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    The Great War Mod
    Information & Download

    2010 Napoleon: Total War Modding Awards Winner

    Breif Overveiw The Great War is a total conversion project that brings 20th century combat to Napoleon Total War. The Great War currently has re-textures for the major factions, whole new gameplay, a new economic system, reconfigured Campaign AI and Battle AI leading to a Total War experience unlike any you have had before!

    Whats New?

    Changelog (Version 4.5)

    Version 4.5

    Completely New Campaign HUD
    Rebalancing of unit stats and abilities
    Several bug fixes and general improvement
    Buildings now have era-appropriate names
    Uniform retextures
    More awesome music added
    Programming changes to the installer (should do it's job much better now)
    New Belgian units, American and Russian units. Also a Senegalese unit
    New and redone unit cards
    New Sound effects
    New US custom battle faction and unique unit roster by Aanker
    Smaller, Tougher Generals Units
    New Soviet Union and Imperial Russia custom battle factions, and new Soviet flag
    Other things we have no doubt forgotten


    Starpos v2 (Not Quite yet)

    The currently included startpos is around v1.2, its an improvement on the old one but its not perfect. We will release v2 as soon as possible!

    Changelogs For Older Releases

    Version 4.2

    MGs (special thanks to Sama for getting these in! )
    SMG Infantry
    Naval Stats Update 1.5
    Reworked armour, gunnery and speed
    Three new faction-specific ship classes for France
    Transport ship and Pre-Dreadnaught Battleship added for all nations
    Fixed names for several units (including ships)
    Fixed unit cards for several units
    Reworked (and balanced) German units
    New Italian units
    New French units
    New (revolutionary) Russian unit
    New mortar unit
    Flamethrower fixes
    New technologies

    New loading screen quotes (special thanks to Lewis )

    -Left-over Napoleonic units removed from major factions and rebellions

    Reworked Railroads

    The beginning of New portraits

    Some general text changes/fixed

    Version 4.1

    A few various fixes, including a little music fix, unit recruitment, and flamethrower fix.
    The mod is now compatible with the new patch. (4)
    The mod now works if you have the newest DLC.
    Some of our units are now adapated to work with the new patch, for example Sniper can now deploy outside of the zone.
    Oh, we have mines in there now too, thanks to CA for fixing them

    Version 4.0

    The Startpos's (Beta)
    Installer created by Mitch
    New Infantry Units (Canadians and many German units)
    Flamethrower Units from Aanker
    Sniper Units from Mitch (and some work by King Sama)
    Naval Stats update (Whole new ships classes)
    Loading screens
    New Music
    New weapon and artilery sounds
    New Event Pictures
    Whole New Unit ID Cards
    New descriptions for nations and some units
    Trench Texture changes
    Changed reload animations

    New explosion effects (Including Green gas!)

    New UI text, to become more WW1 like

    This mod is still in its BETA stage, expect a few bugs!

    Note: the mod ONLY works for legal copies of N:TW.
    Users experiencing problems with illegal copies
    will NOT be supported.




    Need help with what to do after downloading?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Download the .zip (via any of the download links), unzip it, using either Winrar or 7zip or any other program you might like to use. Extract it to your desktop, you'll see a The Great War icon. Double click that, then double click the Installer.exe in the folder that will have appeared. if you have problems, read the Readme.txt file that is next to the installer. Keep the installer so you can uninstall TGW whenever you want to play Napoleon without mods or with another mod. Launch the mod by launching Napoleon as you would normaly.
    If you do need any more help after this, just ask, someone is always here to help.

    Also: TGW Field Manual by Pvtgunny
    Download Here


    These are...

    ..and don't forget to the team!

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