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Thread: Shogun Gold Edition - Odawara battle

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    Hi all.

    I am pretty desperate with the last battle of historic campagins, specifically the Odawara batle of the Hideyoshi campaign, because I have tried to win it many times but always I lost more than 60% of my forces so I lost the battle. I would like to ask you someone who has finisthed the game for some general tactic for this battle because really I don't know how to do it.
    Thanks in advance and best regards.

    P.D. Sorry for my poor english...

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    Default Re: Shogun Gold Edition - Odawara battle

    Well, the way I see it…

    This battle is all built up on initial screwed up deployments by the designers. Your task is to redeploy your troops properly to have optimal effectiveness against enemy formations. The most important flank is the left one, while the right is of little significance initially (meaning use most troops deployed there to reinforce the centre. Use the archer unit (on the far right) to draw away the monks from the main action. Use your cavalry to deny enemy use of muskets). You must secure the left flank to slaughter enough fleeing enemies in order to get your win. To get all your troops in proper order – I guess you are left with little choice but to use the pause button excessively at start-up….

    - Cheers

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    Default Re: Shogun Gold Edition - Odawara battle

    Moved to Shogun Total War.

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