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Thread: DOWNLOAD HERE - The Rights of Men II - 2.41 + HOTFIX 27. OCT 2013

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    Default DOWNLOAD HERE - The Rights of Men II - 2.41 + HOTFIX 27. OCT 2013

    TROM2 2.41


    27.OCT 2013: HOTFIX for v2.41 released!

    - The 1812 campaign no longer crashes on startup
    - Fixed AI France not getting control of the Papal state and Naples if it manages to conquer Vienna (a feature of v2.41)
    (Download at the end of post)

    Featuring Spanky's Swiss Confederacy Mod

    After a long time a new version of the mod is ready thanks to Spanky, who asked me to integrate his swiss unit mod into TROM 2. More then 30 swiss units and a historical accurate government await your command in both the 1806 and the 1812 campaign. However, playing the Swiss Confederacy will be quite a challenge. Originaly, we planned to enlarge the swiss capital city with more slots, but technical limitations (corrupted svaegames) prevented us from doing this. Therefore you now start with only a minor city, no university and limited resources. In the wake of your big brother France you have to try to gain a foothold in the Habsburg territories, in Italy or wherever you see an opportunity. I recommend playing the Swiss on normal difficulty to have a more reliable diplomacy with the AI players. The economic challenge in TROM 2 is independent from the difficulty level, so playing on harder difficulties only increases the aggressiveness of the AI towards you. Enjoy the new faction and don't forget to give some feedback.

    There are a number of further improvement in this update: The CAI will expand a bit quicker then before (especially France will be more of a threat). The BAI was slightly improved as well and will use better unit formations. As a result enemy armies will form neat fireing lines most of the time. Watch out for the enemy attack columns, which will assault your lines more agressively now. A number of tech and building bonuses were increased to make them more meaningfull and the experience bonuses you get from buildings favor top tier buildings more. Johan217 was so kind to fix a number of typos and wrong descriptions in the TROM 2 text file. I also fixed a number of small bugs or inconsistencies nobody ever complained about.


    - Play the Swiss Confederacy in the 1805 and the 1812 campaigns and lead an underdog to glory.
    - Historical ministers with accurate portraits.
    - More then 30 new Swiss units with custom made uniforms and icons fully adapted to the TROM 2 recruitment- and battlesystem.
    - All Swiss infantry units have a +5 accuracy bonus. Swiss militia is superior in all stats to most other nations militia.
    - Starting TROM 2 Nation tech: Recruiting militia is cheaper for the Swiss and they get a bonus for diplomacy.
    - After reaching tier 3 in any building chain the standard cantonal Swiss units are no longer recruitable and are replaced by federal units, which are cheaper in recruitment and upkeep.

    Note: Since the Swiss capital has only one slot for buildings you can recruit all Swiss units from all building types (administration, military or culture)


    - NEW: AI France gets control over the Italian states after conquering Vienna.
    - AI nations expand quicker then before.
    - Improved BAI battle formations.
    - AI attack columns are more aggressive.
    - Experience bonuses from buildings are now tied to the level of the building.
    - Some tech and building bonuses were reworked to make them more meaningful.
    - A number of descriptions for unique nation techs added (Thanks to Johan217)


    - Fixed missing ancillary bonuses.
    - A number of smaller bugs fixed.
    - A number of typos fixed (Thanks to Johan217)


    Improvements & Changes
    • Updated the mod to work with the new DLC.
    • Integrated the portrait fix for the Ottomans.


    Improvements & Changes
    • Split the recruitment areas of British units up, so London has no longer a cluttered recruitment UI. Irish and Scottish units are now available in their respective home territories. Dragoons, 6-lber artillery and fencibles are only recuitable in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This frees enough slots for the guard units in London.
    • Portugal can now recruit AOR infantry in Norway.

    • Prussia is now able to declare war to any nation in the 1812 campaign.
    • Fixed a bug which would crash the game when right clicking buildings on the research screen.
    • Fixed Prussia not being able to recruit any units in Poland in the 1805 campaign.



    Campaign of 1812

    It's the year 1812. France under Napoleon is at the height of it's might in Europe. After decisive victories against the major powers of the continent the French Empire with it's many satellite states stretches from Spain to the Russian border. Now, after renewed hostilities between France and Russia, Napoleon has gathered a gigantic army at the Russian borders composed of soldiers from many nations, ready to enter Russian soil.

