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    Icon5 LME FAQ

    These are the LME Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Q: What kind of mod is LME?
    A: LME is major modification of the NTW game from CA that doesn't change every aspect of the game but adds a lot of units (disables some as well), features, generals/admirals with portraits as well as extra campaigns and playable factions all with a historical foundation. The basic LME also aims to represent land and naval warfare in a proper historical fashion however what is "proper" can always be interpreted differently by two people. More information is available here.

    Q: What is the state of the mod?
    A: The mod is in a released state with regular updates and the mod development is spiralled.

    Q: What factions can I play and what units are available?
    A: Information available here.

    Q: What faction has the best infantry and cavalry?
    A: All factions are modelled in a similar manner with unit quality depending on type of unit, researched technologies, faction's historical performance, training level, and commanding General/Admiral. The morale of French units is actually lowered to the same level as other factions.

    Q: So are all units alike as in vanilla?
    A: No, LME boasts ~300 custom naval units and +500 custom land units all with differentiated values.

    Q: What faction should I start with then?
    A: A good start would be France or one of the other major factions, however almost every faction has been modded with the same level of detail, so it's more or less up to you.

    Q: How can I see what version of LME that I'm playing?
    A: LME comes with its own main menu version information including a time stamp so you will know it when you see it.

    Q: How do I know that the LME UAI (CAI) mod is loaded?
    A: If you see a "UAI" logo when selecting "Single Player" you did it.

    Q: "Houston we have a problem", what shall I do?
    A: See the LME troubleshooting thread for answers and if its not answered, then post your problem. You can also contact the team members directly and we will try to help so "All systems are go" as soon as possible.

    Q: How do I install this thing?
    A: Follow the instruction in this post step by step, but basically it's just to install the LME Mod itself and LME user.script in the correct folders and you are good to go.

    Q: How do I play this mod?
    A: The mod has it's own mod-launcher with shortcut on your desktop and instructions as tooltip text also depicted here.

    Q: How do I uninstall this thing?
    A: 1. Restore Vanilla Files from the mod-launcher and 2. Uninstall from windows start menu or control panel.

    Q: Hey man I really like this mod, how can I show my appreciation?
    A: You should add to the team members Rep count and remember to write your username in your "comment".

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