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    GThis is a great mod............but I was originally playing with the 'Realistic flag' mod with Darthmod and would still like to do so. How do I get the flag mod and Darthmod to work with ETF though, given that ETF has to be launched from its own launcher and doessn't show up in the Mod Manager 1.5???
    Why is NOTHING straightforward?

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    You have to edit user.empire_script.txt manually and add the mods command you like before starting ETF. If you do not know how, start a vanilla game and your favorite mods with Mod Manager but not ETF (Mod Manager will add the mod commands in script). When in game menu exit and start ETF. You'll need to do this only once, unless you want to add or remove one of the other mods. In that case repeat to update the script properly.

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    i've had nothing but problems with this mod - i'm sure it's something on my end but i need assistance.
    I downloaded it to play the Knight's of St. John however after installing the mod and running either option from the launcher (early or late) I get into the game and am able to select factions but after picking the one i want to play and hitting load - the game will switch to the loading screen and then crash to desktop. I've tried both early and late campaigns and several minor factions all with the same results. The only other mod that I have is a Knight's of ST John faction pack that i've tried with the mod on and off both with the same results. I've re-installed the game from steam and tried with the KoSJ pack not installed, same results - i've also tried using the mod manager but it doesn't load this mod properly. I've done a "integrity game cache" and found one file that needed to be re downloaded and I've also tried to delete my cache folder. There is a text file in the that folder with the proper name and all. I'm running Windows 8 with the most updated version of the game and the Mod was downloaded from this site - today (19Apr 2015)
    Any advice?

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