    Main Features:
    • Play as either Napoleon and finalize the French hegemony over Europe, or play as Russia, Britain, Austria or Prussia in a last desperate attempt to stop the French juggernaut (the Ottomans, Denmark and Sweden are also playable).
    • Individualized difficulty settings for each playable nation to ensure playability and a challenge even if you play as France.
    • Historical accurate map with the borders of 1812 (as far as the game and moding allows)
    • Advanced starting positions with many technologies already researched.
    • Additional historical starting generals:

    Russia: Mikhail Barclay de Tolly; Peter Bagration; Alexander Tormasov
    France: Auguste Marmont; Jacques MacDonald
    Prussia: Gerhard von Scharnhorst; Ludwig Graf Yorck; August Neidhardt von Gneisenau
    Austria: Karl Philipp zu Schwarzenberg; Josef Wenzel Radetzky von Radetz
    Britain: William Beresford; Thomas Graham; Thomas Picton


    France is in control of Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and parts of Prussia. The Grand Armee has already begun it's invasion of Russia. Another major force under Marmont is stationed in Spain, while numerous smaller forces form garrisons all over of Europe. France has a new dockyard in Toulon and has already build some ships of the line there. After a successful Russian campaign, Napoleon may get back to his plan of an invasion of Britain.

    Russia is fighting for it's survival. The Russian main forces under Barcley de Tolly and Bagration have retreated toward Smolensk. Another army under Tormasov is approaching from the south, while Kutusov is rasing additional troops in Moscow. In the recent war against the Ottomans Russia has conquered Besserabia. The Russians are allied with Britain and Sweden.

    Prussia is a shadow of it's former self. It has lost Poland and Cleve to France, and East Prussia is currently occupied by the French invasion forces. It's army is weak, but with recent reforms made (the landwehr edict is already researched), it is secretly preparing for an uprising against the French oppression.

    After the unsuccesful war of 1809 Austria is at peace with France. It has lost Tyrol, Venice and the Illyrian provinces. However, there is no doubt that Austria will enter the war against Napoleon again if an opportunity arises.

    Britain is allied with Russia and Sweden and at war with France and Denmark. On the mainland it controls Portugal and Sicily and has a sizeable army composed of British and Portuguese troops under Wellington near Lisboa, while a smaller force defends Sicily. After the defeat of the combined French/Spanish fleet at Trafalgar and the destruction of the Danish fleet in 1807 the British navy rules the seas unchallenged.

    After Sultan Selims death in an uprising of the Janitschars, Mahmud II rules the Ottoman Empire and tries to continue the reforms started before. In a recent war against Russia the Ottomans have lost Besserabia. Currently they are not involved in any war.

    Denmark is deadlocked in an unsuccesful war against Britain. The once proud navy is no more and the economy is suffering from the lack of maritime trading. Denmarks hope lies in a French success, which should also stop Sweden from threathening to take Norway.

    Sweden: After Gustavus IV was overthrown King Karl XIII has taken the Swedish thrown. Being without children the last of the once mighty Wassa family has recently adopted the former French Marshall Bernadotte to become his successor to the throne. But before that some wars have to be fought. Sweden is allied with Britain and Russia and at war with France.

    IMPORTANT: After starting the campaign run one turn WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING to initialize the campaign script with missons, unit restrictions and difficulty adjustments!

    NOTE: The campaign tries to create a situation similar to the one at the beginning of Napoleons invasion of Russia. Some changes had to be made to ensure that the CAI acts more historically: East Prussia is French territory (otherwise the French AI will focus on Prussia instead of Russia). Prussia and Austria are not at war with Russia like it was in 1812, when they were rather unwillingly allies of France.

    The situation for the allies looks desperate...

    ...and the French invasion of Russia has already begun.

    Will the British be able to create a new front in Spain?

    Or maybe in Italy?

    AOR Recruitment Expansion

    With 2.3 I expand the AOR system in TROM2 with 50 new units. This brings the total number of AOR units to 95 (plus nearly 200 new custom units).

    • Dragoons and 6-pdr artillery are no longer recruitable globaly. Instead you can get local AOR versions of these units.
    • Added AOR light infantry units to a number of factions.
    • Added Westphalian AOR units to Cleve (for France only)
    • All AOR units have one point less moral, but are quicker to recruit (-1 turn) since they represent minor faction troops already available there. There are also tight unit limits, and artillery and dragoons are not everywhere available for all factions.

    The Magnificent Rest!

    Improvements & Changes
    • Added +5 accuracy to howitzers and made them cheaper.
    • Added one chevron of experience to all starting British infantry units.
    • Prussia now recruits only it's own faction units in Poland.
    • Made Dragoon attack columns recruitable with the lowest military building.
    • Lowered building costs by 10%.
    • Increased research speed by 15%.
    • Adjusted naval moral so ships will rout or surrender earlier.
    • Reduced the moral bonus for units in forts (from +6 to +4).
    • Removed combat related bonuses for units on walls (being on walls already gives units many advantages like cover and better range; there is no need for artifical accuracy and reload bonuses).
    • Russia is a bit more powerfull when playing the Ottomans.
    • The CAI is overall more aggressive.
    • Prussia gets a bit less income at the beginning (reduced town wealth of Brandenburg by 500)
    • Traits which influence the movement rate have stronger effect (+5% instead of +2%)
    • Added JFCs Total Flags Mod to TROM2 Extras! Many thanks to JFC for allowing me to do that.

