SV, would you be in favor of starting a sub-mod thread ?

That would give us the chance to contribute, although with small things, to the development of Chivalry II.

I would dare start with a tiny thing: the attached file fixes the terrain in the battle field, such that those poorly-modeled regions looking like asphalted areas are replaced with decent models & textures (eg short grass). It also smooths unrealistically steep hills in the battle field (strat map unaffected).

If must be copied onto SicilianVespers\data and requires:
  • the map.rwm of the relevant campaign to be deleted
  • SicilianVespers.cfg to be modified by adding

file_first = true
(Incidentally, note that the false-positive-free launcher does not seem to load the SicilianVespers.cfg)

It's been tested on several SV battles, plus in BC and other mods.

Your views ?