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Thread: [SS 6.4] The Komnenian Restoration: A Byzantine AAR

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    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at an AAR. I'm using Stainless Steel with the Map Adjustment Project submod, and starting in 1130. There's a historical inaccuracy in the game as Alexios I is still Emperor when he should already be dead, but I doubt anyone cares much
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    There was once was a dream that was Rome.

    That dream must have faded into legend long ago. An empire, stretched from one end of the earth to the other, whose legions subjugated half the known world and brought peace, justice and prosperity wheresoever they conquered. But while it was the men of Latium who had first come East to the Hellenes and seized these lands, the wealth of the Empire never truly lay in the West.

    The West. A barbarian expanse, boasting of no mighty cities, no great culture, no tremendous history to call its own. It is here, in the East, that Rome’s heart now lies. So it was that while the West fragmented and decayed, we here thrived. Our empire stretched from Greece and Macedonia into Asia Minor, Palestine and south into Egypt. It was in the east that Constantine founded his great and eternal city, where he acknowledged at last the true, beating heart of Rome’s power and made his capital there. It was in the east that our Christian faith first took root, and where it was always strongest. All the great cities of the empire excepting Rome itself were those of the Greeks – Athens, Antioch, Alexandria, and of course Constantinople.

    But while it was here that Rome lived on, the days of our glory are long past. The damned followers of Mohammad swept us from Palestine and Egypt, seizing the lands where Christ himself once trod and desecrating our holy places with their mosques and shrines. Yet still we stood fast, reforging our empire and beating back the Arab swarms. For hundreds of years the Roman Empire has stood as the great bulwark of Christianity, reduced in size but undiminished in splendor and power. Then came the Turks.

    It was at Manzikert that our Empire was almost destroyed – where traitors’ hands and imperial incompetence dealt the blow that would rock us for generations. Romanus Diogenes lost more than an army that day – he lost Rome itself.

    As the Turks surged across Asia Minor and massacred the Greeks wherever they went, the nobles decided not to confront them but to engage in ceaseless conflict with one another for the throne. All our great cities were seized – Antioch, Melitene, Caesarea, Iconium. At last, the Turks even reached the last stronghold before the Hellespont, Nicaea, and seized that too.

    On the brink of annihilation, however, a new force would arise to check the tide of defeat – Alexios Komnenos. Seizing the throne, he rebuilt the Roman armies and brought them on the offensive for the first time in decades. While he checked the tide, his army at times numbered in the hundreds and could not hold onto much of his conquests. To save his empire, Alexios had to turn to the ever-war-loving West, with great effect. The crusaders charged into Asia Minor, and though they pillaged from friend and foe alike they were a great boon to our efforts. Nicea was retaken, along with the entire Anatolian coast. In the interior, though, the Turks remained strong.

    It is now 1134, and it is time for Alexios to reclaim the imperial birthright. The years grow shorter and he knows he has little time to fulfill his task. But he must try. Let the battle begin.

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    Looks good and good luck since it is hard to keep a constant update rate.

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