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    Default Modeling Course 101

    Resource 3ds max 8 or above version.
    Quick Time

    Modeling with 3DS MAX 101 course
    Part 1: UI Interface Introduction
    Part 2: UI- Select Objects
    Part 3: UI- Zoom/Rotate/Focus
    Part 4: Transforms- Move/rotate/Scale
    Part 5: 3D Primitives
    Part 6: Modifiers
    Part 7: Poligons- Edit Poly Modifier
    Part 8: Creating shapes with Splines
    Part 9: 2D Objects to 3D Objects/ Compound Objects
    Part 10: Sweep Modifier/ Loft Objects
    Part 11: Boolean Operation
    Part 12: Rendering Image/Rendering Animation
    Part 13: Introduction to Material Editor
    Part 14: Maps- Material Editor
    Part 15: Mapping UVW
    Part 16: Mapping UVUwrap
    Part 17: Standard Lights(omni, spot, direct) and Parameters
    Part 18: Photometrics
    Part 19: Shadows
    Part 20: Radiosity (real world lights)
    Part 21: Camera Creation/Configurating multi-pass/ Depth-of-field Efects
    Part 22: Animation
    Part 23: Animation/Curve Editor
    Part 24: Animation/Dope Sheet Editor
    Part 25: Animation/Path Constraint
    Part 26: Animation/Noise and Sound Controllers
    Part 27: Sounds as reference for syncing(lip sync, animation events, sound controllers)
    Part 28: Rigging Custom UI.

    Author Eric Maslowski

    Model by Karlost , Render by Icedie

    Modeling-Rendering Icedie EL Guaraní

    Icedie EL Guaraní
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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    The links are down

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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    October 16, 2009, 09:04 PM kinda old

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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    So what? The fact remains the links aren't working.

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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    It is true but nobody will put new links maybe because they don't have them?

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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    I suppose the OP still has them and he seems still active so he will probably see this.

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    Default Re: Modeling Course 101

    Sorry guys it has been for ever, and unfortunately I dont have those files I have stopped using 3dx max I am a modeler in Maya and Zbrush....I might be able to make content on those softwares but I cant promise anything atm. but I will kindly do my best if anyone have questions.
    Note: I have been away from modding so I no longer have the time nor knowledge of how to add models ingame but i could still make models for someone else to adapt them to the game engine. hit me up on my page.

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