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Thread: Winners of the 2005 TWC Modder awards

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    Default Winners of the 2005 TWC Modder awards

    Winners of the TWC Modder Awards 2005

    Winner of the Most Promising Mod award: Europa Barbarorum!
    Runner up: Zhanguo: Total War

    Winner of the Best Modding Team award: Europa Barbarorum!
    Runner up: Rome Total Realism

    Winner of the Best Modder award: lt1956!
    Runner up: Vercingetorix

    Winner of the Best Skinner award: Prometheus!
    Runner up: Caius Britannicus

    Winner of the Best Map award: Rome Total Realism 6.0!
    Runners up: Hegemonia and Mundus Magnus

    Winner of the Best Mod award: Rome Total Realism!
    Runner up: SPQR

    Winner of the Best Map award: Seleukos!
    Runners up: bdh and Uranos

    Winner of the Best Coder award: Vercingetorix!
    Runner up: Bouis

    Winner of the Best Formations award: DARTH VADER!
    Runner up: Sinuhet

    Congradulations all winners!!!

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    Congrats to all the winners, espically Sel for winning best mapper, creating the best map, being part of the best mod, and being part of the runner-up for best team. Couple that with his historian award and he did quite well in these.
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    Congratulations too the winners and participants!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seleukos
    Winner of the Best Formations award: DARTH VADER!
    Runner up: Sinuhet
    That's like a famous legend/riddle. There was a race, with the Soviet Union as one participant. When the results were finalized, the Soviet Union truthfully announced that the Americans finished second to last, while the Soviets pulled in at second. The Americans, on the other hand, truthfully announced that they won the race and the Soviets came in last. How is this possible?

    Easy riddle, of course: there were only two participants.
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    ...and the winners receive a signed certification from a famous person:

    Ok just kidding, Congratulations to all !

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    congrats! Damn, Sel you pwn at this..

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    Congrats to all. May i suggest a moding hall of fame featuring all of the nominated modders/mods.
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    Congrads Guys, Even those who didnt win, their contribution to the community is very valued. :wink:
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    I am happy to see that RTR and SPQR were up the greatest mods. It would not have been nice not to have seen RTR ranked tops in any category.

    Darths Formations are legendary, so is Seleukos map.

    I think everyone on that list deserves to be where he stands. You have been the vital part of this community during the last year. I hope you will stay with the community for a long time to come. We do need you! Great job!
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    You are great, guys! I congratulate you and wish that you'll be the same this year.
    Well done!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey now do we get a special Icon or sig?
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