.txt and the files.
    I tried a battle on Grassy Flatlands, Italy against UK, the latest flags, the one with no names, selected some artillery batteries or something, paratroopers, light infantry and rifle battalion, same for the opponent.
    The loading screen goes and I'm on the field moving my troops, the battle starts and this happens: the more I zoom into either the field or the troops the more it gets blurry, I swear I can't see a thing, it looks like if a person who needs glasses doesn't use them, I couldn't describe much better. Jesus I thought I was getting blind or something.
    I'll post a screen later, I can't at the moment.

    Edit: Screen uploaded
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