    • Added missing technology icon for Denmark.
    • Fixed uniform of the Nassau Jäger for Britain

    New Units
    • 50 new AOR units

    Credits & Thanks

    In no specific order I like to thank LtChambers, Alpaca, Erasmus777, husserlTW, The Vicar, Taw and whoever I forgot for their work to make moding NTW possible
    Bart07 for some unit variant files and text descriptions
    EmperorBatman999 for some unit variants and texts from his Foreign Legions mod
    Lutland for some unit pics from his artillery mod
    Thomas Cochrane for his "Trafalgar Fleet Fix"
    ProLurker for parts of his "Fäderneslandet" mod
    md1453 for letting us use many units from the "Ottoman Units Mod NTW" and the "Prussian Mounted Jager" mod
    Zaskar70 for the units from the British Cavalry Mod
    PDGuru's for the "Much Lesser Rebels Mod" and for his nice screenshots
    Ltflak for promoting the mod with his videos
    Oby for new aiming animations for muskets and rifles
    L'aigle for his unit skins
    JFC for his Napoleon Total Flags Mod
    Everybody else who contributes to the development of the mod in the TROM2 forum of TWCenter


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To play TROM2 you need to install trom2_core.pack, trom2_text.pack, trom2_enable_1805_campaign.pack, trom2_enable_1812_campaign.pack and the campaign files in the data/campaigns directory. The trom2_extras.pack is optional as are all other mods with the label submod in their name.

    1. Copy all the files in the zip into your ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\napoleon total war\data directory. Make shure the camapign files in the campaigns directory are overwritten (domn't worry, the mod has a backup of all the files -> see Deinstallation))
    2. Use the ModManger in the 'Mod Manger for NTW' directory to enable all the relevant files or do it manually with the user script

    The order of files should be like this (ALL MODS LABELED "SUBMOD" SHOULD BE ABOVE TROM2_CORE.PACK IN THE FILE LIST):

    trom2_XL_unit_size_submod_25.pack OR trom2_XL_unit_size_submod_50.pack (optional; only use if you have set the unit multiplier in preferences.script.txt to either 1.25 or 1.5 )
    trom2_stronger_moral_effects_submod.pack (optional; only use if you want to have less casualities in battles)
    trom2_easier_economy_submod.pack OR trom2_even_easier_economy_submod.pack (optional; only use if you want to have an easier economy)
    trom2_core.pack (MANDATORY)
    trom2_enable_1805_campaign.pack OR trom2_enable_1812_campaign.pack(optional for playing the custom TROM2 campaigns; disable when you want to play the Peninsular DLC)
    trom2_extras_tracers_mod.pack (optional; adds lighter tracers to muskets and guns; must be above trom2_extras.pack to work)
    trom2_extras.pack (optional; adds a lot of community mods)

    IMPORTANT:If you use the Battlefield Smoke Mod (BSM) for TROM2 it has to be above TROM2 core and above the TROM2 Extras mod


    To permanently uninstall TROM2, delete all files starting with trom2 in the data directory. Then overwrite the campaign directory with the original campaign files provided in the

    IMPORTANT: Choosing the right difficulty with TROM2

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - Difficulty levels in TROM2 only influence the aggressiveness of the AI toward the player. The economic and other game variables are the same on each difficulty level with the exception of the Peninsular Campaign, where you get more starting money and higher money boosts the lower the difficulty. So, if you want a cautious, less aggressive AI play on easy or medium. If you want a total war with everybody play on very hard. For the battles we recommend hard difficulty, but you can also play on very hard if you don't mind the BAI getting strong bonuses for it's units.

    - By default the economy in TROM2 is rather harsh to offer a challenge for experienced players. While 1.8 has an easier starting economy then previous versions, if you like to play with even more money at hand you can install the TROM_easy_economy_submod.pack on top of your normal TROM2 installation. This submod changes the economic penalties for the player (less upkeep; lowered unit and building costs). The bonuses for the AI are the same as in the standard version. For the Peninsular Campaign just lower the difficulty to get more money.

    IMPORTANT: Playing the TROM2 custom campaigns

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The TROM2 custom campaigns are enabled with the trom2_enable_1805_campaign.pack and the trom2_enable_1812_campaign.pack. Enable ONE of those packs with the mod manager or the user script. While the custom campaigns are enabled you won't be able to start a Pensinsular Campaign because of a script conflict. Just disable the TROM2 custom campaigns if you want to play the DLC.

    After starting the 1812 campaign run one turn WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING to initialize the campaign script with missons, unit restrictions and difficulty adjustments!



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